7F Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3: A Story of Solving the Mystery [Complete Guide with Statistics and Tips]

7F Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3: A Story of Solving the Mystery [Complete Guide with Statistics and Tips] info

What is 7F Gems Luigi’s Mansion 3?

7F Gems Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a game feature in which the player must collect seven gems spread throughout floor seven of the haunted hotel. The gems are hidden in various rooms and require the use of unique abilities to obtain them.

  • The seven gems found on Floor Seven include: one red gem, one blue gem, one green gem, two purple gems, and two clear gems.
  • To access certain areas where these gems are located, players must utilize Gooigi – a gelatinous clone of Luigi with different strengths and weaknesses.
  • Collecting all seven gems from Floor Seven unlocks a Secret Boo Battle encounter where players face off against a powerful foe for rewards including the Rare Ghost Medal – an achievement worth bragging about among friends.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Find All 7F Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a game that requires keen observation skills and problem-solving abilities. One of the challenges in this game involves finding all seven Gems on Floor 7, Garden Suites.

Are you ready to take on this challenge? Here are step-by-step instructions on how to find all seven F-Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3:

Step 1: Obtain The Watering Can

The first thing you need to do is obtain the watering can, which can be found by defeating the Plant boss located near the elevator entrance.

Step 2: Head To The Ivy Room

Once you have obtained the watering can, head over to the Ivy room where water is needed for one of its plants. Interact with it and use your watering can to hydrate them so they grow larger enough for you to access a hidden area using Gooigi.

Step 3: Activate Greenhouse vents

Next up, activate three greenhouse vents scattered across different rooms within floor while looking out for other obstacles like traps along your way or ghost encounters. Open them up before proceeding further into space through another plant growth at eye level until sliding down onto dirt surface below where lies archway leading back inside villa walled garden-ground courtyard containing few new rooms – with Suction Shot helping their exploration too making progress quicker but less dangerous thanks again ghosts appearing from behind any wall or corner they see fit!

Step4: Locate And Obtain Black Key From Mummified Snake Eyes Statue

Make your way around corridor behind fountain. Yoou will encounter more ghost here so be careful! You’ll pass through two narrow doorways before arriving upon small circular pool encompassed by hedge maze-like paths filled with hiding materials such as coins & hearts – great short term support item restocking mechanic!. In nearby shadows hides mummified snake-eyes statue waiting patiently for someone who holds correct key-shaped object required beforehand lodged between design crevices (hint! It’s black key).

Step5: Unlock Door With Black Key

Once you have the black-key, head straight up Garden suites via hallway leading to golf area ahead before proceeding right exiting Villa & take left route past pet cemetery. You’ll soon encounter door that can now be opened with your newly acquired item.

Step 6: Enter Secret Area – The Ancient Gardens

Congratulations! Now that you made it through that doorway, you will find yourself in The Ancient Gardens where all seven of the F-Gems are located! Explore different nooks and crannies of this secret garden by moving Gooigi over parts water it surrounds allowing both Luigi to move around easier than being restricted front facing abilities when playing single-player experience mode but remember Wario-lookalike ghosts appearing unpredictably any moment so get engrossed into exploring safely whilst still making steady progress!

Step 7: Find All Seven Gems In Order

Now comes the fun part – locating all seven gems in order. Here is a breakdown on where they can be found:

1. Diamond Gem – This one is really easy as it’s just hidden under a leaf close to entrance.
2. Heart Gem – Inside Jukebox after clearing mini-boss fight here.
3.Spade Gem – Hidden bush alongside pathway before entering bone bridge area
4.Club Gem- Clear blue vines surrounding east tombstone of courtyard lawn otherwise treasure chest remains unopened
5.Clover Gem—Off trail rose tree-lined hedge exclusively accessible from northwest corner plot on villa outdoor estate
6.Moon-shaped (Crescent)Gem—Southeast paths winding frequently blocked-by cobwebs or misplaced tombstones
7.Oval/Circular– Found only once inside Boss Fight room upcoming demonic plant guardians belong too!.

Following these steps closely will ensure your success in finding all seven Gems on Floor 7, Garden Suites in Luigi’s Mansion 3! Happy adventuring!!

FAQs on 7F Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3: Everything You Need to Know

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a spooky and delightful game that is full of surprises, providing much-needed entertainment in times when we all need it more than ever before. In the game, our beloved green plumber Luigi navigates his way through a haunted hotel while capturing ghosts with the help of Professor E.Gadd’s latest invention- The Poltergust G-00.

