Unlocking the Secret: How to Get a Wyvern Gem [A Hunter’s Tale with Proven Tips and Stats]

Unlocking the Secret: How to Get a Wyvern Gem [A Hunter’s Tale with Proven Tips and Stats] info

What is how to get a wyvern gem

How to Get A Wyvern Gem Is…
A rare drop from high-rank monsters in Monster Hunter: World.
The most common way to obtain it is through investigations, quests or expeditions, with increased chances for successful completion rewards and those involving capturing instead of killing the monster.
You can also increase your chances by breaking certain parts of the monster’s body as well as having higher luck stat boosts equipped in-game such as lucky vouchers or food skills like Felyne Explorer.

In Monster Hunter: World, obtaining a wyvern gem is a difficult feat due to its rarity. This item can be obtained via completing quests, indulging in expeditions or investigating high-ranking monsters. To increase the chances of getting this valuable resource, players should focus on capturing these creatures rather than killing them and also try breaking specific body parts and use boosting items that offer greater luck stats.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Get a Wyvern Gem in Monster Hunter

As any seasoned Monster Hunter player knows, obtaining rare items can be a challenging but rewarding experience. One such elusive item is the Wyvern Gem, which is required for crafting some of the game’s most powerful weapons and armor. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know in order to successfully obtain one of these sought-after gems.

Step 1: Know Your Prey

Before setting out on your hunt for a Wyvern Gem, it’s essential that you understand where and how to locate the creatures that drop them. These coveted gems are dropped by high-rank wyverns such as Rathalos, Azure Rathalos, Pink Rathian, Diablos or Black Diablos so make sure to focus your hunt around these creatures.

Step 2: Prepare Accordingly

It should come as no surprise that taking down a high-rank wyvern requires proper planning and preparation. Before heading out on your quest, make sure you have weapon with solid damage like greatswords or hammers while ensuring they deal an element weakness against specific monsters (like fire against Diablos) will also provide increased effectiveness. Additionally bringing items like traps, barrels bombs and flash pods will all help aid in getting those coveted breaks needed for dropping Gems.

Step 3: Break Those Parts!

Now comes perhaps the trickiest part of obtaining a Wyvern gem – breaking certain parts on your prey monster! This means inflicting heavy damage onto their head, wings or tail sections with consistent attacks.To increase chances further breakable badges from weekly bounties allow even more rewards towards having a successful run at capturing materials earned from fights.

Achieving two separate breaks on the creature is necessary creating opportunity along with higher chance path rate reward drop increases triple compared not only yet individual ones though finishing entire hunt still remains best choice versus missing ending capture portion giving another shot loot table meanwhile attaining carves due to end hunt drops.

Step 4: Lucky Carves

After having successfully taken down and breaking the necessary parts of a wyvern, now comes the moment where the possibility to earn Wyvern Gems become viable. When you take down a monster in Monster Hunter World, it is usually carve for materials that can craft armor or weapons. Make sure to carve at least all 3 remaining carvable sections such as its tail section (if broke off during fight), body and head with both high-rank monsters potentially yielding gems at this point – hopefully RNG be your friend today!

If after following these steps you still haven’t acquired one, don’t get discouraged! Keep trying by hunting different creatures (Rathalos yields higher chances vs Rathian’s lower percentage) until finally rewarded with Gem itself – stay persistent because patience coupled with perseverance pays dividends in MHW.

In Conclusion…

Obtaining rare items like Wyvern Gems takes effort but there are ways through strategy even favorably increasing favorable luck within our control. As always, remember to carefully read through item descriptions and approach hunts prepared otherwise holding ourselves back from obtaining those exclusive resources required here along journey throughout Monster Hunter world!

Frequently Asked Questions about Getting a Wyvern Gem

Wyvern Gems are rare and precious items in Monster Hunter that every player covets. They are needed for high-level weapon and armor upgrades, making them a must-have material for serious hunters. However, getting your hands on these gems can be quite tricky, especially if you aren’t aware of the best ways to obtain them.

