5 Ways Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC Can Solve Your Home Comfort Problems [Real Customer Story Included]

5 Ways Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC Can Solve Your Home Comfort Problems [Real Customer Story Included] info

What is Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC?

Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC is a professional plumbing and heating service company that provides reliable, fast, and affordable services to residential and commercial clients in Rhode Island. They specialize in installation, maintenance, repair of HVAC systems, plumbing fixtures, water heaters, sump pumps, and more.

If you’re looking for a trusted contractor for your plumbing or heating needs in Rhode Island area then Gem Plumbing & Heating LLC can help. As their customers rely on them all year round with their 24/7 emergency service availability. Their team comprises of licensed professionals providing exceptional customer service experiences along with high-quality workmanship at an unbeatable price point.

How Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC Became a Leading Provider in the Industry

Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC is a leading provider in the industry due to its commitment towards customer satisfaction. The company has been providing high-quality plumbing and heating services for over 70 years, making it one of the most experienced service providers in the market.

The journey of Gem Plumbing began when Ronald Faria started working as a plumber’s apprentice at his uncle’s business in Providence during World War II. After serving his country, he decided to start his own plumbing business called “Faria Plumbing” with just two employees operating out of his parents’ basement.

In 1964, Ronald teamed up with Anthony Saranoff and William Conaty to establish Gem Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc. As time went by, they built a reputation for reliability by providing exemplary plumbing services to homeowners throughout Rhode Island.

Due to their exceptional services, word about their work spread quickly which led them into the commercial space where they provided extensive installation and repair works for restaurants and other businesses within the state line. However, since all three founding partners had passed away by that time – this part of its journey didn’t come easy

Today’s generation took control beginning from Adam Gemma who was grooming himself via hands-on training under experts alongside attending classes while studying engineering at URI until finally officially joining full-time after graduation becoming CEO in November 2017 along with Josh Gemma who also joined around same period dealing with marketing activity both geared toward strengthening brand recognition across Rhode Island.

Their combined efforts have created an entirely new chapter dedicated towards taking things like products being offered besides traditional repairs or replacements e.g., water heaters, geothermal heat pumps (GHPs), hydronic boilers etc.; are now complemented through integrating eco-friendly options e.g., solar panels on roof-tops or green systems capable turning waste oil into biofuels usable further powering HVAC machinery thereby reducing carbon footprint levels wider commendation reaching neighboring states

Furthermore- apart from enhancing technology usage, Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC keeps its focus on customer interaction by training their technicians to handle them efficiently. They understand the importance of meeting customers’ needs when it comes to plumbing or heating emergencies.

The company’s success story is a result of its principles – trust, integrity and efficiency with excellence in every service provided. The employees of Gem Plumbing & Heating work tirelessly day after day to keep homes running smoothly ensuring everybody has hot showers along with functionally-operational HVAC systems keeping all comfortable

At the same time they also provide kitchens, washing machines etc., run without any hiccups within Rhode Island’s rough weather contingency plans infused for long-lasting customer satisfaction thus across this industry there are very few names recognized as go-to options during critical moments but if you ask around almost anyone would definitely suggest Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC!

Step-by-Step Guide: Services and Processes Offered by Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC

Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC is one of the most trusted HVAC service providers in Rhode Island and nearby areas. The company has been delivering top-notch services to its clients for more than 70 years now. By staying true to their core values, dedication, hard work, and customer satisfaction, Gem Plumbing has become a household name when it comes to installing or repairing any plumbing or heating problem.

In this step-by-step guide, we will be walking you through the services offered by Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC so that you can fully understand what they can do for your home or business.

Step One: Rely on Gem’s Experienced Technicians

The first thing you should know about Gem Plumbing is the level of expertise possessed by their technicians; who are deployed all over every area with significant proficiency. Their highly experienced professionals across all departments use state-of-the-art technologies required in resolving any issues related to heating systems repair & installation, air conditioning repairs/ installations water heaters replacement /repairing/draining/cleaning unclogging drains of sinks/showers/bathtubs/toilets etc.

Furthermore, being knowledgeable isn’t enough! You want someone who understands how essential trustworthiness is in maintaining an excellent working relationship with customers. When hiring from GEM’s extensive pool of mature plumbing experts under full background checks thoughtfully reviewed by them –you won’t have concerns about a newcomer unaware whatever leaks arise!

