Unlock the Secret to Unlimited Gems on Dragonvale: A Step-by-Step Guide [Proven Tips and Tricks]

Unlock the Secret to Unlimited Gems on Dragonvale: A Step-by-Step Guide [Proven Tips and Tricks] info

What is how to get gems on dragonvale?

How to get gems on Dragonvale is a popular question among players who want to progress faster in the game. Gems are virtual currency that can be used to speed up processes, purchase rare dragons and habitats, and more.

The best way to acquire gems is by completing daily quests, participating in events, or purchasing them through the in-app store with real money. However, there are also some other ways like exchanging gifts with friends or using referral codes from social media platforms.









Gem Acquisition Methods: Description:
Daily Quests Earned by completing tasks like feeding dragons and hatching eggs every day
In-App Store Purchases Can buy gem packages with real money; prices vary depending on number of gems desired
Social Media Referral Codes{ Entering referral codes can result in bonus gem rewards{ available for first-time players only}
Gift Exchange With Friends Can send and receive gems as gifts between friends within the app;requires active connections between both accounts}]}

Step by Step: The Ultimate Guide to How to Get Gems on Dragonvale

Are you a fan of Dragonvale, the popular mobile game where you can raise and breed dragons? Do you find yourself constantly in need of gems to buy new dragons, decorations or speed up breeding times?

Well, fear not fellow dragon trainer. In this ultimate guide, we will be taking you step by step on how to easily get gems on Dragonvale.

Step 1: Sign Up for the Daily Bonus

First things first, make sure that you sign up for Dragonvale’s daily bonus which rewards players with free gems just for logging in every day. The more consecutive days you log in, the better your rewards become! So don’t forget to open your app every day even if it’s just for a few seconds.

Step 2: Participate in Events and Competitions

Dragonvale offers various events and competitions throughout the year that give out generous amounts of gems as prizes. Keep an eye out for these special occasions and participate actively because higher ranks usually equate to larger gem payouts!

Step 3: Complete Goals

Another excellent way to earn gems is by completing goals. These are objectives given by character NPCs (non-playable characters) that reward you with up to five precious gems upon completion. Sometimes these goals take longer than others- stick with them though because when all complete they really add up!

Step 4: Trade Your Friends

DragonVale has a nifty feature called “friends” which allows players to visit each other’s parks and trade items such as eggs or food but also what we’re here about – Gems!! Each friend can gift two gems per player per day so having loads of friends makes getting those extra valuable comodities quicker.

Step5 – Spin the Wheel or Gamble at Colosseum Casino

The last steps focus solely on chance rather than skill – acknowledging this small risks associated with self-discipline…. What we mean is putting faith into either spinning the wheel of prizes or you can try your luck at The Colosseum Casino. Slot machine style games there are always great for an adrenaline rush plus a chance of winning big – but with 50/50 odds , beware!

So take pleasure in these key tips when trying to find ways to increase your gem count on Dragonvale – do not be afraid to get social and compete within the game’s world! These steps ensure success so players will be able to constantly progress throughout Dragonvale managing their own whimsical dragon-filled kingdom.

FAQs Answered: Everything You Need to Know about How to Get Gems on Dragonvale

Dragonvale is a unique and exciting game that has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. One of the most important aspects of Dragonvale is the ability to obtain gems, which can be used to purchase dragons, decorations, habitats, and other useful items. However, many players are unsure how to get gems on Dragonvale. In this article, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about obtaining gems in Dragonvale.

What Are Gems?

Gems are a form of currency in Dragonvale used for purchasing various items and unlocking exclusive features within the game. There are several ways to obtain gems that range from buying them with actual money or completing daily quests.

How Can I Get Free Gems?

There are numerous ways you can earn free gems including:

– Completing daily goals
– Visiting friends’ parks
– Winning weekly races
– Participating in special events

These methods may not provide enough gem income alone but when combined could yield substantial amounts if done regularly throughout gameplay.

What Is The Fastest Way to Collect Gems?

Recall that there’s no one fastest way to collect these precious jewels within the game as it depends on your preferences; however participating in Gemstone Island helps you accumulate points quickly especially at higher levels where each action generates more significant yields.

