Luxury Academy


GIG is the GCC’s most trusted name in Gemstones Analyses and Luxury Education.
Whether you are starting a new career or looking to advance your current one, GIG Education is your key that opens the door within the industry.

Luxury Academy

Admission Policy & required documentation

All you need to know to access GIG Courses and Programs: documentation,
requirements and much more.


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GIG Luxury Academy is open from Sunday to Thursday from 09.00 am to 04.00 pm.



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Fabio Damico, Chief Executive Officer

“I can easily compare our Gem Lab to and Research Department to a spaceship. We can explore the unknown, we can easily face all the modern market challenges and, most important, win them.”

Lisa Greggio, Gemological Laboratory

“I never thought that my passion and experience for meteorites would play a
decisive role in GIG. Here we have widened the range of the Laboratory activity bringing the limits beyond the normal gemological context.”

Maya Musa, Research Department Director.

“Gemology has to be a science, not just a discipline. As gemologists have to be scientists. This is the future of gemology. Future that is already the present in GIG.”

Evanghelia Kountouraki , Luxury Academy Director

“I prepare the students to the most difficult challenge: life. The jewelery trade is a jungle, and all my students have to know not only how to survive, but also I to be a guide for others.”

Sharifa Al Badi, Press Officer

“The first time I walked in GIG, I saw immediately the true heart of it: technology, professionalism and passion, the perfect mix. My daily challenge is to communicate it.”