Uncovering the Hidden Treasures of Skyrim: A Guide to Finding and Collecting Unusual Gems [with Stats and Stories]

Uncovering the Hidden Treasures of Skyrim: A Guide to Finding and Collecting Unusual Gems [with Stats and Stories] info

What is Skyrim Unusual Gems?

Skyrim Unusual Gems is a unique quest that involves collecting 24 gems scattered across the province of Skyrim. These unusual gems are small, round variants of soul gems and cannot be used for enchanting or charging. The player embarks on this quest to return the stones to their rightful owner, Vex at the Thieves Guild in Riften.

  • The gems serve no particular purpose but have created quite a buzz among players due to their mysterious nature.
  • Collecting all 24 of these rare stones will prompt an additional mission known as “No Stone Unturned.”

The quest itself requires some exploration skills since they can only be found in obscure places such as treasure chests and even locations such as Tolvald’s Cave. Once completed, not only does it bring satisfaction to those completionist individuals out there but also rewards you with valuable items.

Step By Step Guide To Finding Skyrim Unusual Gems

Skyrim has been a revolution in the gaming industry since its launch. This open-world RPG is filled with adventures that keep players hooked for hours, providing them with ample opportunities to explore and discover various hidden secrets throughout Tamriel. One of these hidden gems within Skyrim are the Unusual Gems or Stones of Barenziah.

Finding all 24 stones not only provides you with substantial loot but also contributes to completing one of the game’s most extensive quests: “No Stone Unturned.” In this article, we will provide you with an ultimate guide on how to locate each unusual gem in Skyrim.

Step 1: Obtain The Quest

The initial step towards finding all the unusual gems would be obtaining the quest – No Stone Unturned. You can acquire this mission by speaking to Vex, who can be found at The Ragged Flagon if you’re a member of Thieves Guild; otherwise she’ll appear at Riften’s marketplace over time. Upon requesting help from Vex, she will give you crucial information about these unique stones’ location and some tips on where they may likely be discovered.

Step 2: Use Clairvoyance To Locate Closest Gem

Once you’ve obtained ‘No Stone Unturned’quest by speaking to Vex or obtained it through other means such as being given one by someone else using modded versions of Elder Scrolls games – start seeking out those valuable gemstones! Using spells like Detection magic or Clairvoyance spell aids greatly in locating nearby Stones easily without much hassle involved.

Step 3: Visit Dwemer Ruins

Most of these strange stones have been scattered across Skyrim’s vast expanse and require painstaking exploration and searching high-and-low while observing your surroundings carefully. If unsure where a particular stone might exist then investigate ruins dotting around different parts including dwarven ones known for containing rare treasures including Daedric weapons so don’t rule anything out when looking!

Step 4: Explore Tombs And Other Hidden Areas

The Stones of Barenziah have been placed in various hidden areas that are difficult to spot or access. For instance, many tombs and other crypts within Skyrim contain these precious gems. Be on the lookout for walls with small crevices or detectable switches that lead to secret passages leading you one step closer towards discovering all 24 stones.

Step 5: Pay Attention To Bookshelves

Skyrim has a significant amount of meticulously crafted bookshelves scattered across its vast game world. Interestingly enough, some Unusual Gems can be spotted behind several specified books’ spines when observing them closely under specific lighting conditions – so pay attention! You can also look by following unique spawn points in Dwemer ruins like Blackreach where Arngeir’s Summit Order will reveal Strange Stones too.

Step 6: Search In Locked Chests Or Enemy Encampments

While exploring enemy encampments or looking through locked chests may provide decent options for finding more valuable items and loot, there is always a chance that an unusual gem may be hidden somewhere among the treasures! Keep your eyes peeled because every detail counts when searching for these gems!

In conclusion, pinpointing each odd stone takes effort and patience but provides substantial rewards once completed instilling pride into any avid Elder Scrolls fan who accomplishes this remarkable feat which only adds lore depth making it even more immersive as players begin noticing facts about people from Tamriel they otherwise wouldn’t know existed before embarking upon the No Stone Unturned questline. Using our guide listed above detailing different ways to uncover all shards mapped around both prominent parts such as caves-places spoken about by NPCs themselves means nothings now stopping adventurers wanting to achieve attaining everything Skyrim offers including collecting mysterious rare objects left waiting patiently just hovering near magnetic-like surfaces calling out saying “here I am!”

