Webinar: How To Buy Fine Jewelry

Webinar: How To Buy Fine Jewelry A useful guide for wise purchases! An Insiders Guide to Buying Fine Jewelry It is the time of year to shine, sparkle and buy beautiful gifts! Join GIG in this fun and brilliant webinar that will teach you everything you need to know about buying fine jewelry. Learn about […]

Seminar: Emerald Gemological Point of View

Emerald, Gemological Point of View Emeralds are among the most important colored gemstones in the world and can command very high prices, especially when they are not treated. Together with Rubies and Sapphires, they are referred to a the “Big Three” in the trade. It is extremely important for every professional in the gem and jewelry […]

Webinar: Gemstone Prospecting and Mining

Gemstone Prospecting and Mining An Exclusive Sneak Peak in the Nitty Gritty World of Gemology  Everything You Need to Know About Gemstone Deposits & Mining Techniques This exhilarating webinar brought to you by GIG is a technical journey into the world of mining and locating gem deposits. The online class will explore the various types of gemstones deposits and […]

Seminar: Ruby Gemological Point of View

Ruby, Gemological Point of View Enter the World of Gemology with GIG Luxury Academy Upcoming Seminar  Explore new roads with GIGs luxury academy that can expose you to a whole new world of shine. Uncover your potential and gain extensive knowledge that can help you discover new career paths or hone your existing skills. This […]

Ruby, Unapologetically Red

Webinar: Ruby an Unapologetically Red School season is back and so are we!  Breath vitality back into your life and grow with our luxury academy brand new webinar on the ‘King of precious stones’: ‘Ruby, unapologetically red’ this September the 13th at 11 AM Muscat, Abu Dhabi time. In this webinar we will explore the world […]

The smooth beauty of pearls

Dive into the World of Pearls this Summer It’s the summer time and we can’t stop thinking about exotic beaches, foods and PEARLS! Jump into the world of the smooth beauty of pearls with GIG Oman and their exciting upcoming webinar on July 5th. GIG will be talking about everything you need to know about […]

Colored Stones, How Origins Impacts on the Price

Colored Stones, How Origins Impacts on the Price GIG just launched its brand-new e-academy and completed its first webinar on the 31st of May about everything you need to know about mysterious emeralds and their use in history and by royalty everywhere. In case you missed it, we have an upcoming webinar hosted in Arabic […]

Enter the World of Gemology with GIG Virtually!

Enter the World of Gemology with GIG Virtually! GIG is excited to announce that it will be launching a series of Webinars, starting from the 31st of May 2020 onwards. The Webinars will cover a range of interesting topics about modern gemology and will be delivered every Sunday. The GIG e-Academy Webinars are a series […]

March: The Month of Jewellery

Hello March! The Month of Jewellery The Gemological Laboratory of GIG in collaboration with the GIG Luxury Academy, celebrate March, as the “Month of Jewellery” with a series of events and special offers! Gem Lab Promotions Bring your jewel to the GIG Gem Lab & from the second piece onwards get a 30% reduction on […]