Gemstone Prospecting and Mining

An Exclusive Sneak Peak in the Nitty Gritty World of Gemology 

Everything You Need to Know About Gemstone Deposits & Mining Techniques

This exhilarating webinar brought to you by GIG is a technical journey into the world of mining and locating gem deposits. The online class will explore the various types of gemstones deposits and a variety of mining techniques that have been developed based on the particularities of the deposit – and the properties of the gem being mined. The special webinar will also take you on a fascinating journey inside a diamond mine to discover all the stages of diamond recovery.

Following the travel of a diamond crystal being recovered, from the earth’s rocks to sorting facilities!

Tuesday, September 20th
11AM (Muscat / Abu Dhabi) 10AM (KSA) 9AM (Cairo) 10AM (Lebanon)
Main Speakers: Eva Kountouraki GIG Academy Director
Fee: Free

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