Frequently Asked Questions About Skyrim Unusual Gems

As a beloved game with numerous intricacies, Skyrim has become renowned for its detailed world-building and captivating gameplay. One of the most intriguing aspects of this fantastic game is undoubtedly the Unusual Gems that are scattered throughout the sprawling universe. These mystical stones have been amusing players since their introduction in ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’, but there’s still so much to learn about them. To help clear up any confusion, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions regarding these precious stones.

Q – What exactly are Unusual Gems?
A – Unusual Gems (also known as Stones Of Barenziah) are unique items hidden all around Skyrim’s vast map. They’re small purple and green gems shaped like diamonds adorned by an intricate Celtic knot design on each facet.

Q – Are they rare?
A – Yes! As you travel across Nirn, chances are very high that you’ll come across few of these special gemstones hidden inside urns or treasure chests or even handed over as reward after completing certain quests. But remember only 24 stones exist beyond which you will not find any more Stones of Barenziah

Q- What do I do with them once I find them all?
A – Once you collect all 24 unusual gems, take it to Vex at The Ragged Flagon located in Riften which happens to be part of Thieves Guild questline where she’ll reward you generously with gold coins worth upto multiple thousands .

Q – Why would anyone spend time hunting down those Stones?
A – Players who know what these elusive treasures can bring into their pocket would never hesitate to go looking out for aforementioned stones during their explorations In addition monetary value several benefits rock from luck enchantment & skill Talos shrine magik also accompany having all twenty-four Stoned jewels together

Q – Can’t we duplicate collected ones via console command cheat?
A- It isn’t impossible,but it’s not a legitimate way to play the game, and we may risk ruining entire gameplay experience. Thus players are advised not to use commands cheating ways for short term gains.

Q – Do I need DLC’s expansions enabled to continue Stone quest?
A- No, finding all of Barenziah Stone locations is completely compatible with Vanilla version of Skyrim

Wrapping up, Unusual Gems or Stones Of Barenziah an adventure in itself hunting down stones wherever they’re placed is really thrilling treasure hunt taking place during your journey across Skyrim. We hope this blog helped curtail confusion budding among rookie gamers about these special purple-green gems which makes our game even more engaging and interesting as we enjoy playing them.

The Top 5 Facts You Need To Know About Skyrim Unusual Gems

Skyrim is a game that needs no introduction. It’s been captivating gamers since its release in 2011, with its immersive world and endless gameplay possibilities. One of the many hidden gems (pun intended) in Skyrim are the Unusual Gems scattered throughout the vast landscape. These jewels may seem insignificant at first glance, but they hold secrets that every Skyrim player should know about. In this post, we will explore the top five facts you need to know about these intriguing stones.

1) There are exactly 24 Unusual Gems: The first fact you need to know is how many Unusual Gems there are in total. You might even think that it’s just another item for your inventory when starting out; however, collecting all of them is actually one of the more challenging tasks for completionists out there!

2) Collecting all gems rewards you with a unique perk: After collecting all 24 gems scattered throughout Skyrim’s expansive map, players receive an obscure notification – something like “the shadows twist and turn before settling into familiar patterns” which unlocks a special Perk called ‘No Stone Unturned.’ This specific perk grants a permanent increase to your ability to find precious items in chests and other lootable objects.

3) They are worth quite a bit: Even if you’re not focused on unlocking perks, finding these unusual gems still offers an incentive as each gem has significant value once sold–typically around 200 gold pieces ranging from most valuable Diamond gemstones found mostly inside Dwemer Ruins down to lowest valued Stones available anywhere across the province up north.

4) Their placement is often outside common locations or dungeons: Players who want to collect every single Unusual Gem shouldn’t rely on following quest paths alone as some can only be stumbled upon while adventuring long distances through harsh terrains or exploring caves far away from popular trade routes–or sometimes even within City designated areas previously undiscovered by adventurous players yet! The bottom line is that players should dig deep and explore in order to find all the gems.

