Board of Governors

Board of Governors is the steward of the public interest. The board helps direct the strategy of the Institute to ensure that:

  1. the mission and vision of GIG are followed in all decisions;
  2. the reputation of GIG is preserved and continues to grow globally;
  3. the financial goals of the Institute are met.

Each governor offers a unique perspective, based on their professional experience in finance, law and other areas.

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GIG Executive Staff

Our Executive Staff constitutes of a diverse group of highly experienced professionals from both inside and outside of the gem and jewelry industry. 

Responsible for carrying out the Institute’s mission to protect our clientele and build trust in our services on a global scale. The team follows a strict code of ethics and seeks to infuse each initiative GIG undertakes with dedication and purpose. 

Chief Executive Officer: Fabio DAmico

Gemological Laboratory Director: Lisa Greggio

Research Department Director: Maya Musa

Luxury Academy Dir. : Evanghelia Kountouraki

Communications Officer: Sharifa Al Badi