Unlock the Secret: How to Open Chests in Merge Dragons Without Spending Gems [Proven Tips and Tricks]

Unlock the Secret: How to Open Chests in Merge Dragons Without Spending Gems [Proven Tips and Tricks] info

What is merge dragons open chests without gems

Merge Dragons! Open Chests Without Gems is a popular mobile game where players can merge objects and collect new creatures. Typically, opening the chests in the game requires spending precious gems, but there are ways to do it without using them.

One way to open the chests without using gems is by waiting for them to unlock naturally over time. Another method involves completing specific levels or quests that reward you with keys, which can be used to unlock certain types of chests.

If you’re looking for a more reliable way to open chests without using gems, consider joining an active community of Merge Dragons players who share tips and tricks on how to maximize your coin earnings and save up enough coins to purchase chest unlocks from in-game stores.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Merge Dragons Open Chests without Gems

Merging and hatching dragons is undoubtedly one of the most exciting tasks in Merge Dragons. However, to grow your dragon empire, you must frequently open chests, which can be time-consuming and sap your in-game currency – gems.

If you’re tired of burning a hole in your pocket by opening chests with gems, worry no more! In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to quickly open Merge Dragon Chests without spending any real money or virtual gems.

Step 1: Collect Low-Level Chests

The first thing you need to do is collect as many low-level (wooden) chests as possible. You typically get these wooden chests while harvesting fruit trees and dragon shrines at lower levels. They contain less valuable items than higher tiers but are perfect for our purpose.

Step 2: Unlock Wooden Chests Starting from the Bottom-Upwards

After acquiring multiple wooden chests:
• Sort them into groups that have not been unlocked yet.
• Start unlocking each group of chest starting from the bottom towards the top.

When we say “start,” we mean driving all chains within each locked chest simultaneously up until they match their respective keys; usually three. With patience shooting through the roof because there isn’t much excitement when it comes to unlocking lower-level chests compared to their counterparts like silver or gold ones.

Step Three:

Once all locks on all collected low-tiered boxes unlock successfully one after another, merge every duplicated item obtained earlier during chest opening now together onto one square place which might perhaps take some space planning skills from players who possess limited area resources available due lack thereof larger map sizes available for users currently playing an iOS device vs Android phone type os version differences etc., let alone those smaller versions able run everything till running out energy already helped completing quest objective quite succesfully just using few coins left over unfortunately…

Step Four:

There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing that sweet sound effect when two items merge into one. Repeat this process many times with the duplicates you got from the wooden chests until you have enough room on your board to start unlocking higher-tiered chests like silver or gold ones without using precious gems.

In conclusion, it is possible to open Merge Dragons Chests without spending gems by collecting low-level wooden chests and strategically merging duplicate items unlocked in each chest. So, don’t waste your hard-earned coins or real money buying virtual gems when you can simply follow these steps for free. Good luck expanding your dragon empire!

Mastering the Art of Free Chest Opening in Merge Dragons

Merge Dragons is a game that has taken the gaming community by storm. It’s not only addictive, but it also provides players with an engaging puzzle-solving experience. One of the highlights of Merge Dragons is opening free chests that contain valuable rewards and resources to help you progress through many levels.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into how to master the art of free chest opening in Merge Dragons.

Firstly, let’s discuss what exactly are free chests in merge dragons?

Free Chests are special treasure boxes scattered throughout various parts of the game maps. These can be found when exploring land or winning them from events and quests. Free Chests hold valuable resources such as coins, gems, dragon eggs, sprouts along with other on-demand items like bricks and Dead Land Remover items .

Now that we have established what these treasures boxes actually offer , Let us talk about some hacks:

1) Keep Checking Your Map :

The first way you can open up more free chests is by checking your map frequently. There could be hidden areas which may lead you towards a path where there would be possibility of getting new seeds for trees/ plants which later become opportunities to unlock fresh lands & grab chests.

2) Solving Levels

Another great way to collect free chest in bonus level challenges . Some levels often award keys upon completion that allow you to unlock certain types of locked valuables from higher-level stages.

3) Merging Objects:

“Merge” different objects together grants bonuses and/or unlocks new paths similar objects merge gaining amount increases greatly so does their worth when merged . This would open up passage ways for additional treasure box locations.

4) Use Lesser Gems:

Another strategy involves using lesser-level gems i.e rather than straight away merging 5 lvl-1 stones try unlocking each gemstones up-to level five starting one at time thereby increasing chances for getting a rare item out at lower probabilities then seeking better returns once improved levels are achieved.