To help you in your quest for Wyvern Gems, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about getting this elusive item.

1) What is a Wyvern Gem?

A Wyvern Gem is an extremely rare drop from certain wyverns in Monster Hunter games. It is used as a material for more advanced types of weapons and armor sets than the player previously had access to.

2) Which monsters could potentially drop Wyvern Gems?

There are several monsters that could potentially drop Wyvern Gems:

– Rathalos
– Azure Rathalos
– Silver Rathalos
– Diablos
– Black Diablos
– Nargacuga
– Tigrex

3) How do I increase my chances of obtaining a Wyvern gem?

The easiest way to raise the chance of acquiring a Wyvern Gem when hunting one or many times over again from those triggering this raid: make sure that you break any visible parts such their tail or head! Destroying specific areas increases your shot at receiving something valuable!

4) Are there other ways to get Hold Materials like a wyvern gem?

If working against probability by defeating numerous beasts without appearing luckier enough yet concerns raising frustration levels too much; throughout gaming progression players eventually gain higher levelled tiers of quests leading towards rarer drops such as Withered Bones instead so just keep striving upwardly through each difficulty level available & then game time will become less grind-like/moderately consistent!

5) Is there any faster method besides constantly catching all nearest possible beasts before seeing results with dragons Scale+ ?

Catching animals isn’t particularly an efficient way to get Wyvern Gems, unless the player acquires a rare Xeno’jiiva Gem which is the reward for capturing this monster. But, in some unfortunate situations where no gems are acquired from 100 kills of any aforementioned winged reptiles mentioned earlier; players can always resort to trading with other gaming online community as items obtained by those tremendous amount of raid hunting that one gamer may not need might be valuable and useful for another user.

6) What should I do if after countless raids without receiving Wyvern Gems?

Check your carves options & try defeating other beasts w/ additional armor sets or special buffed weapon types while also conducting more research on strategies others use too! Monster Hunter Gameplay is very dynamic & intriguing so don’t give up hope yet keep on trying persistently until successful conclusion without defeat!

In summary getting a wyvern gem is nothing but pure luck except specific instance cases such has breaking vulnerable spots generating increase probability previously stated.Lessen discomforts with failures through raising levels of different quests within game offering higher tier drops. Fundamentally catch ’em all already makes sense since repeating warfare attacks constantly becomes frustrating anyways! Happy Hunting Folks!!!

Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Hunting for a Wyvern Gem

As a hunter in the world of Monster Hunter World, it’s no secret that acquiring certain materials for crafting can be a daunting task. One particular item that has hunters tearing their hair out is the elusive Wyvern Gem. This sparkling gemstone is highly sought after by weapon and armor enthusiasts alike due to its rarity and versatility. But fear not fellow hunters, I’ve compiled the top 5 facts you need to know about hunting for a Wyvern Gem.

1) Which monsters drop them: The Wyvern Gem can be obtained from various high-level wyverns such as Rathalos, Diablos, Legiana, Odogaron or Tobi-Kadachi among others. So if you’re looking to obtain this rare gemstone, focus your hunts on these formidable creatures.

2) Investigation rewards: Don’t overlook special investigations! By participating in optional quests with certain requirements (like defeating tempered versions of said wyverns), you have a chance of being rewarded with larger quantities of gems. Some investigations even reward multiple gems at once!

3) Fitting skills help: Certain skills like Partbreaker will make breaking monster parts easier which increases your chances of obtaining rarer drops such as Wyvern Gems. Make sure to equip abilities focused on durability damage whenever possible

4) Choose Solo Hunts over Multiplayer sessions: While taking down monsters cooperatively may be more fun multiplayer hunting limits individual loot tables making solo play preferred among skilled Hunters seeking maximum rewards.

