Unlock the Secrets of July Gems: A Fascinating Story, Practical Tips, and Surprising Stats [Expert Guide]

Unlock the Secrets of July Gems: A Fascinating Story, Practical Tips, and Surprising Stats [Expert Guide] info

What is July gem?

July gem is a birthstone assigned to the month of July. It belongs to the mineral species corundum and is known for its captivating red color, caused by trace amounts of chromium.

Juuly gem has been revered by cultures worldwide for centuries and symbolizes love, passion, energy, and strength. This precious stone also holds many spiritual properties that are believed to bring positive vibes into one’s life.

How to Identify and Select the Perfect July Gemstone

July is a month of celebration, with sunshine, warm weather and unforgettable memories. But for those born in this month, it’s extra special because they get to claim the fiery ruby as their birthstone – one of the most popular gemstones around that come in different shades of red.

But how do you pick the right ruby for your jewelry collection? Here are some helpful tips on identifying and selecting the perfect July gemstone:

1. Color: As mentioned earlier rubies vary in shade from pinkish-red to deep blood-red. The darker ones tend to be more valuable but don’t ignore lighter hues like pink or purplish tones which can also make appealing pieces depending on what type of jewelry.

2. Clarity: Take time to check out if there any flaws visible under light because even minor imperfections will flaw shape its value.The finest stones have great clarity and color saturation.You’ll find fissures,cavities,and cracks when examining real stones especially without proper tools.Other than that natural tiny specks called “silk” lend character making each much unique.For instance,Burmese rubies often feature silk-like fingerprints setting them apart another types.Having said all these small blemishes not affect effectiveness and magnificence into good signeificance.

3. Cut & Shape: Rubies typically polished either round or oval shapes besides cushion or pear-shaped cuts maintaining symmetry evenness.This ensures maximum reflection through light.Low quality stones cut base size smaller resulting depth ratio than larger expensive counterparts.To select ultimate cut depend son individual style preference though generally curvy design give feminine outlook whilst tougher geometric more masculine appeal may take consideration.the ideal cut provides impressive sparkle adding vibrant pop nay any outfit up a notch.

4. Size: Like diamonds,Rubies pricing greatly depend volume(material scarcity)and quality.In fact,Pure colored huge gems (5carat above )can cost uncountable sums due rarity but other sizes available if customer pinpoints right specification for intended setting or occasion.Rubies damage likelihood higher,than other stones so some opt smaller carats to avoid future investment loss when worn intently.

5. Certificate of Authenticity: It’s significant that the piece has been certified authentic by a reputable organization because this proves you’re getting real ruby instead of synthetic imitation.Even small difference in content or color will reveal itself with authenticity certificates as trusted dealers usually note the origin and quality identificatos.So always make sure your rubies 100% genuine before proceeding with purchase!

Rubies ranked under ten on Mohs scale- diamond being most durable-so they can prone scratches and breakages during activity.It is advisable not wear them whilst cleaning or exercising,but otherwise they are very versatile fit almost event.Size,cut,color,and clarity all combine forming masterpieces any type fashionable person would love.Additionally, gemstones said be protective stone,beneficial against evil spirits calms internal suffering.Something worth keeping in closet knowing it does good even when stored safely away.Use tips mentioned earlier next time desired ruby peak particular interest outshone nature counterparts living since prehistoric eras now present day beloved birthstone still wearing today.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Caring for Your July Gem

The July gemstone is none other than the fiery and passionate ruby. This stunning red gem has captured hearts for centuries with its bold color and undeniable magnificence. However, like all precious stones, rubies require care and attention to maintain their luster and shine over time.

So whether you are fortunate enough to own a piece of jewelry featuring this coveted stone or simply fascinated by its beauty, it’s important to know how to properly care for your July gem. Luckily, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide that will ensure your ruby remains immaculate for years to come.

Step 1: Clean Your Ruby Regularly

The first step in caring for any type of jewelry is cleaning it regularly. For rubies, this means gently wiping down the stone with warm water mixed with mild soap using a soft-bristled brush or cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners as they may damage the surface of the ruby.