Throughout the game, players come across various collectibles called “7F gems”, sometimes hidden (or not so well-hidden) treasures that can often prove quite challenging to find. These gems are scattered throughout each floor of the hotel and offer valuable rewards for those who manage to locate them all.

In this blog post, we will be addressing some frequently asked questions regarding these mysterious artifacts known as 7F Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3!

What are 7F Gems?

Simply put, they’re rare jewels located on each floor of Luigis Mansion that take on an artistic design typical of that particular location or theme. There’s one gem per chapter/area you explore and there are usually six to eight chapters per level in total – meaning if your Sherlock Holmes skills remain sharp during gameplay hunting down every title treasure earns you great riches: gold bars and bonuses included!

Can You Collect All 7F Gems in One Playthrough?

Unfortunately not! Each gem requires certain abilities/items from later levels which cannot be obtained until after completing challenges found elsewhere first; meaning multiple play-throughs may indeed aid collectors seeking pristine success ratios at endgame stats like completions/trophies etcetera!

Are They Worth Collecting? What Are The Rewards?

Yes! Finishing collecting all Seven Floor Treasure items generally grants bonus features plus ability enhancement boosts including elemental versatility functions or special control aspects -ensuring increased customisation options available beyond just traditional progression pathways via platform mechanics themselves alone: something always welcomed by hardcore puzzle types/transmute thinkers alike waiting eagerly within player communities.

Where Do I Find Them?

Each 7F gem is somewhat hidden around the levels, and players must carefully explore every nook and cranny to locate them. Some will be found by simply examining objects or solving puzzles, while others may require a combination of abilities or items gained elsewhere in the game. You should also keep an eye out for hidden rooms accessible through secret passages on each floor- these often contain valuable treasures like gems!

Can They Be Missed Permanently?

Yes! Many of these goodies can only be obtained during certain scenarios that occur once per play; thus time is pertinent when seeking maximal completion values within your player records utilizing Luigis Mansion three’s treasure hunting elements well: perseverance bears fruit with dedication.

Final Thoughts

Overall, collecting all 7F Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is not only a fun and rewarding experience but also adds an extra layer of challenge to this already thrilling game. So get exploring those spooky floors, uncovering secrets as you go along – who knows what mysteries await you? Happy gaming!

Top 5 Facts About the Mysterious 7F Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3

Have you ever played the spooky and exciting game Luigi’s Mansion 3? If yes, then you are surely aware of the mysterious gems or jewels that can be found in each floor of this eerie hotel. The game comes with a total of thirteen floors, and on every floor lies one hidden gem waiting to be discovered by our green capped hero. But there’s something special about seven specific gems – the 7F Gems.

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, these mysterious 7F Gems seem somewhat elusive compared to others, leaving many players wondering if they’re just cleverly disguised Easter eggs or whether they hold any significance at all. Well, fear not for we have delved deeper into this mystery and compiled a list of Top Five Facts About Mysterious 7F Gems from Luigi’s Mansion 3:

1) What Are the Seven Floors?

For those who aren’t well-acquainted with the game yet, let us give you a quick rundown! In Luigi’s Mansion 3 comprise thirteen floors where each floor has its own unique theme-inspired setting. These include everything ranging from dance halls to aquariums to medieval fortresses that may leave some amazed while forcing others running in sheer terror!

2) Which Gem Is Found On Each Floor?

Each floor is also home to it’s very own hidden gem which is carefully tucked away somewhere inside an obscure location; making it hard but not impossible for players to find them without significant exploring efforts. However, seven particular floors including Level F-5 (Tomb Suites), F6 (The Dance Hall), F7 (Master Suite), F8(Carnival/Ghost Parade Polterkitty Chase), F9(Twisted Sweets & Ghost Festival Celebration), F10(Garden Maze/The Great Stage Inferno) and finally level G-Floor Ultra Stampede offer an additional challenge — finding two gems instead of just one per stage.

3) Why These Particular Floors?

The question on everybody’s mind regarding these elusive 7F gems is why did the game developers choose these specific levels? Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that each of these seven floors lies in a higher section of the hotel; starting from the tomb suites on level F-5 and finally ending at the Ultra Stampede stage. Maybe it means something or not but who knows – there could be more secrets to uncover!

4) What Makes These Gems So Special?

At first glance, one might assume that nothing makes them any different from other regular gems scattered around everywhere else in Luigi’s Mansion. But upon collecting all fourteen 7F gems, players are rewarded with an astonishing sight – they get an exclusive secret final floor unlocked for exploration! Yes, you heard us right — collect every little trinket across all stages of Luigi’s spooky mansion three times over (there are three save files available when beginning), and you shall unlock this secret floor.

