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GIG is the GCC’s most trusted name in gemstones identification, diamond grading and colored stones grading. With objectivity and expertise as its hallmarks, GIG Gemological Laboratory ensures the integrity and accuracy of every Report it issues.

GIG Gemological Laboratory is innovative and equipped with the latest technologies, as only the best equipped laboratories in the world. The Analytical Techniques of the Gemological Laboratory are constantly developed and boosted by the GIG Research Department.

GIG Reports are considered an authoritative resource for authenticity and quality assessment worldwide.

Not by chance, in June 2019, GIG has been recognized and accredited by the World Jewellery Confederation, CIBJO.

The value of a diamond or colored gemstone is determined by its color, clarity, cut, natural rarity, presence of treatments and geographical origin. 

GIG Gemological Laboratory tests every gemstone to determine the identity, whether if it is natural, synthetic or artificial, and disclose any treatments. GIG gemologists provide the grading of Natural Diamonds, Lab-Grown Diamonds, Colored Gems, loose or mounted in Jewellery item. Click here to learn how to submit a stone.

The modern technological equipment and the experience of the Analysts and Scientists teams allow us to express, in our Reports, the geological and geographical origin of the most traded colored gemstones.


Extended Reports and Compact Reports


Extended Report and Compact Report include full 4Cs assessment and the analysis to determine if the sample is natural, laboratory grown or treated.

Diamond Compact Report: for natural D-to-Z color diamonds only, weighing 0.10 -1.99 carats. 

Diamond Extended Report:  for natural D-to-Z color diamonds only, weighing from 0.70 carats or more, with a clarity diagram.

Fancy Color Diamonds Extended Report: for natural, colored diamonds 0.10 carats or more.

Lab-Grown Diamond Extended Report: for loose, Colorless, Near-Colorless and Faint D-Z Color Scale grades laboratory-grown diamonds, 0.10 carats or more.

All the diamonds are laser inscribed on the girdle. GIG will not issue Reports for diamonds with non-permanent treatments and for glass, plastic and other low-quality simulants. Origin only upon customer request.

For prices and detailed services, please refer to Laboratory Services Fee.

For further information or to take an appointment please contact us at muscatgemlab@gulfgemology.com or call at +96891736811

Extended Report and Compact Report include the analysis to determine if the sample is natural, laboratory grown or treated. Both identify and describe a gemstone and list detectable treatments. 

The Extended Report or Compact Report are available depending on the species and variety of the gem submitted.

Colored Stone Compact Report: for any polished, rough, loose gemstones.

Colored Stone Extended Report: for any polished, rough, loose gemstones.

Colored Stone Extended Report: with geographic and geological origin. For polished, rough, loose natural ruby, sapphire, emerald, Paraiba tourmaline, red spinel and alexandrite only.

Without disassembling complex pieces, GIG performs thorough, objective and expert analysis of finished jewelry items.

Jewellery Extended Report and Jewellery Compact Report are available depending on the type of jewellery, species and number of gemstones.

Since the mounting can be an obstacle to the analysis, GIG gemologists express an estimation, considering a range of potential grades.

Rarely some pieces may require to unset the gems if the style prevents the scientific tests.

Jewelry Reports provide all gemstones and mounting specifics, as well as photos showing details of craftsmanship.

Security Systems



GIG Gemological Laboratory provides sealing service for Diamonds and Colored Gemstones for security and protection purposes.

Once the seal is opened, a chemically generated pattern is released, decisively showing the seal has been broken.

GIG Gemological Laboratory proposes two kind of seals, Classic Seal Report and Seal Report Limited Ed:

Classic Diamond Seal

Diamond Seal Limited Edition

Classic Col. Gem Seal

Col. Gem Seal Limited Edition

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