5) Investigations are key – For those who do prefer playing cooperative instead single player mode join special investigation games online since they often lead better results when trying one’s luck at getting the coveted gemstones because every player gets assigned an identical quest so everyone benefits equally

With these tips in mind and some patience thrown into mix maybe just strike lucky enough to get That precious glowing stone that eluded far too long ? Happy Hunting & Good Luck !

Which Monsters Drop Wyvern Gems and How to Hunt Them Effectively

If you’re a seasoned hunter in the world of Monster Hunter, there’s no doubt that you’ve faced the daunting task of collecting Wyvern Gems. These rare and sought-after items are integral parts of crafting specific high-level weapons and armor sets.

But where exactly can these elusive gems be found? Fear not, as we uncover which monsters drop Wyvern Gems and how to hunt them effectively.

First on our list is the ever-elusive Rathalos. This fire-breathing wyvern has been known to occasionally drop Wyvern Gems upon defeat. However, hunting down this beast might prove quite challenging for an inexperienced hunter due to its aggressive behavior and tendency to fly around constantly. A good tactic would be either using flash bombs or aerial attacks at strategic moments during battle when it is vulnerable.

Next up is another menacing foe: Diablos. Though intimidating with its hardy appearance and powerful horns, this creature drops Wyvern Gems frequently enough to warrant putting in extra effort for its capture. Be warned though, Diablos has a hard shell which could make attacking from the front an ineffective strategy – instead try attacking from behind or going over it with jump attacks or glaive mounts.

Arguably one of the easiest monsters that drop Wyvern Gems consistently are Barroths. As much slower creatures than Rathalos and Diablos – they tend focus more on charging rather than flying or tunneling underground leading towards lesser risk in hunts against them overall (providing players stay vigilant regardless).

Alternatively, if none of these options work out – don’t forget about investigations! Investigating special events/openings also lets hunters have access to unique challenges so finding one centered around captures worthy enough may give monster lovers more attempts at obtaining those precious gems!

In conclusion while different techniques/priorities may seem overwhelming sometimes but once broken down combating certain types /corresponding strategies really help increase chances with each fight… Happy Hunting!

Tips and Tricks for Increasing Your Chances of Getting a Wyvern Gem

For Monster Hunter World players, obtaining a Wyvern Gem can be quite the difficult task. The gem is a rare drop from various monsters in the game, and it’s required for many high-level crafting recipes. So how do you increase your chances of getting one? Here are some tips and tricks:

1) Hunt High-Rank Monsters

Wyvern Gems have an increased chance of dropping from high-rank monsters, so focus on hunting those instead of low-rank ones.

2) Break Parts

Breaking specific parts off of monsters has been known to increase the chances of rare drops such as wyvern gems. Try to prioritize breaking the head or tail areas, as these typically yield better rewards.

3) Use Lucky Vouchers

Lucky Vouchers can be obtained by completing certain bounties or daily login bonuses. These vouchers allow for doubled quest rewards upon completion, including rare monster drops like wyvern gems.

4) Farm Elder Dragons

Elder dragons tend to have a higher chance of dropping precious items than other creatures in MHW. Specifically, farming tempered elder dragon investigations with gold/silver reward boxes will give you a greater likelihood of finding wyvern gems.

5) Consider Solo Play

Although playing multiplayer may seem like an easier way to take down tough monsters, this isn’t always the case when looking for rare drops such as Wyvern Gems. When playing solo however you run less risk losing out on key loot due to someone else stealing it!

6) Take Advantage Of Increased Drop Rates

Periodically throughout special event quests occur which increases our chances at rare stones and materials; even increasing frequency more often than not! Keep an eye out both events involving tempered elders that present “The Greatest Jagras”or”The Name’s Lavisioth.” Such events let you fight huge versions (their typical sizes being near miniatures comparatively), providing snagging bones left & right almost effortless where taking advantage early would create a steady stockpile in preparation for future projects.

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll increase your chances of obtaining a Wyvern Gem from monsters. Happy Hunting!

