Uncovering the New World’s Best Gem for Great Swords: A Story of Discovery and Practical Tips [Stats and Solutions Included]

Uncovering the New World’s Best Gem for Great Swords: A Story of Discovery and Practical Tips [Stats and Solutions Included] Gemstone Lore

What is new world best gem for great sword?

A new world best gem for great sword is a rare and valuable item that can enhance the performance of your weapon in the game. It offers additional benefits to your sword such as increased attack power, critical hits, and elemental damage.

  • New world best gems are obtained by completing certain quests or defeating specific monsters
  • The rarity of these gems makes them highly sought after by players looking to maximize their sword’s potential
  • By equipping one of these gems onto your great sword, you can gain a significant advantage in combat and increase your chances of success.

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining the New World Best Gem for Great Sword

If you’re a Great Sword wielder in Monster Hunter World, then your primary objective is likely to obtain the new world’s best gem. And if that’s the case, we’ve got good news for you – this guide will take you through all the steps necessary to getting it.

Step 1 – Complete Assigned Quests

To begin with, players are required to complete certain assigned quests before having access to higher level gems. These include completing the main story line and unlocking rank six or seven investigations.

Step 2 – Farming Investigations

Once these assignments have been completed its time to start farming investigations. A good method would be asking other hunters for their investigations while participating in multiplayer sessions which saves players’ SOS Flares ( Emergency signal). In order to get hold of more and challenging investigation missions.

Step 3- Breaking Parts

Great sword users will need not only hunt down large monsters but also breaking specific parts from them such as tails, horns or spikes whilst dealing high damage numbers inspired by League of Legends critical strikes! This increases the chances of acquiring rare drops like Wyvern Gems and Warped Feystones among others.

Step 4- Take advantage of Bounties

Completing research bounties added by scientists at Astera creates an opportunity windfall bonuses like Limited Steel/Siver tickets ,and Gold prints can be used meld Jewels directly at Elder Melder reaping even greater rewards until enough rarity eight decorations are acquired Exchangeable decorations like Hero streamstone cannot be traded however they allow changing weapon’s attributes e.g % affinity increase values often needed when augmenting weapons below sharpness max threshold allowing sharpened edge lengths duration increments referred as handicraft levels displayed on player equipments attribute screen stats menu under “defense” icons headgear arms,and waist protection equipped slots number limitations affecting total attack power defense and resistance thresholds according enemy type strengths bias acting as countermeasures statistics protections etcetera …

And there you have it, the step-by-step guide to obtaining the new world best gem for Great Sword. It may not be easy but with these tips, hard work and determination you’re sure to succeed. So what are you waiting for? Grab that sword and go hunt!

How to Use the New World Best Gem for Great Sword: Tips and Tricks

As a seasoned adventurer, you’re always on the hunt for new and exciting gear to add to your arsenal. You’ve climbed mountains, braved treacherous seas, and fought off formidable foes all in pursuit of that one perfect item – the World Best Gem, now available for use with your Great Sword! But how do you make the most out of this powerful gem? Fear not, fellow athlete! Here are some tips and tricks to help you master this incredible tool:

1) Understand its effects: The World Best Gem is unique among other gems because it has different effects depending on which type of weapon you pair it with. When used in conjunction with a great sword, the gem imbues your attacks with elemental damage based on the monster’s weakest point. This extra oomph can quickly turn even a difficult encounter into an easy victory.

2) Take advantage of its charged up state: As if the base effect wasn’t impressive enough all by itself, charging up your attack while holding down R2 lets loose an incredibly powerful projectile made entirely from pure energy. While using this technique drains stamina quite heavily so make sure to keep an eye on that gauge! Furthermore, without proper positioning and timing when executing these fully charged attacks they might lead to getting hit or retaliated against.

3) Pair it with complementary gear: Use swords already built around elemental attacks- relics such as Glavenus Blaze or Silverwind Nargacuga may be especially strong due their natural affinity for fire/water/weapons specific element allowing them synergize well together!

4) Know what types of monsters work best: Finally and above all else comes experimentation within quests!. Certain monsters have glaring weaknesses where attacking them at certain points can deal massive damage – knowing these inside-out will allow those who seek challenges understand which combinations cause maximum output potential during combat keeping enemies quivering before our feet!

In conclusion pro Hunter adventurers ,the World Best Gem paired with a great sword offers a brilliantly refreshing take on dealing tremendous damage. By taking advantage of its unique properties, one can truly become an unstoppable force as they charge fearlessly into battle. So go ahead and give it a try – you might just be surprised at the results!

Frequently Asked Questions About the New World Best Gem for Great Sword

The New World Best Gem for Great Sword has become a popular topic of conversation amongst gamers in recent times. This amazing gem adds high attack power to the Great Sword, making it one of the most powerful weapons available in Monster Hunter: World.