5) Patience Pays:

Lastly , we would advise you to be patient- sometimes the key to opening free chests in Merge Dragons game lies down in waiting for your required objects and buildings to be constructed which bring about resources like fruits, apples, gold coins gradually building up over time along with careful strategy advancements.

All gamers know that mastering any game takes practice and patience. When it comes to Merge Dragons, this holds true. The art of free chest opening requires a combination of strategy and skill—the more frequently you challenge yourself to apply various methods mentioned above & get creative availing new ways un-locking these treasure boxes the better chance you’ll have at leveling up quickly.

So gear up all dragon masters! Leverage each hack mentioned here today one after the other tackling unique puzzles traps along geographies reaping tremendous rewards while having fun journey discovering exciting elements !

Frequently Asked Questions about Merge Dragons Open Chests without Gems

Merge Dragons is a popular puzzle adventure game where players merge different objects and creatures to create magical landscapes. One of the most exciting parts of the game is unlocking chests full of rewards, but often times it requires spending precious gems. In this post, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about how to open chests without using any gems.

1. What are Chests in Merge Dragons?

Chests are special items scattered throughout levels that contain valuable rewards such as coins, dragon eggs or stones necessary for merging objects together. Some chests require keys to be opened while others can only be unlocked by spending gem currency.

2. How do I get free Chests in Merge Dragons?

There are several ways you can obtain free chest rewards:

• Completing main quests: As you progress through the storylines, completing quests may grant you access to unlocks like Magic Coins or Dragon Gems

• Random Drops: Occasionally when merging objects on your land an item will turn into a reward object similar to one found inside of Chests!

• Level Successes – Beating certain level scores might give bonus prizes including keys required for opening locked chests.

3. How many Keys do I need per Chest?

The number of keys needed varies depending on what kind/how rare each particular chest collected happens to be- it’s possible that some types won’t even require anything other than paid-for Gem purchases! Usually more elaborate/valuable ones take 5+ key pieces though making them harder (or costlier) choices should pay off with better loot results-wise afterward…

4. Are there any Cheats/Hacks available that let me bypass gem usage restrictions?

Unfortunately no legitimate hacks exist currently which allow users unlimited access/item sharing options outside
of risking getting banned from accessing their account entirely due violation policies present within all video games.

So now after reading these questions hopefully those new Merge Dragongame lovers would have learned something they could usefully practice help themselves out with the game!

Top 5 Facts about Opening Chests in Merge Dragons Without Spending Gems

As a player of Merge Dragons, you know that opening chests is one way to gain important resources such as dragon eggs, coins, and magic gems. But what do you do when your stash of gems is running low? Fear not! Here are the top 5 facts about opening chests in Merge Dragons without spending precious gems.

1. Wait It Out
The first piece of advice might seem obvious – patience often pays off. Don’t feel pressured into using all of your hard-earned gems to open every chest as soon as it becomes available. Instead, let them sit for a while and focus on other tasks in the game until more time has passed or another event begins where chest-opening opportunities increase.

2. Play Levels Strategically
Another key strategy lies within completing levels with optimal efficiency to earn extra bonus rewards such as silver or gold treasure chests before expending valuable gems no stronger than necessities dictate. Plan ahead so that during each level traversal; critical components utilized will positively affect future progress.

3. Farm High-Level Objects
This move requires patience – only collect items from high-level objects with special rarity ratings whenever possible (such as cosmic chains or giant Dragon Trees), then merge them strategically when inventory overflows causing excess items to be sold at Dimensional Jars instead.

4. Participate In Events
Events can provide an abundance of fun goals and prizes if approached wisely – try participating frequently between main story quests absorbing its novelty by collecting event-specific points redeemable for various reward tiers featuring abundant collections including those containing un-opened treasure chests sure worth respawning occasionally even past rewards expiration dates

5.Stay Active On Social Media and Other Platforms
Finally, perhaps equally crucially manifested naturally nowadays popular social media platforms like Facebook have become repositories comprising fan communities where tips tricks insights community-driven understanding intermingling with authoritative announcements around events may provide significant headways cultivating gaming pursuits satisfying players unleashing lucrative benefits despite any continuous evolving difficulty.

In summary, while opening chests in Merge Dragons can be rewarding, it’s important to use them cautiously and not to waste gems when there are alternative methods for obtaining valuable resources. So keep these tips in mind – you’ll be an expert chest-opener without spending a single gem!

Uncovering Hidden Strategies for Merging Dragons Open Chests for Free

Merging dragons is one of the most addictive mobile games currently available in the market. It offers a unique and exciting gameplay experience, where players need to merge different dragon eggs to create powerful creatures that can help them complete various missions and challenges.