Alternative Methods: Trading, Melding, and Farming for Wyvern Gems

Wyvern Gems are one of the most sought-after items in Monster Hunter World, and for good reason. These rare gems can be used to craft some of the game’s best weapons and armor sets, making them a must-have item for any serious hunter looking to take on the game’s toughest challenges.

However, obtaining Wyvern Gems isn’t exactly easy. They have a low drop rate from specific monsters, which means that you’ll need to be prepared to hunt those particular creatures repeatedly if you want any chance of acquiring this valuable resource.

But fear not! There are alternative methods for getting your hands on these coveted gems that don’t require hours upon hours of grinding away at monster hunts. Here are some effective (and even fun) ways to acquire Wyvern Gems:


If you’ve got plenty of zenny (the game’s currency), then trading is an option worth considering. You can buy Wyvern Gems from the vendor who sells trade-in items outside Astera or Seliana—but beware, they won’t come cheap!

The price tag might seem intimidating at first glance, but purchasing gems through trading has its advantages since it doesn’t rely on RNG drops. It’s also much easier than farming monsters over and over again hoping to get lucky with a gem loot drop.


Another alternate method for obtaining Wyvern gems is by melding them using Kulve Taroth materials obtained during sieges against her colossal golden frame.

After running enough Kulve Taroth sieges and gathering all the required crafting components highlighted in the workshop menu at Smithy , hunters may proceed into jewel slot Melder hub area where elder melder will now offer three different meld types corresponding materials rewards based on rarity level required; Rarity 5 weapon upgrade material yields gleaming streamstones while upper tier rare Transcendent Pearls yield higher-decorations including elusive R6-7 mantle bringing amulets -along with other highly sought items- and finally, a melding option for exchanging multiple lower tier gems like Wyvern Gems for another shot at Luck.


If you’re up for the challenge and have some time to spare, farming is always an option too. There are specific monsters in the game that drop Wyvern Gems more frequently than others, such as Barroth or Diablos – meaning it’s worth grinding their hunts over time since you’ll eventually get your desired item from consistent hunting.

While this method might be tedious sometimes, using environmental traps against these creatures can help speed up things a bit- thus requiring less overall monster encounters which translates into reduction of incoming damage taken throughout those runs (essentially postponing eventual cart loss).

In summary; We hope our guide helped clear away any confusion newcomers might have when trying to acquire Wyvern gems. Whether you choose to trade-in zenny coins at vendor shops or offer valuable materials through The Elder Melder transmutation process hub areas- there are options available that accommodate all hunter styles with different levels of grinding required. Remember: persistence pays off in Monster Hunter World – maybe not every reward will come easy but surely making efforts towards succeeding increases rewards along with skills development!

Table with useful data:

Method Description Chances of getting Wyvern Gem
Quest Rewards Complete specific quests in Monster Hunter World to get a chance for a Wyvern Gem as a reward. Low
Investigations Complete investigations to increase the chances of getting a Wyvern Gem as a reward. Medium to High
Carving Carve the body of the Wyvern monster to get a chance for a Wyvern Gem. Low
Breaking Parts Break specific body parts of the Wyvern monster to increase the chances of getting a Wyvern Gem as a reward or from carving. High
Melding Use the Elder Melder to create a Wyvern Gem from other materials. This requires specific items and research points. 100%

Information from an expert: If you’re looking to get your hands on a Wyvern Gem in Monster Hunter World, there are several methods you can try. Firstly, hunting large wyverns such as Diablos or Rathalos has the highest chance of dropping these gems. Secondly, completing investigations with silver and gold reward boxes also increases your chances of acquiring one. Finally, breaking certain parts of monsters such as their heads or tails during battles may yield a Wyvern Gem as well. Remember to use any lucky vouchers before embarking on these hunts for more chances at obtaining this valuable gem!
Historical fact:

During the medieval times, wyvern gems were believed to possess magical powers and were highly prized by monarchs and nobles. Legend has it that King Richard the Lionheart went on a quest to slay a wyvern in order to obtain its gem, which he later used as the centerpiece for his crown.

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