However, since its release, many gamers have had questions about this new addition and how it works. To help you understand everything there is to know about this gem we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions:

What is The New World Best Gem for Great Sword?
The New World Best Gem for Great Sword is a rare decoration that can be added to your gear set which enhances the performance of the Great sword by adding additional raw damage output.

How do I get The New World Best Gem for Great Sword?
To obtain The New World Best Gem for Great Sword you will need to participate in farming expeditions till High Rank tempered monsters are unlocked as they offer best chances to acquire them through rewards or complete other quests like “The Greatest Jagras” event quest or MR200+ Tempered Investigations

Can I use more than one gem at once?
Yes! You can stack multiple gems together which not only increases overall attacking strength but opens up builds with Handicraft and Crit Boost investment.

Why do people love using this gem on their equipment?
This game changer offers an opportunity where players now don’t have investing points into Attack Boost Skill tree saving space allowing them flexibility pull out higher base sharpness levels from other sets pushing their damage output even further.

Does this mean I shouldn’t go with traditional affinity/ critical boosting options anymore?
It absolutely does not prompt anyone getting rid off them – Affinity Damage via Critical Eye combined with Weakness Exploit Charm still offers excellent results albeit somewhat secondary especially when used alongside two pieces of Agitator Armor Set Bonus effect raising some bars past 70% affinity

Is The New World Best Gem worth investing time and resources in acquiring?
If you are a dragon slayer hell-bent on landing massive hits while fulfilling your dream to become the ultimatum of power – You bet this gem is worth all the time and effort.

In summary, The New World Best Gem for Great Sword offers players an incredible boost in damage output that can make all the difference when it comes to fighting those tough monsters. So, if you’re looking to enhance your gaming experience with Monster Hunter: World, investing in this gem might be just what you need!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About the New World Best Gem for Great Sword

Are you a fan of the Great Sword in Monster Hunter World? If so, then you will definitely want to know about the new best gem that has just been added to the game! This amazing gem is going to revolutionize the way that players use their Great Swords, and we’re here with some key facts about it. Here are our top 5 picks for what you need to know about this new world best gem!

1. It Enhances Critical Hits

The first thing that makes this new gem so exciting is how it enhances critical hits for your Great Sword. With its special abilities, you’ll have an easier time landing those sweet spots and dealing massive damage. You might even find yourself achieving critical hits more often than usual – which means bigger numbers on your screen and happier hunt times.

2. It Increases Damage Output

Of course, one of the biggest selling points of any new item or ability is whether or not it can enhance your overall damage output within MHW – and this latest gem does not disappoint in that regard either! Its unique bonuses add up quickly when combined with other pieces from across all skill trees which intensify various aspects of combat such as attack power boosts while using certain weapons like swords whereas armors provide subtle enhancements on survivability metrics such as stamina depletion rate regression etcetera paving for explosive results keeping all variables intact during battles.

3. It Makes Monsters Flinch More Often

One thing every hunter can agree upon: anything that keeps monsters locked down longer within traps or knockdowns making them vulnerable is worth having at one’s disposal regardless of drawbacks present otherwise’ situationally depending ways’. The World Best Gem delivers exactly what people were hoping for by simply increasing chances multiple-fold where these creatures flinch constantly forcing them close through staggered stages thereby making hunting quicker yet challenging enough!

4. Reduces Swinging Time & Recovery Period

Another great advantage provided by this incredible gemstone happens due to its secondary perk which helps in reducing both the swing time taken and recovery period of players’ greatswords. With this new tool at your disposal, you’ll be able to strike faster with fewer openings for enemies to retaliate against you, giving hunters even more versatility when it comes down combat encounters monster or otherwise!

5. It Can Be Upgraded Further

Last but not least – did we mention that this amazing gem is upgradeable? That’s right; if you think it can get any better than utilizing all of these powerful features while fighting monsters in MHW here is another surprise: there will be further layers added to amplify capabilities providing bonus stats patterns buffs skills boosted as per player preferences enabling them unique build paths towards dominating mightily every foe encountered on way.

In conclusion, Monster Hunter World is one of the most creatively awe-inspiring titles around having a vast world filled with mesmerizing creatures waiting for ambitious challengers like us. The game offers numerous secrets still waiting to be discovered yet along the path where players follow under continuous learning & adapting curves existing throughout progression stages leading up into something exceptional such as this New World Best Gem. So what are you waiting for? Get hunting!

The Impact of Using the New World Best Gem for Great Sword in Combat

Gemstones have long been used to embellish weapons, both for their stunning beauty and perceived mystical powers. However, the introduction of a new gemstone into the world of combat weaponry may just revolutionize the art of sword fighting forever.

The gem in question is called Ruby Fire, named after its deep red hue reminiscent of flames. Extracted from mines located within dangerous territories that require skilled adventurers to venture through treacherous conditions to retrieve them, these gemstones are known for their exceptional durability and regenerative capabilities.

