Gulf Institute of Gemology GREAT OPENING EVENTS

Muscat, 29th September 2019

Gulf Institute of Gemology celebrated its birth with a special event at the Kempinski Hotel Al Mouj The evening began at 7.00pm with a warm welcome, and continued with a sparkling seminar on the importance of gemology and therefore of the Institute itself. Dr. Fabio D’Amico, CEO and Dr.ssa Eva Kountouraki , Director of Education, brilliantly managed the
evening, taking those present by the hand and guiding them into the fascinating world of gemology.

The opening night was attended by many national and international goldsmiths and above all by illustrious men and women from different backgrounds, as well as extremely important politicians. Above all, His Highness Sayyid Kamel Bin Fahed Al Said and the President of CIBJO Dr.Gaetano Cavalieri.

The word Institute includes all the prerogatives of GIG: transparency, ethics,
professionalism, but also high technology and human resources of international level.

GIG has three core specialties: the research laboratory, the gemological laboratory and the Academy of Luxury Sciences. “We exist to serve the trade and to develop new frontiers. We are very proud “ said Fabio D’Amico GIG CEO to be the first ones to open an Institute of Gemology in an important region such as Middle East. Of course, many international players are running their activities in the region, but as I said they are players coming from other continents.

We are born in the Middle East and our reality is a pure Gulf entity. Every single habitat of Middle East should be very proud of it, we are! GIG is absolutely one of the most modern and dynamic gemological laboratories on the planet, with its seven lines of spectrophotometry, GIG Gem Laboratory identifies and grades every kind of gem material. From 01st of October the educational calendar will officially begin. It is the Institute’s prestigious goal to offer men and women from Oman and the entire Gulf gemological education and all its possible ramifications, theoretic, practical, as well as jewelry design, production, marketing and much more.

Click here to see the event video.

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