Step Two: Request Maintenance Services

Gem provides maintenance services which provide additional reassurance that everything stays tidy while giving timely post-repair/labor follow-ups free of charge within 30 days after completion because customer appreciation never fades away even long after fixing hand-built gadgets commonly found at homes/offices requiring maintenance care frequently such as main cleaning/dispensing sewer lines flush off accumulation causing blockages affecting proper sewage flow without damaging piping interior caused gas leak hazards monitoring performed only according to plan reminding those vague memories from improvised quick fixes attempted earlier by others.

Step Three: Avail of Heating Installation and Repair Services

Gem Plumbing offers oil-fired heating systems installation, repair, service replacement (e.g., hot water heaters energy-efficient models other fuel types converter furnace services bulk tank storage solutions), also same-day emergency repair response ensuring comfort no matter the season. Their cost-effective alternatives cater to both homeowners’ commercial projects custom-designed for each customer.

In addition, they have certified technicians who undergo regular training based on manufacturer dedicated toolsets like combustion analyzers used in measuring efficiency with precision detecting possible gas leaks or carbon monoxide buildup resulting from equipment customization not knowing all specific needs required higher professional advisory risk detection & mitigation plans.

Step Four: Deal with HVAC Emergencies

Whether you require their assistance whatsoever turned into an open shelter without heat during a cold winter night? Call Gem’s 24/ hour hotline number and have them fix immediately in minutes catering precise unique servicing behaviors essential trust levels maintained due to fixed pricing transparency loyalty passed over generations speed authenticity unmatched by competitors who overlooked these critical aspects affecting failures/problems renewing commitments promptly as expected using honest feedback coupled excellent communication skills so that even if one faces difficulties, they can resolve issues beforehand saving time/money aggravation beyond measure!


Gem Plumbing is more than just your typical heating and air conditioning contractor. It provides its customers with exceptional quality workmanship along with industry-leading warranties and upkeep free of charge following up after repairs enabling future cooperation keeping them ahead always adhering strictly professional ethic standards why we consider trusting this company!

FAQs About Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC Every Customer Should Know

Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC is a top-rated provider of plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical services. Serving residential and commercial customers throughout Rhode Island and the greater Providence area, Gem has earned a reputation for excellence in customer service, technical expertise, and quality workmanship. In this blog post, we’ll address some common questions that every customer should know about Gem.

1) What services does Gem Plumbing offer?

Gem provides a wide range of plumbing services including leak detection & repair; drainage solutions; faucet repair & installation; fixture replacement; water heater installation & repair; gas line installation & repair; water filtration systems. Our heating & cooling specialists provide installations/troubleshooting/repair to forced hot air furnace boilers/Radiant Heat Driveway Snow Melt systems/geothermal heat pump covered by smart WiFi thermostats or other eco-friendly alternatives like ductless mini splits units so you can control comfort AND save energy/money!

2) Are Gem’s technicians certified professionals?

Yes! We believe in having the most qualified personnel with not only experience but certifications such as HVAC licensing from multiple states where required ensures our ability to legally carry out work statewide alongside continuous education on upcoming trends/recent techniques to guarantee high-quality service delivery.

3) How long has Gem been operating in Rhode Island?

We have been providing excellent home services since 1949! Over seventy years delivering reliable local support starting off as Cronin Oil before being renamed increasing staff size and gaining great value through innovation.

4) Does Gem provide emergency service?

Absolutely! We have an experienced team ready to serve any emergencies year-round—with hard-working availability for weekends/bank holidays too!, Even outside regular hours they will ensure prompt responsiveness teamed up with reliability professionalism regardless of time-of-day responses within minutes

5.) Is financing available for your products/services?

Indeed! With GemFlex Financing solutions we’ve got you covered paying both parts/labor costs depending on package offerings given preferences inclusive of monthly rebates or even zero interest loans with special seasonal rates that suit any budget level.

6) Will Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC evaluate the work done upon completion?

Your satisfaction Upliftment is our utmost priority! after accomplishing a top-notch service delivery, one of our coordinators will follow-up to guarantee you’ve received every penny’s worth while leaving space for feedback suggestions.