5) How Exactly Can One Find The Hidden Gems?

Feeling intrigued about obtaining these hidden treasures before diving headfirst into solving puzzles and catching ghosts without truly exploring your surroundings first? Well then, let us offer some tips: check out suspicious areas like breakable fragile ornaments or paintings mounted onto walls plus eyeball engravings etched within corridors throughout levels as clues where valuable loot may be hiding away waiting to reward persistent & curious players alike.

In conclusion, while we can’t say that we’ve completely solved this mysterious gem-finding challenge in Luigi’s Mansion 3 just yet – It certainly does add another layer of excitement and magic to what is already guaranteed hours-long gameplay experience. Keep playing and never stop exploring because who knows what other hidden gaming treasures await beyond your wildest imagination!

Uncovering the Secrets of the 7F Gym Area: A Deep Dive into Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 has been a standout game upon its release, with players raving about its engaging storyline, immersive universe and unique gameplay mechanics. Amongst one of the favorite areas in this game – the fabled “7F Gym Area,” is also considered to be the most mysterious.

So join me on a deep dive into Luigi’s Mansion 3 as we uncover some hidden secrets of the 7F Gym area.

Firstly, let us address why it is called “the gym area.” In this location, you will find various workout machines like treadmills and weights scattered around what looks like an indoor sports complex. However, everything takes on an otherworldly twist when you realize that all these equipment pieces are made out of mere ghosts! This brings me to my first point; The creative depth put into every little detail in Luigi’s Mansion 3 never ceases to amaze!

This level features several puzzles that need solving before exploring further. One such puzzle involves overcoming waves of zombie-like enemies by reversing time so they walk backwards instead of forward toward you. Though not overly complicated for seasoned gamers, it adds another dimension of complexity to mid-gameplay and allows for fun tactics assisting novices unfamiliar with genre tropes.

Now we have reached perhaps the most notable aspect of this floor; The Boss Fight with Clemence –also known as “The Muscular Magician.” Not only does she sport admirable strength during combat but her constant switching between abilities (possessing machinery or making clones) keeps things lively adding more excitement transversing up close range attacks constantly kept at bay from continuity issues which helped keep our attention focused throughout engagement without breaking immersion too much proving how clever programming rarely results in artificial jankiness,

Another Secret found here comes when exploring beyond the main path leading through traditional doors- peer around behind walls reveals hidden treasures amidst exquisitely sculptured luxurious furnishings becoming more valuable upon finding in difficult to reach nooks. Specialized areas containing them exist within which awarded pieces offer power-ups and enhanced gear leading to fun experimentation with new setups especially useful for more challenging levels later on.

The Gym Area of Luigi’s Mansion 3 is one of the most brilliantly unorthodox settings ever placed in a game world, where every slight possibility seems intentionally crafted with long-term vision allowing consistent quality throughout gameplay hours faring well beyond immediate twitch reactions entertainment. Overall it’s another testament that the Mario empire continues flourishing by expanding unexpected narratives blended seamlessly into memorable experiences launching us off our chairs thrillingly enjoying its intricate mysteries time and time again!

Mastering the Art of Collecting All Hidden Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is an incredibly charming and engaging game that has captured the hearts of both old-school Nintendo fans and new players alike. As you navigate the many floors of a haunted hotel with our beloved Luigi, you’ll discover there are plenty of hidden gems everywhere! These can be found by successfully completing challenges, exploring every nook and cranny in each room or floor. Collecting all of these precious gems isn’t just for bragging rights though– they actually help unlock secret areas within the game.

So let’s dive into how to master the art of collecting every last one of them – from gameplay tips to insider secrets!

First up: don’t rush through rooms! Take your time & explore

The best way to find the hidden gems is simply by thoroughly exploring each room on each floor – which happens to be really fun anyway! Switch off all overhead lighting sources (including chandeliers) as soon as you enter any new area; this will reveal spectral objects disguised in regular household items like lamps, books or vases. Also watch out for objects that are cracked or broken — ghosts tend to hide inside those ones.

Next tip – Use Your Gameboy Horror gadget wisely

Have you ever heard about our favorite ghost hunter’s trusty companion- The GameBoy Horror? It provides him essential information about everything he needs to know in his ghost hunt misadventures around spooky mansions. But keep an eye out for small spots (especially corners) in a room where its light blinks green when it detects something unusual hiding there. This could mean anything from spare change tucked away behind furniture pieces or even combined pieces forming full picture murals lying on different places within walls displaying helpful clues leading towards treasures waiting somewhere yet uncharted!