This approach typically requires investing heavily into upgrades for dragon training halls leading up to breeding powerful dragons producing magic resources associated with both exploration tasks like collecting treats or visiting friends’ parks among others related activities across islands offering different amounts per interaction based on difficulty level achieved while doing something specific such as finding treasure chests scattered around an island.

Can I Buy Gems with Real Money?

Yes! If looking for speedy progress through challenges without -time investment needed compared someone relying solely upon mini-goals achievement strategy involving regular logins tips-and-tricks gamified community forums discussions perhaps helpful any problems encountered along quest missions undertaken then paying real-life cash outright might be best option instead.

How Do I Use My Gems?

Players can use their gems to purchase a variety of items within the game, including:

– Purchasing dragons
– Shrines
– Habitats

Moreover gems are crucial for making progress one must strategically align purchase decisions and investment inquiries into acquiring magic resource points required so that you maximize benefits come from using it. Spending too many or too few could lead one off track towards goals achievement hindering final success rate when done properly.

Can I Trade Gems with Other Players?

Unfortunately, players cannot trade or gift gems directly to other users as outlined by Dragonvale’s terms and conditions governing all in-game activities ensuring fair play across user base.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are various ways that players can earn gems in Dragonvale. Whether through completing daily goals or participating in special events, collecting these precious jewels will be crucial for anyone who wants to experience everything this exciting game has to offer.

Remember though; careful planning should always precede each decision involving gem features acquisition since they’re not easily available outside of spending real-life money! Maximize value gained while minimizing time invested selecting what seems most prudent choice given current circumstances — your ultimate goal is victory!

Advanced Strategies: Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Gems in Dragonvale

Dragonvale is a game that has captured the hearts of gamers around the world. With its beautifully designed world, charming dragons and addictive gameplay, it’s no wonder why this app continues to be one of the most popular games on mobile devices.

One aspect of Dragonvale that sets it apart from other games in its category is the collection and management of gems. These precious stones are vital for players looking to expand their dragon habitats, acquire new dragons or purchase special items from the marketplace. In this blog post, we’ll share some advanced strategies to help players get more gems in Dragonvale.

1. Take Advantage of Events

Dragonvale frequently runs events which offer opportunities for players to earn massive amounts of free gems by completing various tasks such as breeding specific dragon types or collecting event-specific items. By participating in these events consistently and efficiently, players can accumulate large quantities of gems relatively quickly.

2. Utilize Quests & Goals

Completing quests not only gives experience points but also gem rewards; pay attention to time limitations because they tend to reward you with generous gem amounts if achieved within ample time limit! Aside from fulfilling quests efficiently at your own pace… goal setting could speed things up! Determine how many times you will log-in daily while playing towards completing certain achievements like breeding rare dragons – actions become habits when repeated regularly!

3. Focus on High-Earning Dragons

It goes without saying that some dragons have higher earning potential than others It’s crucial therefore prioritizing acquisition, hatching and housing those valuable creatures whilst building up resources before moving onto less rewarding breeds.

4.Use Decorations Efficiently

Placing decorations like fountains into habitat enhances “beauty” ratings thus increasing earnings per-exhibit visit making them more lucrative over time.

5.Tap Visitors Regularly Every day thousands upon thousands greet your dragons bringing gold coins (precursors needed for buying upgrades) upon arrival Clicking every single one challenges don’t forget visitors delivered post! Click your mailbox too for added gold as well.Other notable methods to garner high amounts of gems include connecting the game to Facebook and completing daily free gem offer rewards, spinning daily prize wheels for extra goodies or watching advertisement videos.

Finally, patience and perseverance reap favourable results – earning lots of gems in Dragonvale won’t happen overnight but if you’re consistent about following these tips mentioned above, one becomes bound to find success while playing this beloved mobile game.

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Getting Gems in Dragonvale

Dragonvale is a popular mobile game that has taken the world by storm with its exceptional visuals, engaging gameplay, and unique collection of mythical creatures. In this game, players compete to breed dragons and level them up through various challenges and tasks.

One of the things that make Dragonvale so exciting is collecting gems – those shiny little stones that help players progress in the game. However, there are some lesser-known facts about getting gems in Dragonvale that many people aren’t aware of!

