Gemstone Lore

Interesting Facts about Gemstones Lore.     

Gemstones have a lot of stories. They carry different meanings and are believed to protect you against the tough courses of your life. Although gemstones are worn as a piece of Jewellery, they are more mysterious than that. 

 People who view them in the third person justgemstone lore as these beautiful bright stones might benefit from their hidden benefits. Some gemstones help heal illnesses, some manage your anger issues, and some help attract love or wealth. The magical tendencies of these gems are endless. 

Let’s find out about some of the most common Gemstones’ Lore:


The hardest stones to exist on the planet. The word ‘diamond’ is derived from a Greek word called ‘Adamas’, which means it can’t be destroyed. They were worn in the ancient age for strength and bravery. 

As a stone of love,  it is believed that when a diamond is worn, it enhances your relations with your spouse or the opposite sex, and that’s why they are the most popular gemstones when it comes to proposal, engagement, and marriage rings. 


Bright green in colours, the name is derived from a Greek word which means ‘green’. In ancient times, it was believed that those who wore this gem would be able to conceive. 

They are also known for their soothing and peaceful effects. Priests tend to believe that emeralds attract wealth and business opportunities.


This gemstone represents the power of the sun and it is made of Aluminium oxide. It is believed that dreaming of a ruby means you are about to see success in matters of love and wealth. 

It is believed that Ruby was the gemstone offered to the Buddha in China and Lord Krishna in India.


Also made of Aluminium oxide, this gemstone comes in all colours except for red. The Buddhists believe that people who wear sapphires tend to see spiritual enlightenment in different ways.

This stone gained popularity after Lady Diana wore it as an engagement ring. Sapphire also represents truth, loyalty, and faith. People believe that it helps to relieve medical conditions like headaches and vertigo.


Believed to be containing intact moonbeams, this gemstone scatters light. This when seen with naked eyes looks like moonlight. 

It is said that when you place a moonstone in your mouth during a full moon, you can come close to witnessing your future.


Topaz is known to protect from diseases and premature deaths. It is also worn for making the person intelligent, helping them manage anger issues, combat depression, and reducing cowardice tendencies.

These gemstones are believed to cool hot water and become invisible around poisonous substances. 


This gemstone is believed to increase fidelity with your romantic interest.The Persians of ancient times believed agates to lessen the effect of storms.


Opals are known to be one of the luckiest of all gems. Their tendency to show many colors makes them one of the most magical gems that exist. Opals are known for deriving hope, purity, and truth in one’s life.


Garnets are those gemstones that are often given as presents when one’s loved one tends to leave for traveling purposes. This is because these stones are believed to make safe returns happen. They also help with eliminating the emotional distance between two lovers. 


Affiliated with electricity and light, this gemstone is believed to be made of pure sunlight. According to Norse Mythology, Freyja wept and the tears turned into amber and gold while her husband was not around. 


An Egyptian legend believed that the Tourmaline varies from color to color (from pink, blue, and yellow to green and red) because it left the earth’s center and adjoined the rainbow. 

Shamans from different regions also believed that these stones could find the origins of obstacles, and help with providing pathways to a good life. 

The black tourmaline was believed to prevent dark magic.


Believed to provide a healthy body, mental clarity, and bravery, this gemstone is associated with water (as linked in the name). These gemstones are believed to keep the sailors protected and help with purifying water. 

This gemstone is also said to work as a healer of poison. Legends believe that these stones are washed up at the bays of seas from the mermaid’s and siren’s chests.


Known for their dainty look and soft beauty, the legends of China believed pearls to possess qualities that protected against purity. 

While some regions in Europe associated pearls with abstinence and pure soul, they still retain qualities of innocence to this date.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a healing gemstone that helps support emotional and bonding health. It is believed that people who wear it become open to receiving love as these gemstones send powerful vibrations of love and harmony.


Believed to endure love, this gemstone represents wisdom, serenity, protection, good fortune, and hope for the future. As suggested in the name, turquoise gemstones are sea green in colour. 

Lapis Lazuli

Also known as the wisdom stone, this gemstone helps protect from mental problems. Lapis Lazuli is known for its medical properties that help aid vertigo, mental illness, insomnia, and inflammation. It is darker in colour than the turquoise gemstone. 

Legends believe that it helps bring peace, self-awareness, honesty, and harmony to the ones who wear it.


As suggested in the name, ‘Citrine’ comes from a Latin word that means ‘lemon’.  In ancient times, this gem was popular for getting rid of negative energy and was believed to bring happiness, good health, positive vibes, good luck, and abundance in life. 

Final Thoughts

Apart from adding beauty to your skin and outfits, these gemstones are also bought for their medical and abundant properties. While they represent most of your life’s wishes, it’s nice to have a gemstone that adds meaning and purpose to your life. 

Gift the stones to people you care about and let them enjoy the folklore uniquely.