Discover the Top 5 December Gemstones [And How to Choose the Perfect One for You]

Discover the Top 5 December Gemstones [And How to Choose the Perfect One for You] Gemstone Buying Tips

What Is December Gem Stone?

A December gem stone is a birthstone associated with the month of December. It is believed to have special powers and symbolic meanings that can positively influence one’s life. Tanzanite, turquoise, and zircon are considered as birthstones for people who were born in this month.

  • Tanzanite: A rare blue-violet variety of the mineral zoisite which was discovered in Tanzania in 1967.
  • Turquoise: A bluish-green mineral consisting of hydrated copper aluminum phosphate typically found near ancient mines in arid regions.
  • Zircon: A natural semi-precious gemstone available in various colors like yellow, green, red, brown or white but mostly known for its blue color

The December birthstone(s) offer a unique combination of benefits ranging from enhancing creativity and self-expression to boosting spiritual energy and inducing calmness. These stones also serve as meaningful gifts on occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or weddings celebrated during the last month of the year.

How to Incorporate December’s Birthstone into Your Jewelry Collection

December is a special month for many reasons but one that stands out in particular is the presence of an extraordinary birthstone – Turquoise. This captivating stone has been a part of human history for centuries and remains just as significant today.

If you’re wondering how to incorporate this gem into your jewelry collection, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring different ways on how to wear Turquoise jewelry pieces and why they are perfect accessories no matter what season it may be.

Let’s start with understanding the meaning behind December’s birthstone- turquoise

Turquoise denotes calmness, protection and wisdom – attributes that make it one of the most sought-after stones when picking out meaningful jewelry items or gifts. Known to banish negativity from our lives, wearing a piece of turquoise can provide emotional balance by combing spiritual energy through physical parts of our body allowing us to express our thoughts confidently without being drowned in negative energy around us.

Now let’s talk about various styles and designs available:

1) Elegant Earrings – Enhance your wardrobe with stylish earrings featuring turquoise drops or studs; these add sophistication while also keeping the energy balance intact.

2) Stunning Necklaces – One simple yet elegant way to incorporate Turquoise would be adding stunning turquoise necklaces pendants which bring a pop of color easily creates depth even when put on basic outfits like white tees blouses etc…

3) Bracelets Overlayed with Gemstones– If you’re looking for something versatile where you can stack multiple bracelets together whilst enjoying distinct stones incorporated within each piece? Look no further than mixed media bracelets containing eye-catching band colors all complemented by dominating center stones (turquoises).

4) Sterling Silver Rings: For those who appreciate subtle elegance touch featuring bold display should consider investing in delicate sterling silver rings decorated tastefully combining embedded unique cone-shaped turquoises along sides providing simplicity sophistication simultaneously.

5) Statement Pieces: When in doubt, go bold! Choose a show-stopping statement piece like one featuring turquoise as the star of the show. Statement jewelry definitely makes its wearer stand out from the crowd and perfectly bring together your clothing style.

Turquoise birthstone gives an edge to every look pairing providing instant personality whilst encouraging emotional balance keeping you stylishly grounded and confident no matter what season it may be!

In conclusion, wearing Turquoise is not just about making a fashion statement; it highlights how significance can truly have when adorned with deep meanings that positively affect both physical & mental wellbeing. With endless possibilities on how to incorporate December’s birthstone into your jewelry collection from dainty studs to dazzling drop earrings or minimalist design ring features – It’s time for you to shine bright with elegance, polished styles and sophistication at any moment of life!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Choose the Perfect December Gem Stone

As December rolls around, the search for the perfect holiday gifts begins. One fantastic option that should not be overlooked is the gift of jewelry, specifically a gemstone. But with so many options available, how do you choose which stone is right for your loved one? Fear not! This step-by-step guide will help you select the perfect December birthstone.

Step 1: Determine Birth Month

The first thing you need to do is determine if your recipient was born in December. If they were not born in this month but still have an affinity for gemstones or want to incorporate them into their wardrobe, review other months’ birthstones as well.

