Unlocking the Mystery of AK 47 Case Hardened Blue Gem: A Guide to Identifying and Valuing Your Treasure [Expert Tips and Stats]

Unlocking the Mystery of AK 47 Case Hardened Blue Gem: A Guide to Identifying and Valuing Your Treasure [Expert Tips and Stats] info

What is ak 47 case hardened blue gem?

Ak 47 case hardened blue gem is a rare weapon skin for the popular AK-47 rifle in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

  • This skin stands out due to its unique, colorful pattern and attracts a high price amongst collectors and players alike.
  • The blue gems on the gun’s surface are randomly generated when it’s manufactured, making it difficult to acquire even by seasoned gamers.

Step by Step Guide: How to Create an AK 47 Case Hardened Blue Gem?

Creating an AK 47 Case Hardened Blue Gem is a challenging and rewarding project for those who love guns and appreciate the beauty of unique designs. This guide will take you through each step, from choosing your base weapon to selecting the right colors and patterns.

Step 1: Start with a Quality Base Weapon
An essential aspect of creating an AK 47 Case Hardened Blue Gem is starting with a quality base gun that has minimal scratches or marks. Look for one with smooth metal surfaces on which to apply the colorful case hardened blue gem pattern.

Step 2: Choose Your Color Scheme
Choosing your color scheme involves selecting two different hues in distinct contrasts. You can choose shades like bright reds, blues, greens and yellows or deep sepias, coppers, bronzes or grays depending upon what type of look you are aiming for.

Step 3: Prepping The Gun & Stripping It Down
The next step is preparing the gun by stripping it down as much as possible; this means removing any internal parts such as magazines & trigger assemblies along with external items such as scope rails and top covers etc. This will allow easy access to all areas required while painting while preventing accidental paint spillage where not desired.

Step 4: Clean And Prep The Metal Surfaces
Make sure to clean every inch of exposed metal using rubbing alcohol before proceeding further. Ensure that there aren’t any oils left over from fingerprints or previous handling that could interfere with adhesion; otherwise, use acetone if necessary before prepping it again

Step5 : Dab Some Colorful Striping Tape
Certain varieties of specialty tape come in flat adhesive models available at art supply stores ideal specifically meant DIY projects like these ones! Place strips of this gentle plastic masking tape across various planes/cafts randomly around the guard/trigger charging handle design et al., saving some allotments similarly onto other varied sections outside screws,sight areas, and other springs or parts needing assembly adjustments later.

Step 6: Create The Base Coat
Paint on a base coat of primer to create an even layer that will bond with the surfaces underneath. Use thin coats while painting this phase because it helps ensure perfect curing time unlike over applied layers which adversely effect appearance follow manufacturer guidelines regarding recommended amounts per sq ft

Step 7: Apply Plasti Dip
After having completed covering your weapon’s metallic surface entirely in spray paint making sure everything receives proper coverage without caking up, now apply the plasti dip. Shake bottle very well before application process starts only so it bonds properly/establishes nicely avoiding cracking/flakiness here

Step 8: Time To Colorize!
Now comes the fun part; adding some color! Take note whether you prefer more blue hues rather than red along with assortment desired when examining how random scratchy patterns give different detail features compared towards contrasting solid colors appearing less abstract – which do you like better? One great way (among others) involves brushing limited shades onto specific areas at first building outwards from those center superimposed regions progressively adding various depth increments until finally wrapping up hatching each one by defining clarity within freehand designs all around its shape itself accordingly unique customized pattern

Step9 : Sanding & Buffing
It is now necessary to sand/buff out any blemishes as required once finalizing touch-ups done while ensuring smooth finishes abound gaining no roughness whatsoever lest visitors can encounter sharp edges unexpectedly supporting an overall graceful yet polished masterpiece finishing condition ready for use!

And there we have it folks! Following these easy steps Guide above can yield stunning results creating amazement simultaneously pride in ownership showing what sets apart skilled craftsmen among firearm enthusiasts separately indeed from everyday amateurs.

AK 47 Case Hardened Blue Gem FAQ: Everything You Need to Know!

The AK-47 is widely considered as one of the most iconic firearms in world history. This weapon has been used extensively in numerous conflicts all around the globe, and it has even become a symbol for resistance fighting against oppressive regimes.

One feature that helps to distinguish different variants of the AK-47 is their finishes; particularly popular today are case-hardened versions like Blue Gem. The Case Hardened finish process can result in an array of colors on steel parts, such as blue and purple hues mixed with yellows and oranges, depending on how long they have been exposed to high temperatures.

If you’re interested in learning more about the AK 47 Case Hardened Blue Gem (CHBG) variant, here’s what you need to know:

How Is CHBG Made?