Step 2: Store Your Ruby Carefully

Proper storage is just as important as regular cleaning when it comes to taking care of your July gemstone. Keep your ruby away from direct sunlight or heat sources which can cause fading or cracking over time. It’s also wise to store your jewelry separately in soft velvet pouches so that pieces don’t knock against each other causing scratches.

Step 3: Mind Your Settings

Another crucial aspect of preserving your beloved ruby is ensuring its setting stays secure and intact at all times. Loose prongs can result in lost stones so be sure to check settings frequently- even more so if you wear a particular piece often (such as an engagement ring). Have worn out prongs replaced immediately by a professional jeweler.

Step 4: Handle With Caution

Rubies are durable but not indestructible – no matter what cartoons might lead us believe! Whether removing earrings before bedtime or playing sports without removing our bracelets first gives some extra love every so often, we can’t be too careful with such precious and sentimental items. When taking jewelry pieces off and putting them on again, handle with care to avoid twisting or snapping delicate parts.

Step 5: Bring November Gems in for Professional Cleaning

Every two years or so, take your ruby into a professional jeweler for deep cleaning by an expert who will assess and clean any dirt accumulated over time. Trusting their experience means our gemstones always look fresh!

In conclusion, Rubies are not only beautiful but also timeless thanks to proper care taken regularly towards preserving it’s elegance through using mild soap & water for gentle cleansing; thoughtful storage away from humidity sources like direct sunlight , attention given to prongs which could cause accidents when loose or worn out during regular wear, cautious handling/treating when removing or accessorising before playing sports that might damage the stone components as well lubrication/repair done professionally by experts .

Remember: investing in rubies is worth every penny – But ensuring they remain pristine requires regular maintenance even after all has been said and cashed out. By following these easy steps however you’re sure be able to keep your July birthstone shining brightly forevermore!

Frequently Asked Questions about the July Birthstone

July is an exciting month for those who enjoy gemstones and jewelry as it’s the birthstone month of one of the most captivating gems- Ruby. Rubies have been prized by both royalty and commoners alike since ancient times, and to this date, they continue to fascinate us with their deep red hue and striking brilliance. In this blog post, we will answer some frequently asked questions about July’s birthstone – rubies.

Q: What is a ruby?
A: A ruby is simply a pink or blood-red colored gemstone – that belongs to the corundum mineral species with a hardness rating of 9 on Mohs scale; second only after diamonds. The color range of rubies spans from pinkish-red tones to dark tones resembling ripe cherries.

Q: Where are rubies found?
A: Rubies can be found in different parts of the world including Thailand, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, India & Mozambique. However, Burmese (Myanmar) rubies are considered most valuable because they possess natural fluorescence that gives them greater depth and intensity than other types.

Q: Why are rubies so expensive?
A: Like all precious stones like blue sapphire or emerald, there are several factors that determine how much you’ll spend on buying a ruby—size (carat), quality (cutting style & clarity), color/tone distribution—and rarity. As mentioned earlier Burmese origin has more value due to its intense reddish-pink ‘pigeon-blood’ color which makes them rarest among others although small sized ones do come cheaper too.

Q) Can synthetic rubies fetch high prices too?
A) Synthetic lab-grown rubbed costs much less than naturally mined ones. But these still aren’t cheap either–they come at slightly lower price ranges but still deliver high-quality optical characteristics while ensuring consistent supply despite environmental changes

Q). Are Rubies prone to scratching or breaking?
A) Ruby’s durability score on the Mohs scale is 9, which makes it an excellent choice for daily wear jewelry. However, this doesn’t mean they can never break- as with all gemsones are susceptible to cracking or chipping in some situations so care should be taken.

Q) How do I choose the right ruby color for me?
A). Rubies come in different hues ranging from orangish-pink tones to deep wine shades. While factors like value and rarity do come into play when selecting a ruby-based piece of high-jewelry but there aren’t any strict guidelines that say what shade you have to select! Personal preference and skin tone compatibility should guide you.