Thirdly – Pay Attention To Any Strange Mechanisms Or Gimmicks That Can Trigger Hidden Gems

Many creepy floors harbor subtle gimmicks that lead to earning valuable prizes once activated. Observe & interact with everything that looks strange or curious; maybe push buttons, flip switches or even walk on sparkling tiles. These could unlock secret hatch ways or passage rooms leading to previously unexplored areas filled up with surprises waiting for you-just be brave enough to face them all.

Fourthly – Immerse Yourself In Mini-Games

Luigi’s Mansion 3 generously provides some entertaining mini-games throughout the game which involve solving puzzles and battling bosses. A massive chunk of these challenges actually awards hidden gems upon beating levels or finishing games under a specific time limit, so every win is worth it in the end!

Last But Not Least – Don’t Hesitate To Call For Help From Your Gooey Companion ‘Gooigi’

You are going to need some extra help from your gooey friend ‘Gooigi’ located within green pipes at several points throughout the game as well. This character can navigate through tight spaces, make bridges using its own body parts and reach far-off platforms impossible for Luigi himself! He’s become an essential asset who helps solve crazy puzzle situations by being creative and thinking outside the box . Trust me he will save you much frustration while rewarding you with priceless gems.

In conclusion: Becoming a master collector of all hidden gems isn’t easy but oh-so-rewarding in this incredible spooky adventure! Use these tips wisely when navigating through rooms packed full of countless treasures tucked away in mysterious ghost-laden halls of haunted mansions. Happy Hunting everyone!

Expert Tips and Tricks for Finding Every Single 7F Gem in Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a fun and exciting game that allows you to explore a haunted hotel while capturing ghosts and finding treasure. One of the main objectives in the game is to collect all of the gems scattered throughout each floor, including the elusive 7F gems.

But fear not, fellow ghost hunters! With these expert tips and tricks, you’ll be able to find every single 7F gem in no time:

1. Use Gooigi

Gooigi, Luigi’s gooey doppelganger, is essential when it comes to collecting 7F gems. Some of these gems are hidden behind gates or bars that can only be accessed by Gooigi. Make sure to switch back and forth between Luigi and Gooigi regularly as you search for the gems.

2. Check Every Room Thoroughly

The floors on this level are pretty large so make sure to check every inch thoroughly from top to bottom as some rooms will have a Gem hiding inside them!

3. Pay Attention To The Elevator Buttons

Before starting your adventure on 7A level (Floor A), make sure that you press the button for Basement first before any other buttons! This tip is important because it ensures that an already unlocked door remains open hence making things easier than constantly opening doors with keys repeatedly!

4. Keep An Eye Out For Hidden Passages

The developers of Luigi’s mansion were quite creative when creating various pathways into secret passages which lead directly into Gems! Paper thin papers could reveal secrets about where those tiny precious stones lie… So keep tearing down those wallpaper looking pieces even though they seem meaningless at first glance!

5. Utilize The Dark-Light Device In Search Of Possessions

Some possessions like paintings might look normal during daytime however they tend change entirely once exposed using dark-light device equipped with Suction Shot… Testing out this gadget might pay off handsomely so always remember “Curiosity Kills No Ghost Hunter”.

6. Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

Some 7F gems can be found in plain sight, but blend in perfectly with their surroundings; others are hidden behind objects that need to be moved or destroyed to reveal the gemstone.

And there you have it, expert tips and tricks for finding all of the 7F gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3! Keep these in mind and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master ghost hunter!

Table with useful data:

Gem Number Location Required Gooigi? Unlockable Item/Access
1 Grand Lobby No N/A
2 Grand Lobby No N/A
3 Laundry Room Yes Gemstone Hookshot target
4 Billiards Room No N/A
5 Billiards Room Yes Gemstone Poltergust target
6 Mezzanine No N/A
7 Mezzanine Yes Gemstone Button
8 Hotel Shops No N/A
9 Hotel Shops Yes Gemstone Suction Shot target
10 The Great Stage No N/A

Information from an expert

As an expert in video games, I can confidently say that 7F Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3 are some of the most challenging yet rewarding collectibles in the entire game. These gems can be found hidden throughout Floor 7 and require creative thinking and puzzle-solving skills to obtain. From using Gooigi to navigate through tight spaces, to utilizing the Poltergust to reveal secret doorways, players must employ a variety of techniques to retrieve these precious gems. Overall, collecting all the gems on each floor is well worth it as they unlock new areas and provide valuable rewards.

Historical fact:

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, the gemstones that are scattered throughout the various floors of the haunted hotel were actually inspired by real-life gems in history, such as The Hope Diamond and The Star of India.

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