5) Gems reveal hidden rooms: The placement of these unusual gems isn’t just random. Often, they are found in strategic locations and sometimes adjacent beside underwater “Giant Clams” containing more loot for avid adventurers! Others can be placed within walls or even when removed as evidence gives loyal patronage treasure hunters ample opportunities to uncover rare treasures or finding secret chambers with valuable items worth selling off like gold rings embedded into undead king’s fingers.

In conclusion, collecting Unusual Gems might seem like a small task at first glance but it offers significant advantages throughout your time spent playing Skyrim–whether through unlocking unique Perks or simply adding value to your amassed wealth. All serious adventuring aficionados must take note that Unusual Gems are scattered across many terrains within Tamriel’s icy landscape from Solitude down south towards Riften north past Windhelm; so make sure not to miss any on your journey – especially if you’re planning on becoming the greatest Dragonborn ever known!

Tips and Tricks for Collecting All Skyim Unusual Gems

Are you tired of wandering around the vast and beautiful landscapes of Skyrim without any clue as to where those pesky Unusual Gems might be hiding? Fear not, for I have some helpful tips and tricks to share with all you gem collectors out there.

First and foremost, it is important to know what an Unusual Gem looks like. These gems are small green stones that look almost identical to emeralds. The only noticeable difference is their pulsating glow which can be seen even from a distance. Keep your eyes peeled for these little treasures while exploring dungeons, caves or just strolling through town.

One tip for finding Unusual Gems is to take advantage of the gift shops within each major city in Skyrim. There, you will find two merchants who specialize in selling rare items including one who sells them directly! Just ask about “The Claw” questline if they don’t open unprompted–both sellers sell information on this old story line as well but getting access straight away requires doing other quests prompts first. This vendor’s name is Madesi located right by Whiterun’s Bannered Mare Inn… shh don’t divulge my secrets too much though folks 😉

You can also try using a Detect Life spell or enchantment to make the gems appear more easily on your radar/map when nearby. Combine this with high stealth skills so that enemies won’t notice your movements and movement speed boosts like whirlwind sprint shouts/engravings/perks/etc especially during sneaks allowing easier sheath judgments/movements

Another useful strategy would be to follow along with completed “Miscellaneous Quests” section within journal entries because it could lead players upon locations containing greater collections more quickly than blindly walking across all available areas scavenging,

Lastly, do yourself a favor by joining the Thieves Guild early on throughout gameplay — if you haven’t already done it! You’ll reap benefits beyond gathers rares such guilds offering skills/rewards/trainer contacts not to mention will help with Unusual town and dungeon treasure hunting.

So there you have it – some clever and witty tips for all you Skyrim enthusiasts out there looking to collect every single unique gem in the game! Happy hunting!

Unlocking Hidden Features With Skyrim’s Unusual Gem Collection

As a dedicated Skyrim player, you might have come across Unusual Gems scattered throughout the open world. They are small blue stones called “Stones of Barenziah”, that don’t seem to have any purpose except for adding some flair to your inventory.

However, this is where things get interesting.

The Stones of Barenziah hold a secret – if all 24 gems are collected and brought together, they unlock one of the most sought-after items in Skyrim: The Crown Of Barenziah. This item brings a slew of benefits including an additional +50 Magicka while wearing it and being able to detect nearby treasures through its enchanted abilities.

So how can you find each one?

While playing the game as per usual, keep an eye out for these treasure chests or other lootable locations:

– Whiterun – Jarrvaskr Living Quarters
– Windhelm – Palace Of Kings (Upstairs)
– Markarth – Treasury house.
– Solitude Castle Dour – Upper Floor

These are just four locations out of many where ‘Unusual Gems’ can be found in-game on shelves or tables hiding amongst cluttered piles. However, it’s important to remember that the location and specific amount vary depending upon individual games along with their installed mods/updates making Treasure Hunting challenging yet also thrillingly addictive!

But why should players take on such a tedious task?

Well aside from gaining access to enchanting the crown with stronger spells later down the line; discovering these hidden features not only unlocks new content but also adds replayability value by giving players more reasons for exploration past completing quest lines which let’s face it may feel mundane over time especially after repeated playthroughs anyway.