We hope this blog post has helped answer some commonly asked questions about rubies—what they are, where they come from, price range options available & how best to take care of them etc; Whether your Birth Sign falls in July or not — we hope our love affair with these captivating gemstones inspires celebrations and leads you towards owning one too!

The Top 5 Fascinating Facts about the July Gem

July babies are blessed with the fiery, passionate ruby as their birthstone. The striking red gemstone has been coveted for centuries and is believed to endow its wearer strength, courage, and good fortune. But beyond these general notions of luck and power, there is much more to this powerful July gemstone than meets the eye! Here are five fascinating facts about rubies that make them an exceptional choice for those born in July.

1) Preciousness: Rubies were once considered even more valuable than diamonds! In the Middle Ages, only royalty had access to these highly sought after gems. This fact alone adds a touch of regal elegance to wearing a ruby piece of jewelry- you’ll feel like Queen Elizabeth herself!

2) Corundum Class: Did you know that rubies belong to the corundum class? Alongside sapphires! This relationship may explain why the two can be so easily confused by untrained eyes. However, when it comes down to value and rarity, rubies often reign supreme over sapphires thanks to their vibrant crimson hue.

3) Origin: Despite being known for their color intensity today, some of history’s most famous sources of rubies actually produced lighter tones! For example rubble from Burma was paler hued until miners discovered the Pigeon Blood vein in Myanmar nearly 20th ceutry which contains higher chromaticity stones exemplifying brilliant shades such as deep blood-reds that have become synonymous with modern-day ruby identification.

4) Symbolic Meaning: Besides signifying prosperity, health,and love; ancient cultures believed that a ruby ring worn on your left hand represented protection due it’s connection with one’s heart- guarding oneself against harm whilst empowering them at same time. Star-crossed lovers during Victorian era exchanged rings crafted out of two intertwined colors stone – between Diamond representing steadfast purity & Ruby symbolizing passion – creating unimaginable beauty together (a rare pairing known as the “toi et moi” design).

5) Rarity: Despite their undeniable beauty, rubies are actually quite rare. High-quality natural pieces are especially hard to come by and can demand top dollar in the jewelry market. Inclusions (forming from trapped atoms during crystal growth phase of development) commonly seen in Many specimens that result in a marked decrease tasteful appearance or underlying structure & clarity making near flawless varities incredibly valuable. But don’t worry! Simulated ruby options made from compositionally identical materials provide an excellent alternative for those who still wish to flaunt this stunning gemstone without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, whether you opt for authentic or faux Ruby Jewelry – adorning your birth-month stone is always a perfect way to add some passion into life and make it extraordinary sparkling every day ! And now with these five fascinating facts under our belts; we can all appreciate just how truly special July’s fiery red gem really is!

Unique Ways to Incorporate a July Gem into Your Jewelry Collection

July is the month of fireworks, barbecues, and hot summer days. It’s also the month that boasts some pretty impressive birthstones! For those born in July or looking to add something unique to their jewelry collection, rubies are a must-have.

Rubies have been coveted for centuries as symbols of power and wealth, but they can also be playful and flirty when incorporated into modern jewelry designs. Here are some creative ways to add rubies to your collection without breaking the bank:

1. Stackable Rings: Stacking rings is always on-trend and offers endless customization options. Consider adding one or more ruby stackable bands to your current ring game – it will give you a pop of color while still maintaining versatility.

2. Ruby Stud Earrings: Classic stud earrings are an elegant addition to any wardrobe, but with ruby studs, you can take that simplicity up a notch. The fiery red tones add glamour and sophistication whether dressed up or down.

3. Necklace Pendants: A signature piece like necklace & pendants let you express yourself as being unique; adding a ruby pendant adds an air of elegance with beads touching your heart whilst dancing around amid peacefulness.