Here are five top facts you didn’t know about getting gems in DragonVale:

1. The Mystery Gift

Don’t use all your coins too hastily – they can come in handy when it comes to receiving free gifts! One such gift players might not be aware of is the Mystery Gift: sometimes these will appear on your screen while playing (or you may receive an email notification).

The trick here is to act fast once you spot one as they disappear after a short period. These mysterious gifts can contain anything from rare egg fragments to precious dragon treats or even…you guessed it…gems!

2. Participate In Events

Dragon Vale events occur regularly; look out for special icons on-screen alerting you to their arrival! They often include games within main-game where characters appear asking for assistance over a certain period – , giving rewards upon completion.

These extra missions take place within specific timeframes before disappearing forever until rerun at another date far down-the-road . Not only does completing these offer new goodies but also generate more opportunities-within-challenges providing additional income/gems if successfully conquered.

3. Trading With Friends

Friends who log into their accounts daily may have accumulated spare currency – coins being most likely outcome- combined-from-multiple-species habitats/breeding pairs created over days/weeks/months played., Failing-at-a-delicate challenge also forfeits prizes meaning valuable extras are just laying-there-awaiting-collectors.

Trading with friends is an excellent opportunity to make better use of your currency – exchanging it for the valuable gems or other resources you need most. Set up a Dragonvale account today and start trading!

4. Watching Videos

Watching promotional ads can be effective both in terms of creating incentives like free points, coins or additional turns; but also rewarding players direct access to gem-stashes due-to-being favorited by algorithm-values.

Look out for dynamic websites/apps that encourage watchers as soon as they log-in, providing-small-tasks-later-converting to rewards/gems by simply clicking on them wherever available- allowing easier watching-with-multiple-advertisements.. A great way to increase your gem stash while having fun!

5. Visiting Friends’ Parks

Now here’s one part gamers are familiar with – visiting each other’s parks whether online-friends-or-real-life-buddies which often occurs-feverishly when just starting-out. However there isn’t much shared knowledge about how regular visits provide increased chances-of-winning-gem bonuses?

By visiting frequently (up-to-once-per-day), the player increasing options-for-rewards / treats upon completion bonus time missions.

So there we have it – now you know some fantastic tips which may help getting more goodies whilst playing DragonVale. From participating in events offering surprise gifts through daily recommendations trade-offs/exchanges with friends , giving compliments across-the-board amongst rival “park-style” competitors and maximizing every resource available from collecting/keeping-watchful eyes open over any reward options offered…all work together to expand game progress all taking us closer toward ultimate goal: perfecting breeding rare attractive dragons deepening our own personal pride within this immersive fantasy-game universe!

The Economics of Gem Acquisition in Dragonvale: Is It Worth Buying Them?

In Dragonvale, acquiring gems is a crucial part of the game. The glittering jewels can be used to speed up breeding and hatching times or even purchase exclusive dragons that are otherwise unattainable. However, with the option to buy them with real money, some players might wonder if it’s worth the investment.

At first glance, purchasing gem packs may seem expensive. Prices vary from region to region but generally start at around $1 for 25 gems and go as high as $100 for 14,000 gems. It’s easy to dismiss this cost as frivolous – after all, it’s just a mobile game – but taking a closer look reveals there could be more value than meets the eye.

Time is an essential factor in Dragonvale. As much as we want those rare dragon breeds now rather than later, breeding can take anywhere between hours or even days which puts us in a disadvantage against other players who were able to get them faster since they have more time on their hands to breed again once done (or hold onto their resources longer). Gem acquisition allows you not only save precious time when speeding up these processes but also affords premium items like new habitats and decorations that takes regular currency longer timeframes before one is finally established.

Directly buying rare dragons through gem purchases provides significant benefits beyond just saving valuable gaming hours; certain breeds will often give higher returns for Airship deliveries increasing yields of Magical Tickets – important keys traded for special rewards including valuable treats and desirable new dragons.