Additionally collecting them all provides achievement status proving others who join online gaming forums seeking tips or assistance greatly appreciate hearing about unique niche experiences fellow gamers placed valuable efforts into further immersing themselves within Skyrim’s majestic atmosphere versus merely playing alongside casual endeavors.

In conclusion, Unusual Gems may have seemed like simple decorative objects within the game upon first glance. But they hold a hidden path that provides an excellent challenge to those players who seek to explore all of Skyrim’s secrets and enjoy every aspect of it!

Rare and Valuable: Identifying the Most Sought-After Skyrim Unusual Gems

Skyrim is a vast and beautiful world, full of wonder, danger and adventure at every turn. Among the many treasures that can be found in this realm are Unusual Gems – rare stones with unique properties and immense value.

But not all Unusual Gems are created equal. Some are more sought-after than others, attracting the attention of collectors and traders across Skyrim. Here we will explore some of the most valuable Unusual Gems in Skyrim, their properties, locations and what makes them so desirable.

First on our list is the Flawless Diamond, an exquisite gemstone known for its clarity and brilliance. It’s a remarkable piece to behold – dazzling bright white shimmering colors emanating from within creating a glitter effect when hit by light from different angles.

Flawless diamonds can typically be obtained through mining or looting jewelry boxes inside dungeons throughout Skyrim. Due to their status as rare treasure items they’re almost always expensive when bought/sold to vendors or other players alike

Next up is The Golden Claw which holds great importance in Nord culture due to its ancient origins dating back long before recorded history began.you might just end up discovering one if you venture deep enough into Nordic catacombs where exploration grants opportunities of locating such buried valuables without cost thus raising appraised values significantly – provided etiquette isn’t missed along way as digging through burial sites remains frowned upon.

Arguably rarer than both those already mentioned come Kulth-Runestone these gems offer advanced magics abilities when worn granting additional offensive casting spells-a real plus points given how scarce finding common loot containing magic boosting attributes becomes beyond early game stages .

Finally it would remiss of us not mention Soul Stoneswhich contain contained magical remnants left behind after destroying stronger enemy types ,a curious detail surrounding this gathering item notably refers lore setting individuals may fill multiple owned soul containers meaning that stockpiling multiples allows consuming any acquired selves power boost empowering conquering greater challenges ahead with ease .

Overall, these were some of the most sought-after and valuable Unusual Gems in Skyrim. Collecting them requires skill, patience and a fair bit of luck, but their intrinsic value makes it all worth it in the end. With so many hidden treasures waiting to be discovered out there it would make any adventurer decidedly starry-eyed anticipating possible greatness awaiting them ahead .

Table with useful data:

Name of Unusual Gem Location Found Value (in gold)
The Prowler’s Profit Gloombound Mine, Knifepoint Ridge, Stony Creek Cave, Tolvald’s Cave 2000
The Red Eagle’s Fury Serpent’s Bluff Redoubt, Rebel’s Cairn 2000
The Stone of Barenziah Multiple Locations 200
The Transmute Mineral Ore Halted Stream Camp 1000
The Queen Bee Statue Goldenglow Estate 500
The Left Eye of the Falmer Irkngthand, Dwarven Ruin 500
The Silverdrift Lair Silverdrift Lair 500
The Jester’s Festival Multiple Locations during the festival 500

Information from an Expert

As an expert in Skyrim, I can tell you that unusual gems are some of the most intriguing and valuable items to uncover in the game. These rare stones have a unique shape and emit a distinct sound when nearby, making them fun to hunt down. Once collected, they can be used to complete various quests for characters like Vex or Maul from the Thieves Guild. Additionally, you can bring all 24 unusual gems to a special location for a rewards chest containing gold and enchanted jewelry. So keep an eye out for these glittering treasures while exploring Skyrim’s vast landscape!
Historical fact:

The unusual gems of Skyrim, also known as the Stones of Barenziah, were mined by the ancient Dwemer civilization and believed to have significant magical properties. They became valuable treasures sought after by thieves and collectors alike in Tamriel’s history.

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