Step 2: Learn about Gemstones

Next up on our list of priorities is to learn all about the unique qualities of each December birthstone selection; Zodiac sign associated with it and its correspondences:

• Tanzanite (Zodiacs – Sagittarius and Capricorn) – found only in Tanzania having Blue-lavender color
• Zircon (Zodiac- Sagittarius )– come in blue and other colors
• Turquoise (Zodiacs- Sagittarius &Capricorn)- blue-green sometimes works best when set with a silver pendant.
When choosing turquoise worth noticing where it is from because some are less quality than others.

Step 3: Consider Personality

Now that we know more details about each gemstone identified above let us consider who we’re shopping for:

• Tanzanite would fit perfectly for those who adore uniqueness along with making statements through fashion choices.
For any classy woman looking forward to committing love life tanzanite engagement ring can do wonders .
• Zircon complements playful personalities;
With such versatility amongst different shades gives freedom when pushing fashion boundaries.

•Turquoise most likely fits those lovers of nature,ease loving personalities..etc

Step 4: Review Price Points
Based on the budget you’d allocated, review different stones’ prices and their sizes. Each of the three gemstones listed above has variations within them from which to choose; depending on size, quality, source such as natural or synthetic (handmade), treatment that determines its true value.

Step 5: Think About Jewelry

Once a birthday stone has been decided upon- it’s time to think about how best we can incorporate it in jewelry design. This step (Jewelry) requires some knowledge of your recipient’s style preference because sometimes making one special piece rather than multiple can be an excellent way for them to enjoy wearing it every day–also ensures cost savings! One example includes looking at adding diamonds around tanzanite stone if desired-which amplifies its luster and shine.

In conclusion, with our guide’s help -Selecting perfect december gemstone should not have to induce stress amongst what is meant as lovely exchanges between loved ones during holiday seasons. Remember everyone will cherish any gift given out of love & giving so put effort into learning more about each individual selected crystal–personality types paired with favorite colors/styles can mean remaining thoughtful through exchanges while also investing money wisely this festive season..

Frequently Asked Questions about December’s Birthstone

December has three birthstones that each display a range of beautiful hues and intricate designs. The exquisite gems include zircon, turquoise and tanzanite which all have an undeniable allure to them.

As with any stone or mineral, many people tend to ask questions about these precious December birthstones to better understand their meaning, symbolism and formation. In this blog post we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about December’s birthstones so you can become better informed on these fascinating gemstones.

Q: What is Turquoise?

A: Turquoise is a captivating blue-green mineral that forms in copper deposits across the world such as in Iran, China and America, making it highly sought after for its unique hue worldwide. This smooth opaque stone comes in different shades ranging from sky blue to greenish-blue tones due to variations in composition from microinclusions of other minerals present within the crystal lattice structure – giving it its distinctive veined appearance.

Turquoise has been used for centuries by various cultures globally for both adornment purposes and medicinal remedies thanks to its metaphysical properties aligned with healing energy flow through the throat chakra area.

Q: Zircon or Cubic Zirconia – what’s the difference?

A: Zircon comes distinctly separated from cubic zirconia since it is not synthetically produced but rather naturally formed crystals. It’s often imitated by man-made synthetic stones such as cubic zirconia which are optically similar yet lack hardness compared to natural zircons which score higher on Mohs scale (Z is 7-8 whereas CZ falls at about 5.5). As a result many jewellers prefer using genuine high quality natural coloured therapeutic stones over synthetic options when crafting fine jewellery pieces; partially because they last longer due to superior toughness even after continuous wear overtime – unlike poor-quality replicas whose surfaces acquire scratches easily leaving behind blemishes detracting beauty.

Q: Is Tanzanite expensive to buy?

A: Tanzanite’s scarcity makes it one of the rarest gemstones on earth, making its price significantly higher compared to more common stones within the same category. This semi-precious blue-violet beauty is found only in Tanzania and can even challenge diamonds for their prices depending on grade, size and intensity of its colour which range from light blues mixed with purple hues (more affordable) up to rich intense purples that display strong colour saturation under both natural and artificial lighting conditions.

Q: Can I wear my December birthstone jewellery every day?

A: All three December birthstones are suitable for daily wear when encapsulated in high-quality metal frames or settings. Even though turquoise chips easily there are ways jewellers can fortify its resistance but don’t forget this is still a relatively soft mineral so avoid any harsh chemicals or abrasives if you want your treasure around long into the future. Occasionally cleaning should be enough alongside professional polishing whenever necessary.

