Emerald, Gemological Point of View

Emeralds are among the most important colored gemstones in the world and can command very high prices, especially when they are not treated. Together with Rubies and Sapphires, they are referred to a the “Big Three” in the trade.

It is extremely important for every professional in the gem and jewelry industry to be able to comprehend the presence of treatments and certainly recognize the synthetics and simulants. In-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the gems’ characteristics is essential.

In this seminar we will analyze natural, synthetic and treated emeralds and compare the characteristics of each type. The participants will gain knowledge about the characteristics and typical inclusions of natural emeralds from various locations and compare these with the most common characteristics of synthetic emeralds. In addition, the participants will understand how the fracture filling treatment changes the appearance, clarity and value of emeralds

Wednesday, October 28th
05PM (Muscat / Abu Dhabi) 04PM (KSA) 03PM (Cairo) 04PM (Lebanon)
Professor: Eva Kountouraki GIG Academy Director
Fee: 24 OMR

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Branch: Qurum branch

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