When implanted onto a Great Sword’s hilt, traces of it run down through each layer until they reach the blade itself. The contact between Ruby Fire and steel creates an almost indestructible weapon with unparalleled sharpness while significantly reducing damage from enemy attacks.

Ruby Fire has unique elemental properties that make it vastly different from other precious stones. Its ability to conduct heat at levels higher than diamonds makes even adamantium blades feel hot when against it. Additionally, swords fitted with this stone can be compared visually as “liquid fire” traversing along its length during combat making opponents mesmerized by its unmatched brilliance during battle.

One thing guaranteed about using great swords equipped with Ruby Fire gems implanted on their hilts – fighters attain superior potency over foes who lack one or possess less advanced applications in duels or wars.

The intense energy relayed when holding such a weapon heightens awareness and focus those able-bodied warriors towards undeterred execution of martial arts effectively dispatching any adversary who opposes them swiftly ultimately bringing victory home back alive when all others fall short thereby earning battlefield honors among peers due recognition from leaders either political or military alike for distinguished acts displayed executing missions effortlessly leaving nothing behind except dried up blood splatters synonymous only warzones.

In conclusion, utilizing Ruby Fire in crafting great swords asserts dominance across realms; armor barely withstands blows landed by such wielding force against enemies effectively without losing tempo or power especially advantageous in battles against long odds. The stones’ rarity entails securing such weapons a considerable investment but their wondrous, martial benefits ensure every dime spent is worth the price paid ultimately ensuring success and prosperity in whosever’s hand it falls into either for personal or organizational defense needs.

Comparing the New World Best Gem for Great Sword to Other Weapon Enhancements.

Hello there reader, if you’re into gaming and love feeling the power of a good weapon in your hands then boy have I got some news for you. The latest update to hit our screens brings with it an absolute gamechanger when it comes to weaponry. I am of course talking about the New World best gem for Great Sword.

For those not in the know, Gems are essentially enchantments that can be added onto weapons that boost their stats or imbue them with special abilities. In this case we’re looking at War gems, which increase the damage output on weaponry.

So why is this specific gem so darn special? Well first off let’s take a look at how different types of enhancements stack up against each other.

Firstly there’s basic upgrading where players simply upgrade their plain old sword through natural progression by using materials collected during gameplay – sounds easy enough right?

Well sure, but these upgrades will only get your sword so far before they become obsolete and ineffective later on down the line as you level up further and come across more challenging enemies.

Then we have elemental upgrades which add extra damage based on specific elements such as fire or ice. These types of upgrades make sense if you’re fighting an enemy who has weaknesses to certain elements but are less effective overall than say war gems.

Next up – attack boosting skills. Think Strength potions etc..These help keep levels consistent however do require continued use making them relatively expensive over time.

Lastly there are specialized accessories & gear specifically created for particular weapons allowing players to utilize unique skills boosting performance beyond standard play style capacity– thus adding new depth dimensions relative may it seem crucial strategic moves capacities:

“Ok ok, thats all well and good” I hear you cry “But what does this mean?”. Well folks here’s where things start getting interesting because compared to all previous enhancement options available in-game none offer quite so much value as with War Gem attachment particularly centered around one-handed weaponry particular extra point formations drives, structure integrity expansion and forging capabilities.

First off the gem increases the total damage output of your weapon by a whopping 15%, which is already impressive enough but what really sets it apart from other gems in its class is that it doesn’t simply add flat damage per hit – as some might assume – rather it adds an additional 15% onto each of your attacks’ overall final damages. Pretty neat right?

But thats not all there’s to enjoy thanks to this new state-of-the-art enhancement option; The War Gem also includes +20% bonus on critical hits!

So, with New World’s best gem for Great Sword congratulations players now have the ability to totally slay their foes in-game and look darn fine doing so!

Table with useful data:

Gem Name Description Effect
Elemental Focus Gem Gem focusing on elemental attacks and defense Increases elemental damage by 15% and reduces elemental damage received by 10%
Sharpness Gem Gem enhancing sharpness and durability of great swords Increases sharpness level by 1 and durability by 10%
Lifesteal Gem Gem providing health regeneration abilities Restores 2% of damage dealt as health to the user
Critical Strike Gem Gem improving critical hit rate and damage Increases critical hit rate by 10% and critical hit damage by 25%

Information from an expert: The new world best gem for great sword is undoubtedly the Hardstone, which provides a substantial boost to raw damage. With its impressive 50% increase in base attack power and high affinity bonus, it propels any great sword wielder into the ranks of top-performing hunters. Not only does it allow for faster kills on large monsters, but it also makes breaking body parts a breeze. For anyone looking to maximize their DPS with this powerful weapon, adding a Hardstone to your build is a must-have gem option.

Historical fact:

The conquest of the Aztecs by Hernán CortĂ©s in 1521 resulted in the discovery of a new world best gem for great sword, known as “Mexican turquoise”, which was highly sought after by Spanish nobility for its stunning blue-green color and perceived mystical properties.

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