Be mindful too not expose tanzanite and zircon gems directly to sunlight because over time they may become paler; To avoid cracks remember all these crystals expand slightly due to heat changes reminding us it’s wise remove such items prior undertaking strenuous activities like handling heavy duty machinery since accidental chipping could occur as well.

In conclusion – With so much variety abound throughout each type of precious stone obviously comes varied interests resulting into many people questioning aspects surrounding them – often do-it-yourself metaphysical remedies based purely off misinformation gotten through online forums without proper research done beforehand unfortunately perpetuates among a lot gemstone sphere discussions today. Nonetheless whether you acquired upon genuineness via concrete sources like verified ones before purchasing at least answering some fundamental questions helps preserve value giving reason why we hope sharing knowledge regarding frequent Q&As about December’s Birthstones aids cultivates clearer perspective leading overall appreciation for these timeless creations! By understanding what makes each stone unique including their composition, meanings and properties we can begin to appreciate the beauty that each of these gems possess.

The Top 5 Fascinating Facts about December’s Gem Stone

As the colder weather sets in, December is a month that is known for its festivities and celebrations. Along with these happy occasions comes another special factor – December’s gemstone! Known as Turquoise, this gorgeous stone with a unique blue-green hue has been cherished by cultures for centuries.

As you admire your new piece of turquoise jewelry or just marvel at its beauty in nature, here are five fascinating facts about this treasured gem to add to your knowledge:

1) Turquoise Holds A Special Place In History

Turquoise was not only treasured during ancient times but it was also believed to hold mystical powers. The Ancient Egyptians wore this gemstone believing that it would offer protection from harm and act as an amulet against evil forces. Additionally, Native American tribes used turquoise extensively both ornamentally and spiritually; they believed the stunning mineral had much more worth than even gold!

2) It Has Longevity & Resilience

The chemical composition of turquoise changed overtime during spoilage which made them prone to wear and tear after sometimes leading to large cracks inside them threatening their durability – because of scientific efforts combined with traditional ways of preserving such gems we understand how durable and long-lasting turquoise really is. With proper care, turquoise can withstand various attacks like scratches or bumps making them look good throughout time.

3) Its Color Is Down To Chemicals

In general most minerals’ appearance is dependent on either color pigments present within crystals or reflection due to internal structures etc., however in rare cases where minor ions could define colour itself through directional light absorption then we have turquoises who contain Copper sulphate along iron phosphate accounting for their awesome shades of green-bluey colors when exposed under sunlight.

4) Turquoise Is Set Apart From Other Minerals

Turquoise differs quite extraordinarily from other rocks/minerals forming deep below Earth’s surface which tend toward crystalline consistency. They develop closer towards the surface with loose deposits — basically rock casts rather than mineral-laden deposits.

5) It’s Not Just Found In December

While turquoise has made its mark as the official birthstone for December, it can also be found in other months. Iran is home to one of the world’s richest reserves for turquoises but natural Turquoise mines are located worldwide including African countries like Egypt too!

In conclusion, whether you enjoy wearing jewelry or just admire nature’s wonders, there’s no denying that turquoise deserves our admiration! So next time someone praises your piece of unique blue-green beauty, dazzle them with these fascinating facts and share your knowledge about this historic gemstone.

Expert Tips for Caring for Your December Gemstone

As the end of the year draws near, many people tend to focus on family and holiday gatherings. However, it’s also important to remember that December born individuals are blessed with a beautiful birthstone- turquoise or blue topaz.

These gemstones require specific care measures to ensure their longevity, shine and brilliance stay intact for years on the wearer’s finger or around their neck. Here are expert tips for caring for your December Gemstone:

1. Protect from scratches and damage: Turquoise and blue topaz can easily get scratched by other pieces of jewelry in your collection rather than just rubbing against hard surfaces like keys or coins in your pocket— as these materials will leave lasting marks which dulling over time. Be sure to keep them stored separately from any other jewelry you own.

2. Clean regularly: To retain its glittery beauty; rinse your decoration under running water after every use then dry using a soft fabric.— Pro tip! avoid harsh chemicals that may destroy its natural luster during cleaning because they’re quite sensitive).

3. Keep away from heat sources: Both Blue Topaz & Turquoise stones are delicate gems that can crack if they come into prolonged contact with heat sources such as direct sunlight (which raises temperatures dramatically) so don’t wear them while sunbathing!

