Magnificent Jewels and Gems – Diamond: History, Carat and Cut

Magnificent Jewels and Gems: Diamond, History, Carat and Cut Sotheby’s is the world’s largest broker of fine and decorative art, jewelry, collectibles, and real estate and has 80 locations around the world. The Gulf Institute of Gemology is the Middle East’s leading gemological research, analysis and academia institution and ranks in the top 10 of […]

Webinar: Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels – Kashmir Sapphires and Natural Pearls

Webinar:Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels – Kashmir Sapphires and Natural Pearls Sotheby’s and the Gulf Institute of Gemology (GIG) invite you to get up close and personal with nature’s brilliant gemstones. The joint webinar will be hosted by Sophie Stevens F.G.A. D.G.ADeputy Director and Jewelry Specialist from Sotheby’s Middle East and Eva Kountouraki Gulf Institute of […]


Proud Member of the World Jewellery Confederation CIBJO “Describing itself as the “United Nations of the jewellery business,” CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, represents the interests of all individuals, organisations and companies earning their livelihoods from jewellery, gemstones and precious metals. It is the oldest international organization in jewellery sector, having originally been established in […]

Blue Stones Special Offer

Tis the Season to Sparkle Blue! “Blue color is everlastingly appointed by the deity to be a source of delight.” John Ruskin It is the last month of the year and despite what went down this past year we want to make the most of the festive season! Did you know that the birthstones of […]

Webinar: How To Buy Fine Jewelry

Webinar: How To Buy Fine Jewelry A useful guide for wise purchases! An Insiders Guide to Buying Fine Jewelry It is the time of year to shine, sparkle and buy beautiful gifts! Join GIG in this fun and brilliant webinar that will teach you everything you need to know about buying fine jewelry. Learn about […]

Yellow Stones Special Offer

Yellow is the Matter Did you know that yellow is considered the color of happiness, hope and sunshine? And we are all about spreading happy vibes this year. Bring in any yellow stone for analysis at our labs and get your second one done for free! Whether it is yellow Topaz, Citrine Quartz or anything […]

Seminar: Emerald Gemological Point of View

Emerald, Gemological Point of View Emeralds are among the most important colored gemstones in the world and can command very high prices, especially when they are not treated. Together with Rubies and Sapphires, they are referred to a the “Big Three” in the trade. It is extremely important for every professional in the gem and jewelry […]

Webinar: Gemstone Prospecting and Mining

Gemstone Prospecting and Mining An Exclusive Sneak Peak in the Nitty Gritty World of Gemology  Everything You Need to Know About Gemstone Deposits & Mining Techniques This exhilarating webinar brought to you by GIG is a technical journey into the world of mining and locating gem deposits. The online class will explore the various types of gemstones deposits and […]

Tourmaline and Opal Special Offer

Tourmaline and Opal Special Offer Did you know that it takes thousands of years if not more for opals to form,  and the result is nothing but pure magic. For the October birthstone month we have a magic trick for you: bring in or ship, two opals or tourmalines for analysis and the most valuable […]

DNA Fingerprinting Report (DFR)

DNA Fingerprinting Report (DFR) The Gulf Institute of Gemology, Sultanate of Oman, issued its first DNA Fingerprinting Report (DFR), on a precious coral. The DFR details the species of the coral sample through DNA analysis and details its comprehensive trace elements. The report further sets forth clear data that ensures the test sample is free […]