Essential Diamond Knowledge 5-Days Basic Course

Prof. Eva Kountouraki

This short course covers basic diamond related topics like the internationally accepted grading systems for clarity, colour and cut and how these factors affect the value of diamonds. The important concept of rarity and value is introduced and explained and the theory behind ethical diamond market conduct is covered.

With this short course, the students will gain a solid foundation of diamond product knowledge and the ability to discuss the diamond value factors (clarity, color, cut, and carat weight) and the relation between the factors that is tied to the value of diamonds.

The physical and optical properties of diamonds are explained and the students acquire knowledge about concepts like durability, brilliance and dispersion. Also, the students will get familiar with the current diamond market and will learn the basics of treated, synthetic and imitation diamonds.

The students will also get familiar with real life situations in the diamond market and learn how to be systematic and cautious with standard jewelry retail procedures.  

At the end of the course students must pass a written exam to complete the class successfully.

The course fee corresponds to 240.000 OMR.
An advance payment of 70.000 OMR is required in order to confirm the registration.

The course will take place from 2nd to 6th February at GIG headquarters

How you learn with GIG

Daily activities are developed through lectures and laboratory sessions. A limited number of students per class is accepted, so that the hands-on training and personal coaching can be more successful.

What you use

The students will receive a manual to accompany this class and use as a reference to study. In the classroom the students will learn how to use a gemological microscope, loupe, tweezers, gemcloth, and many more tools of the trade, while working with diamonds carefully selected by GIG.

Class hours

The course includes 20 hours of theoretical and practical lessons, divided into 5 days from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm, with short  breaks.

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