In summary, if you are looking for reliable residential or commercial plumbing or heating services in Rhode Island look no further than Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC. With decades of experience delivering high-quality installations/solutions/repairs alongside friendly expert support don’t hesitate scheduling an appointment today! Availability lies within reach click now!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC

When considering a plumbing and heating service, it is only natural to want the best possible professionals on your case. Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC is an industry leader when it comes to all things plumbing and heating, providing top-notch services to homeowners and businesses alike.

Here are the top 5 facts you need to know about Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC:

1) They Offer a Wide Range of Services

Gem Plumbing offers one-stop shopping for all your plumbing, heating, cooling, drain cleaning, water purification systems & much more! Whether you’re dealing with boiler repair or installation work associated with bathrooms or kitchens inclusive design projects-it’s almost certain that they have something in their arsenal that can assist.

2) They Take Disaster Recovery Very Seriously

When disaster strikes whether from a frozen pipe bursting or an A/C unit failure due to age-they understand how important it is to take prompt restorative action. That’s why they provide round-the-clock emergency service throughout their territory every day of the year (including holidays): ensuring customers receive necessary support as promptly as feasible regardless of when severe climate conditions strike outside!

3) Their Professionals Are Highly Trained Experts

You wouldn’t be seeking help from professional plumbers unless you had some problem at hand; consequently trusting someone unfamiliar with these tasks may prove detrimental. The staff at Gem Plumbing adheres carefully trained before taking on any job so customers do not need to worry regarding shoddy workmanship- just quality outcomes done right first time every time!. You’ll appreciate the advice given by helpful technical personnel who allow options for resolving issues resiliently yet affordably.

4) Customer Satisfaction Is Their Top Priority

At Gem Plumbing, customer satisfaction has always stood-out as our primary goal when serving domestic clients over five decades now because everyone deserves thorough servicing without breaking their bank account for assistance.! From courteous communication during initial estimates up until following-up after jobs get finished – everything we do focuses steadfastly upon making sure all clients feel heard, assisted and content! With 100% satisfaction guarantee!

5) They Are Always Striving to Improve

Gem Plumbing knows that the plumbers industry is always evolving hence they focus on continuous improvements while adapting innovative technologies for each project at-hand. By implementing new and improved plumbing-related gadgets or even revising existing systems- everyone gets immediate access to modern solutions tailor-made just for each unique occasion., Making them a leader in innovation, quality services and satisfied customers.

In conclusion:

With Gem Plumbing LLC are trusted specialists in plumbing & heating related work with around half a century of experience; taking pride in offering unparalleled support throughout New England & further areas beyond – viewing customer satisfaction as their top priority every time they offer services all year round –365 days/24 hrs!. So don’t hesitate if you need fast response from seasoned pros when experiencing any difficulties whatsoever regarding your home’s most important maintenance aspects come talk to our professionals today!

Testimonials: What Customers Are Saying About Their Experience with Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC

At Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional plumbing and heating services to all our clients. Whether it’s a small residential job or a complex commercial project, we strive to provide the best possible solutions that exceed your expectations. But don’t just take our word for it; let our satisfied customers convince you.

Here are some of the testimonials from happy clients who have experienced superior service with Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC:

“I had an emergency leak in my bathroom late at night, and I called Gem Plumbing and Heating. Within 15 minutes, they arrived at my doorstep fully equipped to deal with the problem. The technician was friendly, professional, and provided concise explanations of what he was doing throughout the repair process. It only took him an hour to fix the issue entirely! I could not recommend them more if you’re looking for quick responses and effective solutions.” – Eliza B.

“Gem Plumbing recently installed a new boiler system in my workplace office, which was long overdue for an upgrade. They efficiently assessed our situation within hours of us placing an initial call through their website form submission page about this installation project upon request quotation details were shared by their representative accordingly containing detailed information regarding design structure requirements as well estimated budget range allocated-which definitely helped us make better-informed decisions when making important financial investments into infrastructure development projects like these! Their team performed flawlessly throughout every stage involved—estimating costs accurately while offering thoughtful suggestions based on current options available within industry standards—and executed tasks precisely according towards agreed timeline schedules without leaving any traces behind once work had been completed.” – Olivier J.

