Hello March! The Month of Jewellery

The Gemological Laboratory of GIG in collaboration with the GIG Luxury Academy, celebrate March, as the “Month of Jewellery” with a series of events and special offers!

Gem Lab Promotions

Bring your jewel to the GIG Gem Lab & from the second piece onwards get a 30% reduction on analysis fee.

If your jewel is mounting an aquamarine gemstone, the certification is free!

Luxury Academy

GIG Luxury Academy celebrate March, as the “Month of Jewellery” with three focused courses, if you ever had a dream about becoming a jewelry or watch designer, now is your chance.

In March, the Month of Jewellery, GIG Luxury Academy is having a jewelry drawing and design courses, giving you all the essentials you need to start sparkling and sharing your shine with the world:

Essential Jewelry Knowledge

Learn all the details of the metals used in jewelry, the international regulations and the styles of jewelry through history.
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Essential Jewelry Design

Learn how to transform your ideas into beautiful designs.
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Essential Jewelry Design 3D CAD

Learn how to use the latest technology CAD/CAM software to design your own jewelry.
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Sapphire Work-Flow

Sapphire Work-Flow Sapphire is a variety of the corundum mineral species, and it is the most highly valued blue colored gemstone in the trade. It

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Ruby Work-Flow

Ruby Work-Flow The red gem par excellence, considered a symbol of love, strength and vital energy. One of the most popular and marketed gems and

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Emerald Work-Flow

Emerald Work-Flow Emerald: a gem that became a reference color all over the world, who doesn’t know the lively and bright ‘emerald green’? From the

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