Program Number / Title: Professional Graduate Jeweler Program.
Clock Hours / Instructional Weeks: 44 clock hours.
Total Charges: 490.00 OMR (1,274.00 USD) for complete program enrollment.
Time Limitation: 3 months.
Final Qualification: GIG International Diploma.

01ED Essential Diamond Knowledge 8 494 190
01ECS Essential Colored Gemstones Knowledge 8 494 190
01EJW Essential Jewelry Knowledge 8 494 190
01EJD Essential Jewelry Design On campus 20 680 260

The GIG Professional Graduate Jeweler Program covers topics including jewelry designs, setting styles, jewelry care and other content that will support the product knowledge of current industry professionals. The program also introduces basic information about diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and the grading system.
Other subjects of study include how modern technology is changing the way diamonds are cut, the qualities of noble metals, major jewelry manufacturing methods and the important activities involved in the operation of a retail jewelry store. To enable effective product conversations, examples are provided on how to translate jewelry features into benefits and how to communicate the 4Cs of diamond value to customers. The program provides concise information that can be immediately implemented on the job.

What You Will Learn:

  • Describe how the 4Cs (color, clarity, cut and carat weight) affect a diamond’s value.
  • Recognize the relationship between size and weight of diamonds.
  • Explain the differences between treated, laboratory-grown and imitation stones to sell with full disclosure.
  • Understand the steps of the jewelry sales process.
  • Translate jewelry design, style and manufacturing features into benefits.
  • Convey the romance, lore and characteristics of the most popular colored gemstones.

What You Earn:

Professional Graduate Jeweler Diploma.

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