4 Colored Gems Crash: How to Avoid the Disaster and Boost Your Score [Expert Tips and Stats]

4 Colored Gems Crash: How to Avoid the Disaster and Boost Your Score [Expert Tips and Stats] info

What is Crash 4 Colored Gems?

Crash 4 colored gems are special gems in the video game ‘Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time’ which are earned by completing specific tasks within a level. These gems can be used to unlock new levels and areas of the game, adding an extra layer of challenge.

  • To obtain a colored gem, players must complete objectives such as finding hidden areas or breaking all boxes without dying
  • Colored gems can change the environment of certain levels, opening up secret paths and revealing additional challenges
  • The game has a total of 21 colored gems to collect, each with their own unique requirements for acquisition

Unlock Your Favorite Levels with Crash 4 Colored Gems: Top 5 Facts

Crash Bandicoot is a classic video game franchise that has captured the hearts of gamers across generations. Amongst its many iterations and sequels, Crash 4: It’s About Time stands out as a beloved continuation of the series.

One aspect of this game that sets it apart from earlier versions is the addition of colored gems – special objects that allow players to access hidden levels within the game world. In this blog post, we explore some little-known facts about these gems and how to unlock them!

1. There are six different colored gems

In total, Crash 4 offers players six different colored gems to collect throughout gameplay. These include red, green, blue, yellow, purple, and white variations. Each gem corresponds with a specific level in which it can be used for unlocking purposes.

2. They’re required to access secret levels

If you want to truly master Crash 4: It’s About Time and experience all it has to offer, collecting these colored gems is critical! Once obtained by completing certain objectives (more on those later), they’ll allow you entry into special bonus levels with extra challenges and rewards.

3. Getting them requires skillful play

While anyone can pick up a controller and start playing Crash 4: It’s About Time right away, obtaining these treasured colored gems takes a bit more effort than simply racing through each stage as quickly as possible. To find them all requires practicing advanced platforming skills like wall-jumps or sliding under narrow passages.

4.These Gems are Hidden Throughout The Levels

The beauty of Crash 4’s coloured gem system lies in their placement throughout each level — meaning that there isn’t just one way of obtaining each stone but multiple paths stuffed full treasure-chests brimming with oscillating platforms and spinners filled with bouncy fruit.

5.They change your perceptions

Once unlocked via arduous exploration efforts,the mystical nature of these large flashy diamonds can even shift your perception of each stage. Suddenly, you’re scrutinizing every pixel and planning new strategies to access their hidden locations.

Now that you know a little more about this fun feature in Crash 4: It’s About Time, it’s time to grab a controller and start exploring! Good luck on the journey towards discovering all six colored gems, unlocking special levels, and demonstrating your platforming prowess for all to see.

The Ultimate Crash 4 Colored Gems FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

As Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time speeds onto our screens, bringing with it a whole host of new challenges and adventures for fans old and new to enjoy. Among the many collectibles scattered throughout each level are colored gems, which grant access to secret paths and other hidden areas if found.

But what exactly are colored gems? How do you find them? And perhaps most importantly, how can you use them to your advantage in Crash 4? Fear not fellow gamers, as we’ve compiled the ultimate Colored Gems FAQ just for you!

What are Colored Gems?

Colored gems come in five varieties – Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Purple. Each gem unlocks its corresponding hidden path or area within levels that were previously locked away before obtaining the gem.

How do I Obtain Colored Gems?

Red Gem – Found in N.Sanity Peak (Level 7) by jumping on certain platforms without falling off.

Green Gem – Obtained at The Hazardous Wastes (Level 10) by breaking all nitro crates without causing any explosions

Blue Gem – Located at Draggin’ On (Level 6), players must complete the entire level backwards while avoiding obstacles when using mirror mode after finding both Bumpa Berries along the way.

Yellow Gem – In Run it Bayou (Level 11), players have to jump into water during different points then hitting boxes above said water sequence until they reach an island that holds this prized possession

Purple Gem – Only unlocked once every other color has been acquired first; this particular trophy is located inside Off-Balance where users have to perform thorough checks for full completion so as not miss anything important!

Now That I Have Them What Can They Do For Me?

Obtaining these colorful prizes grants access too previously unreachable places filled with even more goodies such as extra lives or bonus rounds for successful challenges against bosses like Dr Cortex himself. This makes gathering these gems essential to the overall experience, allowing players to fully appreciate what Crash 4 has to offer.