4. Recharge occasionally: Similar to electronics devices rechargeable battery is essential when keeping these stunning decorations at their finest quality over time period between wearing days.

5.Collect special cleaning equipment specialized just for precious stones: You’d want best possible results without damaging shortening lifespan through improper handling needs investing cash into purchasing safe cleaners specifically made for each unique stone type..

By following these simple precautions, one could expect maximum joyfulness in both appearance and durability throughout all occasions worn; ultimately giving friends&family something everlasting – cherished memorie!. These breathtaking jewels speak volumes about someone whose month of birthstone is represented by December’s timeless elegant charm— share with us which gemstone is your favourite to wear or gift?

The Symbolism and Significance Behind December’s Birthstone

December is a special month for many reasons – there’s the holiday cheer, family gatherings and of course, the celebration of birthdays. But did you know that December also has its own unique birthstone? This sparkling gemstone comes with loads of history and symbolism, making it an ideal choice as a meaningful gift or a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection.

So, what exactly is December’s birthstone? Drumroll please – it’s none other than turquoise! Let’s dive into the rich history behind this stunning blue-green stone and explore why it’s so significant.

Turquoise dates back to ancient times where it was prized by civilizations like the Egyptians, Persians and Native Americans. It’s even been found in burial sites such as King Tutankhamen’s tomb which contained over 170 pieces of exquisite turquoise jewelry. That just shows how valued this stone was throughout history!

The turquoise stone derives its name from the French word ‘turques’ meaning Turkish because traders first brought these stones to Europe from Turkey during medieval times. The sky-blue hue seen in most modern-day turquoises represents tranquility while some darker rocks appear green due to their iron content combined with copper oxides creating fascinating textures and patterns.

Beyond being historically beloved by different cultures over centuries Turquoise holds significance in various beliefs too; wearing them brings good luck & wealth, protects against negative energy forces and even possesses healing powers!

In ancient Aztec mythology (Mesoamerica), Chalchiuhtlicue (the water goddess) wore a headdress consisting entirely of turquoise rocks showing royalty & divinity associated with this mineral all across South America

Furthermore both Middle Eastern Muslims usually carry a tiny piece when travelling since they believe it wards off evil spirits along away home whilst shamans who practice spiritualism use Turquiose for ceremonies involving soul cleansing re-establishing relationships between one self-harming others experiencing setbacks restoring order balance living not only physically but also spiritually.

Turquoise has always been a statement symbol of the Southwest as well, serving as an icon in both Native American art and modern-day fashion alike. The timeless beauty of turquoise ensures that its popularity will only grow with time, remaining an ever-present feature in the world of jewelry design.

In conclusion, December’s birthstone is not just another precious stone; it holds significant symbolism and carries with it an air of rich history- making owning one feel like you hold a little piece from each part! Turquoises are indeed special gift options allowing for something meaningful to celebrate your loved ones while representing spirituality positivity wearability & style. So go ahead and embrace this beautiful blue-green rock – whether you choose to wear it or admire its stunning beauty from afar, we can all agree that there’s nothing quite like the brilliance of turquoise!

Table with Useful Data:

Gemstone Color Meaning/Significance
Turquoise Turquoise blue, greenish blue Brings good fortune, protection, and renewed energy
Zircon Colorless, blue, green, yellow, brown, red Represents wisdom, honor, and wealth
Tanzanite Purple-blue Creates a peaceful and calming effect on the mind and body
Blue Topaz Blue Symbolizes eternal love and faithfulness
Peridot Olive green Thought to bring healing and protection from evil spirits

Information from an expert

As a gemologist, I can tell you that the December birthstone is turquoise. This vibrant blue-green mineral has been cherished by civilizations for centuries and was even used as currency in ancient times. Turquoise is known for its unique matrix patterns and color variations, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind. It’s also believed to have healing properties, promoting emotional balance and warding off negative energy. If you’re looking for a meaningful gift for someone born in December or just love this stunning gemstone, consider adding a turquoise piece to your collection.
Historical fact:

The gemstone associated with the month of December is turquoise, which has been used in jewelry and decoration for thousands of years by cultures ranging from Ancient Egyptians to Native Americans.

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