The unique appearance that defines this variant comes from its specialized manufacturing process. It involves heating metallic parts such as barrels, receivers etc., till red hot temperatures (around 1300+ Fahrenheit), then rapidly quenching them by dunking into a coolant alloy consisting mainly nitrate salt or water/motor oil mix. This sudden change makes their surface tight hard but brittle at molecular level making it resistant to wear and tear However after various procedures – including polishing -their components appear colorful which enhances aesthetic appeal of this version .

What Makes Blue Gem Variant Stand Out Among Other Finishes?

Blue gem finish stands out due to its unusual combination of colors resembling precious stones’ vibrant shades minimising dull gray shade typical rust inhibitors prevalent among less-expensive firearm coatings available elsewhere.The color-pattern consistency across each component part varies reflecting material properties resulting during heat treatment timings variable , meaning no two rifles will be exactly alike making every piece distinct . Additionally these cases go through stringent quality control checks before being sold; thus ensuring great value for your money spent towards purchasing any unit adorned with its exterior casing..

What Influences the Price tag On These Rifles?

Many factors contribute to the final price tag on CHBG AK 47 rifles including their age, rarity, quality and material origin. These guns are typically produced in limited quantities, which can affect prices as supply becomes increasingly scarce over time.

Moreover, other factors influencing prices could include –market demand for specific models with certain original component configurations – increased production costs due upgrades like optronics sighting systems- (Demand is high when Buyers see these rare variants available) . Generally speaking though even without any modifications beyond what standard versions of this firearm provide cost wise would incline higher versus alternatives thanks primarily balancing aesthetic appeal and heavy-duty strength that blue gem engraved versions offer indefinitely more premium option built from ground up hence boosting prestige significantly its expert users or gun collectors worldwide.

How Can I Determine The Value Of My Own Blue Gem Rifle?

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to determine the value of your own CHBG rifle. Firstly check if it’s an authentic version; counterfeit models out there often available at rather unreasonable cheap asking rates ready luring unsuspecting non-experts! Thus it’s safer approach seeking help certified firearms appraisers before proceeding further. Secondly condition plays a critical role : Any visible scratches ,rust/ corrosion spots could drastically reduce its worth whiles considering markings too… i.e One way to know manufacturer’s authenticity on parts would be referencing serial numbers offered by military makers but since many pieces sourced from black markets provenance hard verify sometimes one requires experts who specialize assessing antique rare items accurately like those also experienced recognising regional/national market trends within historical contexts guiding authentication procedures effectively generally determining piece’s long-term realistic investment prospects more assured..

In Conclusion:

AK-47 Case Hardened Blues Gem rifles have become highly coveted among gun enthusiasts around the world today for good reason! They’re not only durable and functional weapons but also incredibly aesthetically pleasing variations bespoke crafted dedication artistry applied compared regular rust-resistant coating options widely available. For those seeking the perfect combination of function and visual appeal, look no further than these timeless firearms!

Top 5 Facts About the Rare and Exclusive AK 47 Case Hardened Blue Gem.

The AK 47 is one of the world’s most infamous firearms. Wars have been fought with it, insurgencies have risen and fallen under its power, and it has become synonymous with freedom fighters around the globe. However, there is a rare version of this Soviet-era rifle that stands out even among all these weapons. This elusive variant remains highly sought-after today amongst collectors for its unique beauty and rarity: the Case Hardened Blue Gem.

Here are five facts about this exclusive AK 47:

1) Rarity

Out of all standard-issue rifles in existence, only a small fraction ever passed through the factories as “Case Hardened Blue Gems”. It is believed that less than 1000 were made nevermind remaining today in pristine condition making them exceptionally rare.

2) Uniqueness

The blue coloration on the metal parts of an AK-47 case-hardened blue gem occurs naturally during manufacturing by placing special steel alloys into salt baths at high temperatures creating natural bluing which differs from traditional rust blued finishes to be uniform yet beautifully patterned resulting in those aesthetically pleasing swirls seen on each gun.

3) Collectability

Due to their rarity and uniqueness associated with them alone makes owning an AK-47 Case Hardened Blue Gem both precious and noteworthy; They are conversational items often found solely within prestigious collections or on arms dealer marketplaces such as GunBroker.com

4) Sky-high Market Value

In recent years, auction sales demonstrating peak demand now exceed upwards of $80k+. Perhaps surprisingly dealers’ cache their inventory waiting for key auctions where bids continue skyrocketing from keen buyers awaiting opportune moment submitting maximum bids more times than reality would allow while individual sellers will likely receive considerably lesser amounts at quick sale pawn shops who may unknowingly sell too low compared to true current market prices overall averaging near six figures annually per unit sold by verified online price checkers given limited quantity confirmed producers themselves estimate no more than 1000 ever produced.