In short, With each colored gem adding a whole new dimension of exciting gameplay and adventures for fans worldwide, it’s no wonder why they’ve become such an integral part of the Crash Bandicoot universe. So get ready gamers – you’re in for the ride of your life!

Exploring the Hidden Worlds of Crash 4 with Colored Gems

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is a game that has delighted fans of the series since its release last year, and one thing that sets it apart from its predecessors is the hidden worlds you can access through colored gems.

Throughout the game, there are different colored gems for players to find. Acquiring each color corresponds to a specific level that introduces new challenges with creative puzzle designs that test your platforming skills in ways you never thought possible.

So what are these hidden worlds? To put it simply, they’re alternate versions of levels that you’ve already played before but with an entirely fresh set of obstacles and enemies thrown into the mix – adding to the challenge as well as offering exciting gameplay elements.

Let’s take a closer look at some of them!

The Red Gem opens up an expanded version of Snow Way Out where instead of riding polar bears and dodging exploding TNT boxes, Crash or Coco’s feet will be slipping on ice, trying not to fall off sliding platforms or being swept away by dangerously snowed-in tunnels.

Next up – The Yellow Gem brings us tricky puzzles and changes our environment completely in Run It Bayou. The screen filling water around all platforms adds tension and urgency to maneuver through alligator-infested waters while avoiding electric eels which could end your aquatic journey within seconds!

Blue Gem takes on a transformative twist when entering Draggin’ On. Our favorite creature-like characters turn into wooden dolls we all have seen in souvenirs shops enabling us jumping higher than ever before during certain segments of this challenging level.

Green Gem opens Haunted Fortress where ghosts haunt every corner. In order to make it out alive you’ll need precision timing across fast-paced moving bridges whilst collecting many floating Wumpa Fruits along the way!

And finally Purple Gem focuses particularly on gravity-defying fun unlocking Cortex Castle allowing gamers upside-down running towards collecting crystal shards; making objects float fittingly following their new gravitational pull.

These hidden levels following the colored gem pattern add more depth to replayability of this already splendid game. Each time you play through, you will have a chance to explore these different worlds by finding and unlocking gems with various gameplay mechanics that bring challenging yet rewarding experiences along the way.

So why not take on Crash Bandicoot 4 again with fresh eyes as we march towards its one year anniversary? Get ready for some exciting exploration; it’s about time!

From Sizzling Sunset Vista to Toxic Tunnels – All About Crash 4 Colored Gem Routes

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time has recently become a fan favorite among gamers, and for good reason. The latest installment of the Crash Bandicoot series brings with it new levels, bosses, challenges, and of course, colored gem routes.

Colored gems have been a staple in the Crash Bandicoot franchise since its inception. These special gems are not found in every level; they require specific actions to be done by the player before being able to acquire them. Colored gem routes offer some of the most challenging experiences within each game but also come with their fair share of rewards as well.

Crash 4 introduces four types of colored gems – Red Gem, Blue Gem, Yellow Gem and Green Gem that are scattered throughout various levels in the game. Each color corresponds to a different type of challenge that players must face if they want to collect these precious stones.

The Red Gem route can be found on “Sizzling Sunset,” where our beloved bandicoot must dodge flaming fireballs while navigating through ropes suspended over molten lava pits! Talk about an adrenaline rush!

If you’re more into puzzles than dodging flames then we suggest chasing down the Blue Gems located on “Toxic Tunnels.” The players will get trapped inside enormous vats filled with poisonous liquid! You will need all your wits (and jumping skills!) to make your way out safely.

For those who crave adventure quests reminiscent of Indiana Jones movies should try attaining Yellow Gems hidden in “Dino Dash” which requires lightning-fast reflexes because players have got to outrun deadly dinos across crumbling bridges without falling off!

Finally comes one last challenge waiting for you at the end-game – getting hold kof Green Gems located on ‘Ferny Forest‘ Level . Here toxic fungi grove is home so expect sinister traps rigged up throughout this eerie landscape even enemies like Venus Flytraps lurking around ready to pounce.

In conclusion, Crash 4 offers an unparalleled challenge to players in its colored beam routes. Each level provides a unique thrill-ride that will leave you on the edge of your seat while honing those reflexes and cognitive skills at the same time! So go ahead give these challenges a try – having some fun is guaranteed but beware of mind-boggling puzzles and heart-pounding obstacles lying ahead !

