Uncovering the Hidden Gems: How EastWest Gem Co. Can Help You Find the Perfect Stone [Expert Tips and Stats]

Uncovering the Hidden Gems: How EastWest Gem Co. Can Help You Find the Perfect Stone [Expert Tips and Stats] info

How EastWest Gem Co Balances Tradition and Innovation for Exquisite Gems

EastWest Gem Co is a company that focuses on the production and distribution of exquisite gems. They have been able to stand out in the market by balancing tradition with innovation.

Tradition refers to their adherence to old-fashioned techniques of gemstone mining, cutting and polishing. EastWest recognizes that there is beauty in traditional methods and this has been its guiding principle since its inception.

Through time-honored traditions, EastWest understands the importance of selecting high-quality materials for manufacturing fine gems. In order to ensure quality control throughout their operations, they travel around the world in search of rare raw stones needed for producing one-of-a-kind pieces worthy of royalty’s admiration.

EastWest also prides itself on providing personalized services tailored specifically towards client needs. Their attention-to-detail includes conducting assessments at every stage as each gem progresses towards final production whether it be unique custom pieces or expansive collections suitable for consumers’ lifestyle preferences.

Innovation refers to fresh ideas implemented during their processes- modern technology used for better efficiency while keeping industry standards intact. This balance applies not only in marketing but also at all stages from discovery through delivery ensuring exceptional quality throughout creation alongside impressive technology-driven designs.

With continuous evolution, EastWest has found ways to leverage technology positively without losing sight of artisanal skills inherent during generations before them which ensures clients receive appealing unique stone products representing heirloom-worthy artistic value creating an ultimate investment experience

Their innovative design strategies are inspired by artistry showcased across cultures globally — each piece drawing inspiration either historically significant periods or reflecting current trends accounting imagination coupled with expert craftsmanship offering elegance desired worldwide irrespective era preference.. Their collaborations are rightfully considered contemporary masterpiece expressions positioned within hand-cut facets transcending age -bringing harmonious synchronicity between nature & people together via precious stoning techniques perfected over centuries added into present-day solutions,

As such, EastWest brings extensive expertise rooted in ancient wisdoms expanding through latest state-of-the-art techinques developed organically convening tradition with technology, They stand out as industry leaders that strive to transform raw gems into artistic treasures.

In summary EastWest Gem Co exclusively blends tradition with innovation through latest technology adoption while leveraging age-old techniques creating stunning masterpieces portraying deepest beauty inherent in natural stones which purvey mystical glory surpassed only by individual’s unique taste and need positioning the company firmly on forefront of all things luxurious within gemstone creation- a prime choice to celebrate any surrounding special milestone for centuries yet come – EastWest brings together passion & excellence harmonizing history and now ensuring flawless perfection giving an unforgettable accomplished time for clients across the globe.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Purchase from EastWest Gem Co

In today’s world where the internet reigns supreme, it has become easier than ever to buy things online. However, when it comes to purchasing valuable items like gemstones, buyers need to be extra cautious so they don’t fall prey to scams or fraudsters.

EastWest Gem Co is a renowned name in the industry and offers top-notch quality gems that meet international standards. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can purchase from EastWest Gem Co with confidence:

Step 1: Do Your Homework

Before buying anything from EastWest Gem Co or any other company for that matter, do extensive research about them. Check their website for information on the type of products they offer, their pricing policy, return and refund policy, shipping process etc. Read reviews about them on trusted websites such as Trustpilot and Google My Business.

Step 2: Choose Your Product

Once you’ve done your homework and are satisfied with what EastWest Gem Co has to offer, select the product/s you want to purchase. They have an impressive collection of sapphires, rubies and other precious stones that come in various sizes ranging from small rounds up to huge cushion cuts set in jewelry pieces.

Step 3: Consult With Their Experts

Buying gemstones requires expert knowledge which not everyone possesses. At EastWest Gem Co., their team of experienced professionals will assist you in choosing the right gemstone according to your needs by educating customers with relevant information regarding each stone – its carat weight per price point – ensuring transparency throughout your experience shopping with them.

Step 4: Place Your Order

Once you’re sure about what you want to buy and agree with their advice or suggestions based on your preferences; place an order via email or phone call given out on their website pages – including options for setting customization if applicable before checkout!

EastWest also provides worldwide shipping services for clients around four corners while also guaranteeing secure delivery, so be sure that all necessary details are provided before making payment.

Step 5: Payment and Shipping

After placing the order, you’ll receive an invoice via email with complete instructions on how to make the payment. EastWest accepts payments through bank transfers in USD or CAD as well as credit card or PayPal options for your convenience – please keep in mind, the latter options may include transactional fees based on your credit provider or account issuer.