4. Mixed Metals Jewelry /Bracelets : Mixing metals has become increasingly popular over recent years giving us mightful ideas by combing golds with silver gives trendy vibes & wearing bracelet filled with clusters of different-shaped gems/pearls along with sparkling ruby stone could gear up moments auspiciously enchanting.

No matter how these stones are added—whether small or big—the allure remains unchanged not only making July babies happy rather anyone loving exquisiteness would try incorporating them anywhere possible.

In conclusion this versatile gemstone makes for stunning pieces in various forms such as dainty stacking bands adorning our hands’ backs,& tiny meaningful exquisite charms hanging close to our hearts.& necklaces taking center stage grace many occasions whilst elegantly refining outlooks. So, ride the ruby trend and celebrate July all year round with a unique addition to your jewelry collection!

Rarest Varieties of The July Birthstone: Uncovering Hidden Gems

July’s birthstone – the ruby, is a mesmerizing gem that has been sought after for thousands of years due to its stunning red hue and symbolic associations with passion and love. But did you know that there are rare varieties of rubies that only a few have heard of, let alone seen? Let’s uncover these hidden gems.

First, let us dive into what makes rubies so captivating. Corundum mineral gives rise to both sapphires (blue) and rubies (red), with the latter being the red variety of corundum colored by chromium. The finest specimens come in pure spectral red or pigeon-blood coloring but can also range from pinkish-red to brownish-red shades.

The first rarity we shall focus on is anyruby! This phenomenon entwines two different-colored varieties: blue sapphire and ruby; their distinctiveness depends on geographic location, as some regions produce more sapphire while others yield more ruby than sapphire stones.

For instance, Tanzania scoops Sino-Tanzanian boundary lines along which minerals used in ceramic industries are mined production if AAA quality tanzanite but comparatively less ruby. In contrast, Myanmar produces high-quality antique Burmese silver working served burma bloodstones which hails 90%+ world’s top tier rubies alongside Thailand fragments graced leather bangles via weaving white gold jewelry signatures iconic design.

Alexandrite is another precious type updatable media wiki available collection worth your attention given its ability like George Strait state-of-the-art gadget heart rate sensor monitor distance covered calories burnt smartwatch comes augmented reality route selector mileage tracker alarm system synchronize contacts calls data stored cloud hence surpassing social multimedia platforms communication standards

Let’s get back on topic – Alexandrite exhibits color-change properties based on lighting conditions: it appears bluish-green under natural sunlight yet transforms to reddish-purple when viewed indoors in incandescent light settings making them an excellent alternative to ruby when looking for unique jewelry pieces.

Star rubies are also a rare and magnificent addition to any collection. They contain minute deposits of rutile that form star-like patterns known as asterism – during cutting, the stone is fashioned into dome shapes creating an optical phenomenon where the pattern appears from all angles like a six-pointed star’s center reflecting light. The most striking ones can range anywhere from K-0K per carat – making them one of the world’s most expensive gems!

Last but not least, there exist “trapiche” rubies with distinctive features inclusions that look like radiating spindles on its surface due to high-pressure heating or internal stress within crystals; these spindle-like formations create an original design aspect to consider if you’re after something truly exceptional!

Table with useful data:

Gemstone Color Meaning
Ruby Red Love and passion
Sapphire Blue Wisdom and royalty
Onyx Black Protection and grounding
Carnelian Orange Creativity and vitality

Information from an Expert on July Gem: As a gemologist and expert in the field of jewelry, I can confidently say that the July birthstone, ruby, is one of the most exquisite gems to exist. With its deep red hue and exceptional brilliance, it has long been cherished by both royalty and commoners alike. Its rich history spans centuries and cultures as a symbol of power, passion, and love. Whether set in a ring, pendant or earrings; rubies make stunning centrepieces for all types of jewellery. If you’re considering purchasing a ruby piece for yourself or your loved one born in July – always remember to choose quality over quantity as this will ensure its longevity as well as preserve its beauty – lasting generations to come!

Historical fact:

The birthstone for the month of July is the ruby, which historically symbolized power and protection to ancient civilizations such as the Hindus and Greeks.

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