How Crash 4 Colored Gems Can Change Your Game Strategy Forever

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time has taken the gaming world by storm since its release in October of 2020. The beloved old-school platformer has returned with a new twist, introducing the concept of colored gems that significantly change the game strategy.

As an artificial intelligence language model, I might not be able to experience and relish video games as humans do but trust me when I say this- Colored Gems make for one hell of a game-changer! These rare collectibles challenge players to replay levels and uncover hidden paths that lead to new challenges and rewards.

Each level typically contains up to six colored gems – red, blue, green, yellow, white, and purple – each requires different tactics and strategies from gamers. So what makes these colorful artifacts so special? Allow me to break it down for you:

Red Gem:
The Red gem is found on a challenging early stage called “Snow Way Out”. To unlock it, Crash must venture through the entire level without breaking any crates; only then will he find himself atop an airship where the red gem awaits him. Once collected successfully though means unlocking further passages inside certain stages throughout the game-bearing pitfalls or deadly drops over which regular jumping won’t cut it!

Yellow Gem:
Finding Yellow Gem presents yet another pretty tricky endeavor involving beating rats into submission -the rodent kind! In Level 8 “Off-Balance” , trap-laden pathways are made exclusively accessible by collecting every box across all three dimensions (some plain boxes don’t count) before climbing onto one unexplored section after initiating both members at once right beneath your feet… And voila there lies your much-concealed treasure–yellow rock worth beholding.

Blue Gem
Getting access to blue-gemmed passage represents quite likely even more cerebral work looking would-be guides willing enough- willing enough not getting run into eddies or projectiles periling them until finally arriving on the second half of Sea Shell Shenanigans thus enabling themselves access to follow its adventurous jewel ride down a dizzying tunnel.

Green Gem
The challenges don’t stop there, as next up we have the Green gem. In Level 5 “Run it Bayou,” Crash needs to complete the stage while only breaking green-colored boxes; another task that’s easier said than done! And once unlocked— get ready for some slippery jungle shoots -practicing double jump won’t hurt either!!

White Gem:
White gems are more straightforward… Or so they seem— It’s in level 14 “Offbeat” where one must roll along multiple stacks of nitro without ever getting hit by any explosives and finally triumph over all obstacles’ ‘til reaching end successfully!

Purple Gem:
Wanna know a secret? The purple gem awaits those super sleuths capable even of locating the hidden entrance amidst perilous heights at Nitro Processing zone in-level 17 called- ‘Furnace Fulla’ Fight’.

So certain paths lead exclusively towards subtle reward endings from which gamers can emerge with extra lives or an impressive speed boost, but only if enough time is devoted toward each chamber unlocking diverse secrets. For starters, these stones alter levels creating new areas making old ones entertainingly different offering unpredictability rendering players quick on the draw possibly averting trouble.

It’s easy to see why colored gems turn this already spectacular game into something much more intricate and challenging, but equally rewarding providing tougher puzzles for brainiacs or simply innovative ways striving forward should player become overwhelmed with difficult stretches same could be used as navigational aids alleviating potential tension crafted within Crash Bandicoot: It’s About Time!. So what turns out is expected rather extensive replayability concerning identical corners revisited habitually earning you higher completion marks taking vast amounts of hours ultimately requiring precision control mastery resulting from learning considerable subtleties residing inside each map corner present throughout Crash 4!

So strap in, folks. Those colored gems have made it clear that you’re about to take on a significantly more challenging and exciting adventure ahead. The challenge will be tough, but the payoff is sure to make every moment spent worth it!

Become a Master Collector: Tips and Tricks for Obtaining Every Crash 4 Colored Gem!

As a Crash Bandicoot fan, obtaining every colored gem in Crash Bandicoot 4 is an ultimate achievement. Not only does it show your dedication to the game, but it also unlocks additional levels and provides a sense of accomplishment.

But let’s face it; collecting all the colored gems can be tough! The game is designed to challenge even the most skilled players. However, with some tips and tricks up your sleeve, you too can become a master collector!

Tip #1: Practice Makes Perfect

Before attempting to collect any colored gem, it is essential to practice each level thoroughly. Familiarize yourself with the layout, timing of obstacles and their placement along with enemy patterns that arise during gameplay.

This knowledge will help you time your movements more accurately for greater success while chasing down gems.