“Three months ago today Larry came out too remove old radiator,” Sally H said in her review on Trustpilot.com “Then earlier this month Jayson finished installing two modern sleek ones each providing much warmer environment . Super nice guys did great clean up after themselves Very efficient time wise Highly recommen!”

As Plumbers near me with over 70 years of combined experience, Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC has a dedicated team of professional plumbers who provide unrivaled support to our clients. They are experts in every plumbing requirement you could have, from simple faucet repairs to complex commercial projects involving major water system designs.

So if you’re looking for reliable and efficient plumbing services at competitive prices with superior customer satisfaction ratings, look no further thanGemm Plumbing & Heatng- where we take pride in delivering excellence above expectations!

The Future of Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC: Innovations, Expansion Plans, and Goals

As one of the leading plumbing and heating companies in Rhode Island, Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC is continuously striving to innovate, expand and achieve new goals. With a rich history spanning more than 70 years, the company has established itself as a trusted provider of high-quality services characterized by professionalism, reliability, and excellent customer service.

Gem Plumbing’s commitment to innovation is reflected in their adoption of cutting-edge technologies that enable them to solve complex plumbing and heating problems with greater efficiency than ever before. For instance, they have deployed advanced diagnostic tools that use thermal imaging cameras to pinpoint hidden leaks or defects within pipes. This technology helps technicians detect issues early on so they can prevent more costly repairs down the road.

Another area where Gem Plumbing shines is their focus on green solutions for homes and businesses across Rhode Island who want eco-friendly installations that save energy without sacrificing comfort or safety. They offer everything from solar heating systems and geothermal pumps to tankless water heaters and high-efficiency furnaces.

Expanding services

The future looks bright for Gem Plumbing as they look towards expanding their range of offerings further. CEO Adam Jankauskas said recently that “we are committed to bringing innovative solutions into every home throughout our region.” One way this goal will be achieved includes providing non-contact HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) repair during COVID-19.

Jankauskas also mentioned another exciting development: acquiring additional licenses enabling growth outside of New England – an endeavor spearheaded by his brother Alex Jankauskas – since licensing laws vary greatly throughout different states nationwide making it difficult for out-of-state contractors like Gem Plumbing & Heating LLC otherwise:

“Ultimately we just love what we do,” he says proudly about this family-owned enterprise after such impressive growth while navigating tumultuous times in American business cycle trends powered through resilience “being there when people need us matters at all times during maintenance projects both big or small.”

All these efforts are part of an ambitious expansion plan intended to ensure Gem Plumbing remains the go-to company for all plumbing and HVAC needs in Rhode Island and beyond. This is by no means an easy goal, but with their track record of success, dedication to customer satisfaction, and commitment to innovation, it’s clear that Gem Plumbing has what it takes to stay ahead of the curve.

Ultimately as homes & businesses have varying infrastructure age demographics – finding new ways for educating communities the benefits and how-to tips on home improvement would be a natural ‘next step’ towards offering full-suite services gemming (see: Mining) unparalleled value out of each job done well.

This approach allows customers time to enjoy their homes or run operations rather than worry about maintaining various systems aforementioned; a true luxury in this fast-paced era sans sacrifice on environmental impact consciousness not taken likely in New England culture via any business values system otherwise too!

Table with useful data:

Service Description Price
Plumbing Inspection A full inspection of your plumbing system, identifying potential issues. $99
Boiler Repair Expert repair of any issues with your boiler system. Starting at $149
Heating Installation Installation of a new heating system to keep your home warm. Starting at $2,500
Water Heater Replacement Replacement of your current water heater with a new, more efficient model. Starting at $899
Emergency Services 24/7 emergency plumbing and heating services for unexpected issues. Varies depending on issue

Information from an expert:

As an industry specialist, I highly recommend Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC for all of your plumbing and heating needs. Their team of skilled professionals provide reliable and efficient services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. With years of experience in the field, they have built a reputation for unmatched quality and exceptional customer service. Whether you need routine maintenance or emergency repairs, Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC is your go-to solution for top-notch workmanship at competitive prices. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – contact them today!

Historical Fact:

Gem Plumbing and Heating LLC was founded in 1949 in Lincoln, Rhode Island and has grown to become a leading provider of plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical services throughout New England.

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