GIG e-Academy: Webinars

GIG is excited to announce that it will be launching its e-Academy learning sessions, composed of a series of Webinars, starting from the 31st of May 2020 onwards. The learning sessions will cover a range of interesting topics about modern gemology, various gemstones as well as the latest techniques to identify gem materials, synthetics and treatments, among others.

Webinars are a series of talks that engage participants in various issues concerning gemology today.
All GIG e-Academy Webinars are free and open to the public, and will be delivered every Sunday.
Registration in advance is preferable.

Industry professionals, gem enthusiasts and those wanting to know more about gemstones and jewellery, are all welcome to join the rare opportunity of learning from some of the best gem experts in the world.

Past Events


Discover the secrets behind the beauty and magic of the world’s most important green gem, Emerald. Learn what makes it valuable, its lengthy history, its sources and the human intervention to its elegance. Discover interesting curiosities about emeralds and dive in the kingdom of the greenest green!

Sunday 31st of May 2020
11.00 am (GST)
In English
Main Speaker: Eva Kountouraki


Being aware of a gemstone’s origin is getting increasingly important. Together with other issues such as nature, enhancements and imitations, the origin of a gemstone can greatly affect its value and market price. Learn more about this interesting and highly contemporary subject in our Webinar

Sunday 7th of June 2020
11.00 am (GST)
In Arabic
Main Speaker: Muna Al Bulushi



Travel from Heaven to Earth with one of history’s most important gemstones, Jadeite. Learn about its worldwide significance and symbolism; discover its sources and the factors that dictate its immense value. Get familiar with all its precious varieties and find out more about the human interference with its glowing beauty.

Sunday 14th of June 2020
11.00 am (GST)
In English
Main Speaker: Eva Kountouraki



Get business savvy, this time at our webinar we will be talking about trading dynamics and tell you what is the best way to start and develop your company within the jewelry industry. During the exciting debate we will be posting a few questions and decisive answers will be given so do not miss out on the exciting opportunity to learn some industry secrets from the best.

Sunday 21st of June 2020
11.00 am (GST)
In Arabic
Main Speakers:Muna Al Bulushi, Gulf Institute of Gemology Senior Analyst
Special Guest: Mohammed Al Balushi
, GIG BOD member


Gemology in the 21st Century: EVOLUTION, RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY

Gulf Institute of Gemology is equipped with a high level Research Department. Many people do not understand why a gemology institute should have such a scientifically advanced department and, as in the GIG case, among the first in the world. The answer is as simple as it is profound and articulated: in the modern era, gemology has seen the appearance of alternative materials and the technological development of increasingly advanced and sophisticated treatment techniques. GIG Research Department aims at responding to rapidly changing gem treatment and synthesis technologies, as well as deepening the world’s understanding of how gems are formed, extracted, created, and sold. GIG is one of the few institutes in the world that can declare, on the basis of advanced analysis and research techniques, the geological and geographical origin of rubies, sapphires, emeralds, spinels and other gems.
This webinar is the occasion to unveil GIG Research Department and to disclose some of our secrets.

Sunday 28th of June 2020
11.00 am (GST)
In Arabic
Main Speakers: Muna Al Bulushi, Gulf Institute of Gemology Senior Analyst
Special Guest: Maya Musa PhD, Gulf Institute of Gemology Research Department Director



Join us to enter inside a pearl farm and learn everything about the several stages of the pearl culturing process! Understand the difference between natural and cultured pearls and discover the various types of pearl-bearing mollusks and their corresponding beautiful and precious pearls.

Sunday 5th of July 2020
11.00 am (GST)
In English
Main Speakers: Eva Kountouraki