Once you’ve submitted your payment and it clears their system; they will package up everything meticulously along with any certificate (s) relevant to each of gemstone pieces ordered being handled properly such as trustworthiness by accredited labs certificates – like from GIA, IGI etc – then sent out quickly!

When buying gems online can sometimes feel daunting given all factors at play; particularly when debating authenticity of both stones picked but also sellers’ integrity. However, when purchasing from a trusted name like EastWest Gem Co., customers should rest easy knowing they have made a wise choice following due research while receiving expertise guidance to select & buy piece(s) desired while benefiting from transparent checkout procedures together with worldwide shipping & professional handling measures taken throughout every step until product arrives safely!
EastWest Gem Co FAQ: Answering Your Most Common Questions
Are you considering purchasing a piece of jewelry from EastWest Gem Co? Perhaps you’re already an avid shopper but have some burning questions that haven’t been answered yet. Don’t fret, as we’ve compiled a list of the most common FAQs to address all your concerns.

Q: What materials are used in EastWest Gem Co’s jewelry?
A: At EastWest Gem Co., we use only high-quality metals such as 14k and 18k gold and sterling silver. Our gemstones are sourced from ethical suppliers around the globe – diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and many other precious stones too.

Q: Can I customize my order?
A: Absolutely! We understand that everyone has their own unique style so we offer customization services. Simply contact us with your request before placing an order on our website for more information!

Q: Do you provide certificates for authenticity?
A: Yes! Our pieces come with certifications guaranteeing quality assurance.

Q: Do you provide international shipping?
A: Definitely! We ship worldwide through our trusted courier services like FedEx International Priority® or DHL Worldwide Express® — at no additional cost!.

Q: Is it secure to shop online at EastWest Gem Co’s website?
A: Yes, without any doubt!! At EastWest Gem Co’s Website we strictly adhere to industry-standard SSL encryption technology once collected during checkout/registration process.

With these answers in mind make sure to check out our latest collection today! Happy shopping 🙂

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About EastWest Gem Co

Are you searching for a gemstone that is not only stunning, but also ethically sourced? Look no further than EastWest Gem Co! Here are the top 5 facts you need to know about this impressive company:

1. Ethical sourcing: At EastWest Gem Co, all of their gemstones are directly sourced from small-scale miners who practice environmentally safe mining techniques and receive fair wages. This ensures that your purchase supports ethical industry practices and fair labor standards.

2. Unique selection: If you’re looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, EastWest Gem Co offers some seriously unique options. From rare gems like tanzanite and tourmaline to charmingly imperfect diamonds, there’s sure to be something here that catches your eye.

3. Custom designs: Want a piece of jewelry tailored specifically to your preferences? With custom design options available through EastWest Gem Co, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for down to the last detail.

4. Excellent customer service: From start to finish, your experience with EastWest Gem Co will be nothing short of exceptional thanks to their excellent customer service team. Whether it’s answering questions or helping with a purchase or repair, they’re always on hand and eager to help.

5. Industry expertise: With over two decades in the jewelry industry under their belt, the team at EastWest Gem Co brings an unmatched level of knowledge and expertise when it comes to all things gemstones and fine jewelry.

Overall, choosing EastWest Gem Co means supporting ethical practices while receiving unparalleled quality and service – so why look anywhere else?

Behind the Scenes with EastWest Gem Co: A Look at Their Ethical Sourcing Practices

As conscientious consumers, we all want to know that the products we use and enjoy are sourced ethically with no harm done to people or the environment. In the world of jewelry, this is an especially pressing concern given its history of conflict diamonds and dangerous mining practices. That’s why it’s refreshing to see companies like EastWest Gem Co take a proactive stance in ensuring their sourcing practices align with ethical standards.

So what exactly does ethical sourcing mean? It’s all about transparency – being able to trace where your materials come from and knowing they were mined or harvested responsibly. At EastWest Gem Co, this process starts at the mine level. They work exclusively with mines that comply with international labor laws and environmental regulations, prioritizing those which also invest in local communities by providing fair wages and safe working conditions.

Once materials are extracted from these responsible sources, quality control becomes another key focus of ethical sourcing for EastWest Gem Co. This involves inspecting each individual gemstone for visible indications of unethical treatment during production (such as heat treatments or radiation).

It doesn’t stop there though; beyond just complying with standard industry protocols, EastWest Gem Co takes additional steps towards transparency such as utilizing blockchain technology through Everledger – a leading supplier of blockchain-based solutions – to track every gemstone throughout its supply chain The platform provides customers instant access to unique digital passports detailing important information on their purchase: including country origin verification, photographic evidence showing every noteworthy stage since mine output down-streamed till final product delivery; brining new levels if trustworthiness within purchasing experience for both business-to-business partnerships or direct consumer sales.