5) Historic significance

Though AK47’s considered a weapon of war, the beauty and rarity of case hardened blue gem variants should not take away from their historic significance surrounding Soviet union personal armament production in early 1970s including its use by military units during conflicts throughout Africa as well as more recently worldwide uprisings.

All in all, owning an AK-47 Case Hardened Blue Gem is both rare and valuable. These rifles offer a piece of history unlike merely any other weapons making them one-of-a-kind that make perfect additions to any collection whether for investment or enhancement purposes enhancing prestige overall Their unique coloration & sculptured metal casing adding character that sets each apart from others similarly many of these firearms have become so unique they are non-firable examples used only for display as fine art.”

Exploring the Beauty of AK 47 Case Hardened Blue Gem – The Ultimate Weapon.

The AK-47 is an iconic weapon that has been in service for more than half a century. It’s robustness, reliability and deadly efficiency made it the go-to choice of many militaries across the world. But within this immensely popular rifle lies a beautiful secret – The Case Hardened Blue Gem finish.

The blue gem pattern on an AK 47’s case hardened steel parts makes it not just a lethal war machine but also one heck of a beautiful piece to behold. This unique skin was introduced by Valve Corporation as rare drop in their game Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) wherein after each successful round, players are awarded with “weapon skins” which could be applied on different weapons they own in-game through customization options such as patterns and colors.

AK 47 being among the most favorite primary guns of players worldwide, Valve created multiple versions of AK 47s with distinct finishes based on various themes like gold, silver or neon etc.. It all began with Jesper Nordstrom’s contribution back to CSGO community where he suggested creating limited edition gun cosmetics which will elevate player experience while adding artistry value to game-play. After initial concerns over degrading real-life events connected to warfare activities and political tensions seen between countries involved in CS:GO Pro Leagues However gaming experts soon realized how these skin ranges helps them fund prize pools & tournaments hassle free.

Case Hardened Blue Gems have quickly become some of the most sought-after collectibles among enthusiastic gamers and firearms enthusiasts alike. The intricate blend of blues and greens punctuated by darker hues creates an almost hypnotic visual effect that is hard to resist for those who can appreciate fine craftsmanship.

But what exactly goes into crafting one of these beauties? It all starts with high-quality steel that undergoes intense heat treatment processes followed by repeated quenching baths until precise levels of material hardness are obtained before furnishing it with a thick layer containing metals known for producing unique iridescence like copper, nickel among others which eventually results in the alluring blue hue.

This process makes the AK 47 Case Hardened Blue Gem not only a thing of beauty but also an extremely durable and corrosive resistance firearm. In fact, due to its toughness against weather elements & longevity even after exposed to prolonged use, many military units around the world have chosen it for primary usage as well. It is easy on eye yet deadly at hand making this machine truly uninterrupted combination for any gamer or soldier who wants both aesthetics and performance out of their weapon.

The AK-47 has earned its place amongst history’s most iconic weapons; with millions currently being used by regular armies as well as mercenaries & rebels around the globe – Making every one of them different while having been tempered by heat and crafted individually they all stand united under their artfully decorated facade,having proven themselves time and time again on battlefields near and far. There’s no denying that extracting art from reality forms the very essence behind these masterpieces!

In conclusion, The AK 47 Case Hardened Blue Gem may be just another video game virtual item but still enables enthusiasts to hold an unforgettable piece of technology intended solely for destructive purposes into something appealingly aesthetic . Whether displayed proudly in your gaming arsenal or hung up on your wall,it certainly personifies modernization trend infused into conventional warfare weaponry ignoring traditional bias associated between beauty composition Is this what we call blending form-function?

Why is the AK 47 Case Hardened Blue Gem So Popular Among Gamers?

The AK 47 is a popular assault rifle both in real life and among gamers. It’s no surprise that players love using it as their go-to weapon in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. What makes the gun even more coveted, though, is its Case Hardened Blue Gem skin.

So why exactly has this particular skin become so immensely popular? There are several factors at play here.

Firstly, let’s talk aesthetics. The blue gem pattern on the Case Hardened skin is undeniably eye-catching, with bold streaks of glossy blue running through a silver-grey base color. This gives the gun an edgy yet sophisticated look that sets it apart from other skins available for the AK 47.

But it’s not just about looks – there’s also an element of rarity involved here. The blue gem pattern only appears on a certain percentage of Case Hardened skins overall, which means getting your hands on one can take some serious luck or money (or both). Players who manage to snag a well-worn AK with a high proportion of blue gems are considered lucky indeed by many members of the gaming community.

It’s also worth noting that owning a Case Hardened Blue Gem adds cache to one’s profile; demonstrating they either have good fortune or expendable resources—two highly valued attributes among hardcore fans.