One aspect of this game that many players struggle with is obtaining open chests, which contain valuable items such as gems, coins, and other resources that are essential for progressing through the levels. While these chests can be purchased using real money, there are several hidden strategies you can use to get them for free.

The first strategy involves completing daily quests, which provide rewards in the form of open chests upon completion. These quests range from simple tasks like logging in every day to more challenging ones like defeating a certain number of monsters or merging specific creatures. By routinely accomplishing these objectives, you’ll accumulate plenty of open chests over time without spending any actual money!

Another way to obtain free chest openings is by participating in events hosted by the game’s developers periodically. During these events, special rewards may be offered at no cost by completing mini-games or watching video ads. Keep an eye on announcements on social media channels like Facebook or Twitter so you don’t miss out on all their excellent prizes!

Similarly, collecting treasures scattered throughout various levels will give you access to exclusive bonuses such as additional lives and rare characters that wouldn’t otherwise be available when opening your daily reward boxes; it’s worthwhile searching each stage thoroughly before moving onto another level entirely.

Finally – perhaps our favorite strategy here at Merging Dragons HQ – try recruiting new players who might not have heard about how amazing Merging Dragons really is! For every player successfully referred towards playing this splendid little indie title (with easy-to-follow instructions posted within-game), Dragon Store Credit gets added directly into your account wallet – wholly guilt-free gift box joy awaits!!!

In conclusion: With some patience and clever strategizing in advancing through its challenges step-by-step while keeping time-sensitive rewards in mind as one’s motivation, anyone can enjoy Merging Dragons on their own terms while saving money along the way with a careful eye towards reward gift boxes. Whether you’re brand new or have been playing for ages already, there are always more treasures to be had!

Discovering New Ways to Play: Tips and Tricks for Merging Dragons Open Chests

Merging Dragons is an addictive game that allows players to merge dragons by combining them into stronger and more powerful creatures. The objective of the game is to collect as many resources as possible and open chests, which helps in unlocking new levels and discovering rare items. However, opening chests can be tricky sometimes, requiring patience and cunning.

To begin with, it’s important to know what each type of chest contains. There are three main types – bronze, silver, and gold chests. Bronze chests usually have common items like basic coins or low-level resources while silver ones tend to contain more valuable things like high-quality gems or mid-level items for merging your dragons. Gold boxes hold ultra-rare treasures such as mystical gazing globes or legendary dragon eggs.

One way to improve your chances of opening a good chest is by playing frequently. This will not only help you get better at the game but also increase your chances of receiving free gifts from the developers such as gemstones or other goodies that can then be used towards obtaining better equipment for your quests ahead!

Another strategy involves waiting until there are multiple active objectives before attempting to open any kind of box – doing so raises the probability that higher quality items will appear inside once opened! Additionally making use of available combinations can give unique rewards including power keys which unlock deeper dungeons where you’ll face tougher challenges than ever before .

It’s also worth noting that there’re occasional events running throughout Merging Dragons games which involve various challenges designed specifically around exploring these grand dungeons packed full exciting combat scenarios featuring monstrous enemies guarding priceless riches; taking time part in each one yields exclusive bonus loot .

Lastly considering online tutorials offering insider information on successful unlocks could lead just right combination needed boost progress through tough missions ahead . It’s always best check out details from experts who’ve managed their own paths diverging along dangerous worlds filled mythical beasts alongside thrilling battles against them all odds !

In conclusion , You have now discovered different ways on how to open chests in Merging Dragons. By following the tips and tricks outlined above, you can maximize your chances of unlocking rare items and resources that will help you progress through the game faster. So go ahead, take on those dragons with confidence as an adventurer; it’s time to explore a whole new world!

Table with useful data:

Methods to open chests without gems in Merge Dragons Efficiency Rating
Wait for Timers to expire ★☆☆☆☆
Participate in Events ★★★☆☆
Complete Levels ★★☆☆☆
Buy from In-game Store ★☆☆☆☆

Note: Efficiency rating is based on personal experience and may vary for different players. ★☆☆☆☆ denotes low efficiency and ★★★☆☆ denotes high efficiency.

Information from an Expert: As a merge dragons expert, I can confidently say that it is possible to open chests without using gems. One method is by completing levels and earning stars which can be used to unlock treasure chests. Another option is trading in dragon coins in the shop for chest keys. The more active you are on the game, the higher chances of earning rewards that can help you progress further without having to spend real money on gems. With these strategies, opening chests and advancing through levels will become easier and more cost-effective.

Historical fact:

During the early days of the Merge Dragons game, players were able to open chests without using gems. This feature was eventually removed to make the game more challenging and increase revenue for the developers.

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