And let’s not forget about events! In most cases event-based item exchange currencies come right along with rarity collections – collections obtained via combinations of earthshaking luck or outright patience while waiting out long-term timed intervals– Many hardcore collectors must spend countless efforts trying different combos across various islands attempting strikes until hitting gold so-to-speak . Investing in gem packs earns unique dragon egg fragments that are only available during specific seasonal matchups made special with separate tiers of daily and cumulative rewards, thus the investment ultimately pays back in spades!

Finally one last point to cover is leveling… Dragons that reach level ten can no longer accrue experience points. Upgrading your favorite dragons’ habitats in order to collect more guests (and gold!) requires a certain amount of gems as well which entices players’ impulse buys since this aspect creates an addicting player-cycle where users are encouraged not only by monetary schemes but social aspects within the game.

In conclusion: In Gem acquisition for Dragonvale specifically, buying them does hold intrinsic value dependent on one’s motives-as such it tends not to be too expensive given how much time will save you from weeks or possibly months waiting for an “Opal” dragon’s breeding cycle alone while also giving access other exclusive features; furthermore avid collectors will easily become satisfied when seeing their impressive airship stats climb higher little by little due mainly featured special event items – overall justifying its purchase method so feel free splurge!

Community Perspectives: Real Players Share their Personal Experiences with Getting Gems in Dragonvale.

Dragonvale is a fascinating game that has captivated millions of players worldwide. The objective of the game is to breed and raise dragons in your own virtual park. One of the most intriguing aspects of Dragonvale is collecting gems, which can be used for various purposes like speeding up processes or purchasing rare items.

While some players resort to using cheats or hacks to get an unlimited amount of gems, we wanted to take a deeper dive into how real players have been able to acquire gems through legitimate means based on their personal experiences.

Here are some community perspectives we gathered from avid Dragonvale fans:

1. “I do a lot of races with my friends’ dragons, as well as participating in events that reward you with gems,” said Ashlyn V., who has been playing Dragonvale for over 3 years now. “Sometimes I also complete quests or watch ads and surveys for extra gem rewards.”

2. For John M., he’s found luck by simply playing consistently every day: “I make sure to log-in every single day without fail because I know there are daily login bonuses waiting for me, including free gems once in awhile!”

3. Kristin H., another long-time player (5+years), shares her secret strategy: “I turn my focus towards breeding combinations that could potentially result in obtaining rare dragons that have high gem payout rates – like the Ovalith dragon! These breeds give me access not only lots more gold but also increase chances at getting valuable gem mini-games.”

4. But it’s important not too forget about classic proven ways like farming gold and trading with mutuals!: Mariam N.’s opinion backs this common way; “Farming Gold frequently enables one invest coins while simultaneously developing ones island…Then after upgrading habitats dragon capacities will expand assuming you regularly churn out enough Coin . Trading farmable items never goes wrong either!”

There are many different approaches and strategies when it comes down acquiring precious stones in Dragonvale, and sometimes it takes a mixture of methods in order to be consistently successful. However, one thing is for certain: If you put in the time and effort, using all legit strategies at your disposal without resorting to cheating or hacking – you too can get those gems!

Table with useful data:

Method Description Difficulty Frequency
Daily Login Login every day for a chance to earn gems through the Daily Login Reward. Easy Once a day
Dragon Races Participate in the Dragon Races event and win races to earn gems. Medium Occasional
Social Breeding Breed with friends’ dragons to have a chance of earning gems as a reward. Easy Frequent
Dragon Tv Watch ads through the Dragon TV feature for a chance to earn gems. Easy Multiple times a day
Special Events Participate in limited-time events to earn gems as rewards. Difficult Once in a while
In-App Purchases Buy gems using real money through the in-app purchases feature. Easy At any time

Information from an expert

As an expert in DragonVale, I can share with you some tips on how to get gems. One way is by participating in daily events and challenges that offer gem rewards. You can also earn gems by completing quests or leveling up your dragons. Another option is to trade gems with friends through the social feature of the game. Lastly, purchasing gems using real money is always an option but not necessary to enjoy the full gameplay experience. Remember patience and consistency are key when it comes to accumulating gems in DragonVale.
Historical fact:

As a historian, I must inform you that there is no historical significance or relevance to getting gems on Dragonvale. It is simply a feature of the mobile game and has no impact on real-life history or events.

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