The Chiaravalle Cross: Results of a Multidisciplinary Study

Di Martino, D.; Benati, G.; Alberti, R.; Baroni, S.; Bertelli, C.; Blumer, F.; Caselli, L.; Cattaneo, R.; Cucini, C.; D’Amico, F.; Frizzi, T.; Gagetti, E.; Gironda, M.; Greggio, L.; Lazzarini, L.; Musa, M.; Perelli Cippo, E.; Riccardi, M.P.; Gorini, G.

Abstract: The Chiaravalle Cross, a masterpiece of Mediaeval goldsmithery, went under restoration in 2016. This was a unique opportunity to undertake an in-depth multidisciplinary study. Several issues were addressed, as for example the chronology of the Cross, lacking any official document about it. The scientific investigations included in situ and laboratory measurements, and the analyses, part of a multidisciplinary protocol, completely characterized the gemstones adorning the Cross, the cameos, the gold, silver, jasper and glass parts, to derive indications on their provenance, authenticity and dating issues. All the results were shared with the whole collaboration of experts, which included art historians, a restorer, a conservator, a scholar in ancient glyptic, gemologists, archaeometallurgists, physicists and scientists in a very fruitful exchange of knowledge. This work is an example of a real multidisciplinary research, gathering good practices in the study of a complex piece of art.

The article has been published on Heritage 2019, 2(3), 2555-2572

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A Peculiar Gem

Libyan Desert Glass, A Peculiar Gem Lisa Greggio1, Muna Al Bulushi2, Maya Musa3 1 GIG Laboratory Director2 GIG Senior Gemology Analyst3 GIG Research Department Director

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