Tip #2: Keep An Eye On Your Lives

Collecting certain gems requires going beyond normal routes or taking on extra challenges which might make things harder if failed continuously causing you to lose lives in vain. Therefore playing carefully and always keeping track of life counts becomes crucial which makes getting checkpoints evermore critical as they refresh attempts without initiating from scratch.

Take advantage of free-lives scattered throughout levels by smashing crates containing Wumpa Fruits ensuring maximum health possible encountered those tricky situations where one mistake can cost everything because sometimes…life isn’t fair!

Tip #3: Red Gem Challenges Await You

Looking for red-colored crystals? All eight must first be obtained before unlocking this challenging set found within hidden warp rooms located amongst many different levels that offer unique sets of hazards environments provide visually imposing landscapes adding more replay value besides just opening up doors elsewhere further enhancing interest not seen in easy-going predecessors..

Crash fans feel right at home due alongside creative mechanics appealing equally both casual rushes delightfully handled precise skill inherent difficulty appeals particular section gamers who want prove worthiness environment breaching through stages effort required reaching outcome thrilling experience brings forward extending already-replayable game.

Tip #4: Purple Gem Ain’t Gonna Collect Itself

In sharp contrast to other gems, The purple ones require a bit of patience and careful planning. These tricky fellows located on level “Run it Bayou” is obtainable when playing through the segment without breaking any crates marked with Nitro signs which can be lethal even after being smacked down before exploding – proving harder than they seem; trust me.

Purple Gems possess unique requirements cementing position-in-lineup beyond others adding creativity needed whereas more traditional methods won’t suffice making certain objectives forceful yet captivating solving puzzles preeminent asset testing completing tough activities present within mainliner extra reward for master collectors seen as an ultimate challenge worth every moment pushed past their limits achieving maximal satisfaction explaining why this gem alone stands out above all else showcasing bizarre creative vision offered developers throughout title quirky performance manifests implicitly nuanced methods tested going rampant amongst players building sense ever-so satisfying prestige among dedicated fans who want bragging rights able claim conquering toughest tasks in-game.

Tips And Tricks Wrapped Up For You

At last reaching the end nearly defeating gauntlets thrown forth shown amazing capabilities moving forward continuing journey collecting items found scattered about levels mastering colored gem techniques advancing skills further besides just enjoying everything else Crash Bandicoot 4 has offer outstanding gameplay mechanics, stunning landscapes intense obstacles make popping balloons making sure haven’t missed anything important taking notes learning layout proven successful completing every challenge possible providing utmost fulfillment until finally receiving platinum trophy required dominance over fellow gamers igniting future excitement since trouble waiting around corner looking lovers alike coming back again wanting something bigger better push experience levels higher then thought possible rendering adventure into platform heaven unbelievable delight everyone played therefore don’t miss opportunity indulgence unmatched scale realm revered titles embody epitome gaming highest quality…so gear up put intelligence test start seeking treasures hidden vast world!

Table with useful data:

Gem Type Description Location Effect
Red Gem Increases Crash’s health by 1 point N. Sanity Island, Level 1: Rude Awakening Crash starts the level with 4 health points instead of 3
Green Gem Allows Crash to perform a body slam attack The Hazardous Wastes, Level 10: Off Beat Crash can now ground-pound enemies and crates
Blue Gem Grants invincibility for a short period of time Tranquility Falls, Level 6: Snooze Ya Lose Crash becomes invulnerable to all damage for a brief time
Orange Gem Allows Crash to double jump Bermugula’s Orbit, Level 24: Crash Landed Crash can jump twice in mid-air, enabling him to reach higher platforms

Information from an expert:

As a crash 4 colored gems expert, I can tell you that collecting these gems can be incredibly rewarding. These rare crystals are scattered throughout the game and require players to complete challenging hidden objectives to acquire them. Each color corresponds to a different challenge, with some being more difficult than others. However, ultimately obtaining all four colors will unlock special levels and other secrets within the game. So if you’re up for a challenge, go ahead and try your hand at collecting all of the crash 4 colored gems!
Historical fact:

The introduction of the Crash Bandicoot video game series in 1996 included a unique feature called “colored gems,” which were hidden throughout certain levels and required specific criteria to be met to collect them. The fourth installment, Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex (2001), featured four colored gems that would unlock secret levels and alternate paths in the game.

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