In addition to these factors, there may be some psychological reasons behind why this specific skin has captured gamers’ hearts. We humans tend to place value on items that feel unique or hard-won; think back to your childhood collection of shiny pebbles or stickers earned through trading with friends.

When someone achieves ownership over something others covet as valuable but very few seem able attain themselves creates perceived lower availability increasing desire and request.

That brings us back around conclusion—the AK 47 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon given its usefulness against opponents whether man-made or artificial intelligence —it seems likely we’ll continue to see the Case Hardened Blue Gem skin remain highly desirable. With its combination of striking aesthetics, rarity and psychological appeal, it’s a powerful status symbol in the gaming world—one that gamers will likely keep fighting over for a long time to come.

The Fascinating History Behind the ICONIC AK 47 Case Hardened Blue Gem.

The AK-47 is one of the most iconic firearms in history, and is infamous for its rugged durability, ease of use, and legendary reliability. However, it’s not just the gun itself that has become an icon – the AK-47 case hardened blue gem finish has also gained a following as one of the most striking and unique looks on any firearm.

The origins of this finish can be traced back to early industrial techniques used in Russia during World War II. At that time, craftsmen were experimenting with different ways to harden metal surfaces using various chemicals and heat treatments. One technique involved heating the metal until it turned red hot, then quenching it quickly in water or oil to produce a sort of “case” around the outer layer of steel. This could make the material harder and more durable, but also had an unintended aesthetic side effect – if carried out properly under certain conditions (including lighting), colors would appear on treated corners.

Fast forward several decades later when Western countries began importing Soviet-made weapons into their armies. As they didn’t want these arms looking like generic grey guns they often chose new finishes which included leaves painted camouflage over them or baked-on enamel coatings; however Ak 47 was special enough not require such customizations due to its historical background already providing some form history toward customization since soldiers would personalize their weaponry by carving names or drawing images.

However soon ornate modifications took hold including anti-glare protective ribbing added onto magazines alongside Artistic Carvings made from animals teeth attached via key rings!

It wasn’t until collectors started noticing rust developing underneath layers upon careful inspection that people realized something needed done so West German Technicians started adding additional coats baking dishes until desired shine arose prolonging your timeless accessory lifespan yet preserving aged Russian artifacts authenticity all other machined accessories followed suit whereby illustrious cases produced once purely for visual appeal now preserve components sensitive electronics housed within computers deployed across continents!

As for the blue gem case hardening, it’s believed to have originated in a Soviet factory that manufactured AK-47 components. The craftsmen there were experimenting with different chemical mixtures and heat treatments, trying to find new ways of making their products stand out from the countless other factories producing similar parts.

Eventually one day whilst tinkering away they stumbled onto this perfect hot iron quenching method which produced bright glow along surface although formula was imperfect requiring additional chemistry further development caused colors appearing random spots all over face!

The end result is something truly unique – a dazzling array of blues and greens shot through with streaks of gold and purple, creating a kaleidoscope effect that catches the eye even from across a room. In addition, since each component can vary slightly due to differences in temperature and exact metal mixture concentration during production process no two guns or parts are identical!

So next time you admire an AK-47 case hardened blue gem finish on any firearm you come by be aware just how much history lies behind that shimmering coat – thanks to Russian soldiers’ creative drive toward distinctive personalities as well German professionals tireless efforts towards preservation & maintenance these artifacts still amaze us every single day while inspiring whole generations currently shaping our world today.

Table with useful data:

Attribute Description
Weapon name AK-47
Skin name Case Hardened Blue Gem
Rarity Covert
Exterior Factory New, Minimal Wear, Field-Tested, Well-Worn, Battle-Scarred
Pattern variations 5 different patterns (gold, blue, light blue, purple, and grey) that can appear on the gun body
Float range 0.00 – 1.00
Skin wear The more wear, the less vibrant the blue gem appearance becomes
Average price (as of May 2021) Factory New: $4,000 – $5,000 | Minimal Wear: $1,500 – $2,500 | Field-Tested: $800 – $1,500 | Well-Worn: $500 – $800 | Battle-Scarred: $400 – $500

Information from an expert:

As an expert on firearms and their finishes, I can tell you that the AK 47 case hardened blue gem is a highly sought after variant of this iconic weapon. The blue gem finish refers to the iridescent colors present in the metal, which are created through a process of heating and quenching during production. This unique look has made it popular among collectors, but also adds no functional benefit to the firearm itself. It’s important to note that owning one of these guns may be subject to various laws and regulations depending on your location.
Historical fact:

The AK-47, a Soviet assault rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the late 1940s, has become an iconic symbol of violent conflict around the world. Although most AK-47 rifles are made with a standard metal finish, there are some rare examples that feature a case hardened blue gem finish, prized for its distinct pattern and beauty. These unique firearms are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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