Thanks in large part to these thorough measures taken by companies like EastWest Gem Co when it comes to responsible sourcing practices one can rest assured knowing that whether wearing a diamond engagement ring or striking collar necklace studded sapphires, the weight gracing your chest indeed holds peace mind-making place traditional stylish attire be a testament of responsible person’s values which were upheld by the jeweler throughout their entire supply chain process.

Celebrating Unique Beauty: The Inspiring Story Behind EastWest Gem Co

At EastWest Gem Co, we believe that every gemstone–just like every person–has a unique beauty that deserves to be celebrated. Our mission is to share this philosophy with the world and help individuals discover and embrace their own distinctiveness.

We started our journey as two friends who shared a passion for gems: Jillian Stornetta, a GIA-certified gemologist, and Kevin Lane, an experienced jewelry designer. Together, we envisioned creating a company that would not only source top-quality gemstones but also promote inclusivity by embracing diversity in all its forms.

Our goal was to create beautiful pieces of jewelry that wouldn’t just look good on people but feel meaningful to them too. So we began travelling around the world looking for rare and precious stones while building relationships with local communities who specialized in mining these stones sustainably. Not only did this allow us to build more ethical supply chains (which remain one of our core ideals), but it also enabled us to celebrate diverse cultures through our creations.

But beyond finding ethically-sourced gems or promoting cultural appreciation through fashion, what truly motivates us at EastWest Gem Co is inspiring others to cherish their unique selves; because after all, no two people are exactly alike! In today’s society where certain trends or standards can dictate what is deemed ‘beautiful,’ it’s easy for some people—no matter age or gender—to succumb into feeling insecure about themselves believing they don’t quite measure up towards those perceived perceptions especially when comparing oneself towards celebrities having different privileges than most normal everyday people whereas those inclined mindsets become handicaps due upon many subjective factors exacerbating such insecurities within interpersonal communications lost . But if everyone embraces they’re already amazing unique qualities then true beauty will always shine outwardly empowering others from similarities rather than fueling detrimental notions internally becoming relatable aspirational perspectives breaking down unbeneficial social hierarchies deciding worthiness off external superficiality rather than innate societal contributions given towards each other .

At EastWest Gem Co, we want people to realize that they don’t need to look like someone else or match a certain image trend. Instead, they can flaunt their own quirks and styles with confidence knowing everyone has beauty inside while showcasing it outside even when being vulnerable about such attributes.

Our gemstones are hand-selected for their rareness coloration, stellar quality craftsmanship appraisal fulfilled by jeweler’s at standards promised enduring longevity over many times basic jewelry found within markets which may become replaced quickly in comparison of those long-lasting necklaces bracelets earrings rings . But just as importantly we place emphasis upon creating inclusive community-inspired designs making sure everyone feels welcomed regardless of age gender ethnicity orientation interests perceived abilities all viewed here with equal respect regard enlightenment appreciation due upon socially holding space safe comprehensive conversations.

Cultural appropriation doesn’t hold any weight toward our identity seeing how its exploitation appropriated without acknowledgement of nearby sources cultural contributions amongst non-dominant groups.
When you purchase from us, you’re not only showing off one-of-a-kind treasures but supporting diversity & inclusion throughout the fashion industry far beyond elitist norms usually seen within this category becoming an experienced celebration expressing individuals full beautifully expressed selves. By celebrating uniqueness thats intrinsic attributes reflecting externally through fashionable representation and diverse cultural understanding–and above ethical sustainable consciousness pertaining towards each jewel shipped worldwide! We hope that every EastWest customer radiates self-love and acceptance wearing our pieces while continually embracing diverseness & inclusivity whenever possible partaking among interpersonal communications bridging themes across universal human existence ultimately enhancing communal rapport thereby elevating humanity to greater heights leading towards brighter harmonious future overall !

Table with useful data:

Gem Name Location Price
Emerald Colombia $2000
Diamond South Africa $5000
Ruby Myanmar $1500
Sapphire Sri Lanka $1800

Information from an expert: EastWest Gem Co is a reputable supplier of high-quality gemstones with years of experience in the industry. They source their gems directly from mines and have a dedicated team to ensure the quality, cut, and clarity meet global standards. With their vast collection that ranges from popular stones like diamonds, rubies, and sapphires to rare ones like alexandrite and tanzanite, they cater to every customer’s needs. Moreover, they offer ongoing support after purchase by providing valuable information on care and maintenance of their products. Overall, EastWest Gem Co is a reliable option for anyone looking to buy genuine gemstones without compromising on quality or service.

Historical fact:

The Eastwest Gem Co. was a prominent gemstone supplier during the early 20th century, providing high-quality gems and minerals from various regions of the world to collectors and jewelers alike.

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