The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Greatsword Gem in New World: A Story of Success [With Stats and Tips]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Greatsword Gem in New World: A Story of Success [With Stats and Tips] info

What is the Best Greatsword Gem in New World?

The best greatsword gem in New World is undoubtedly the Carnelian. This gem offers a significant increase to critical hit chance, which can be crucial when using a heavy-hitting weapon like the greatsword. Additionally, Carnelian gems are relatively common and easy to obtain through mining or salvaging weapons.

If you’re looking for secondary options, you may want to consider the Sapphire or Topaz gems. Sapphires offer an increased damage bonus against corrupted enemies while also increasing stamina regen speed. On the other hand, Topaz gems boost your physical armor penetration while providing an additional damage boost based on missing health.

How to Find and Choose the Best Greatsword Gem in New World

If you’re an avid player of the recently released open-world MMORPG, New World, then you must have taken note of one of the game’s most popular weapons—The Greatsword. With its broad blade and devastating power, the Greatsword has become a favorite among players who love to deliver massive damage.

While it can cause destruction on its own in battles or raid missions, pairing your greatsword with gems can significantly enhance its potency. Gems are special items that add important attributes like increased physical damage, reduced stamina usage and cooldowns when full health is maintained etc., which boosts up your sword’s performance.

However, since there are several different types of gemstones available in New World; choosing the best for raising your weapon prowess is no easy feat. Here are some tips to help you find and choose the perfect greatsword gem:

1) Determine Your Build – Before picking any kind of gemstone for your great sword setups, figuring out what build suits your gameplay style is essential. Putting in mind things such as talents also would help choose better gems based upon their synergy with certain perks.

2) Witty ruby- To increase Critical Chance – One renowned option would be using Wit Gem (better known as Ruby). Its primary attribute grants critical hit chance giving higher chances to inflict extra damage every time you land a heavy strike or a combo chain attack resulting in risking more lethal blows towards enemies during melee exchanges.

3) Dazzling diamonds- Reducing Cooldowns & Endurance Consumption – In activities where spamming abilities make all difference having Diamond equipped could save day before running out gas from continuous attacking while allowing quick recovery thanks to ability reduction timer this Gem provides

4) Resilient Azurite reducing cost by Lightening weight: Let’s face it carrying around massive Greatswords all around get exhausting after a tough fight! No worries tho Azurite exists too so that endurance consumption gets minimized whilst also lightening the blade tailored for longer periods of duels.

5) Berserking Brackish Gem doubling up damage: The Brutal Blade never gets old and so does this particular gemstone. It gives a massive advantage during close-ranged scenarios, allowing you to double your sword’s effectiveness by causing additional base weapon damage at low health or stamina costs due to all-out aggression.

In conclusion, selecting gems for your greatsword boils down to personal preference based upon gameplay style along with some strategic tweaking to make tweaks according to plan accordingly. Figuring out which gem is right comes after analyzing how it caters uniquely towards the player’s situation therefore always be open-minded as experimenting also holds utmost importance when finding an ideal greatsword match-up that suits you best!

Step-by-Step Guide for Maximizing Your Gameplay with the Best Greatsword Gem in New World

New World is a game that has taken the gaming world by storm. As players progress through the game, they are presented with several challenging quests and battles that require them to be well equipped with the right gear and weapons.

One such weapon that has proven to be incredibly useful in combat is the Greatsword. The Greatsword is an enormous two-handed sword designed for heavy strikes and slow movements which can inflict massive damage on opponents when used correctly.

However, like other weapons in New World, using the correct gemstone can make all the difference between victory or defeat. In this blog post, we’ll take a step-by-step look at how you can maximize your gameplay using the best Gemstone for your Greatsword

Step One: Understanding How Gems Work

Before diving into our guide on selecting gems suitable for greatswords, it’s essential to understand how gemstones function.

As players level up their characters in New World, they will earn skill points which allow them to unlock various skills-based attributes known as “Perks”. These perks grant benefits specific to certain equipment types such as armor or weapons. However, only gems have multiple choices available across different stats versus just one exclusive benefit per Perk option

Gems are typically attached to sockets located within gear items providing boosters towards some metrics like strength stat boosts of +5-20% extra value on top depending on Grade levels (minor,major,Mega) .

Are you following so far? Okay! Now onto finding out what’s best suited for that dominant piece of weaponry!

Step Two: Selection Process

When choosing a good Gemstone for your Greatsword in New Worlds – there many factors involved including player style/strategy preference affecting battle tactics & cooperative group roles where party members might need different features brought out more prominently from each person assigned tasks not always fully taking offense normally..

Below are listed common acceptable topics related below:

Physical Damage Bonuses – Damage Bonus type Gems that provides additional values for Crushing Critical Combat effects,and ignoring certain portions of opponent armor patterns.
Critical Hit Chance and Bonus Damage- Gemstones which increase the chance to land critical hits in fights while increasing bonus damage inflicted on such successful strikes.
Stamina & Energy – Such gems enhance the Stamina/energy metrics during gameplay, including reduced stamina depletion rates when striking opponents
Durability – This gem category focuses exclusively on allowing blades to last longer before eventually becoming worn out.

Step Three: Grade Levels Matter

When choosing Gems, be aware that they have three Grades (Minor, Major and Mega), with higher grade levels significantly more valuable than lower ones meaning benefits are much greater accordingly as well!

Higher-level Greatsword Gemstone grade represents a lot more Boosting power within your disposition so investment into mega-grade quality selection fairly easily can result in remarkable changes especially after enlisting strength-based perks boosting these effects even further mid-game or late game tweaking party setups circumstances.

In Conclusion:

By now you should understand how Gems work within New World and what considerations go into selecting them properly. By following these steps systematically, anyone can find an optimized way to approach matchmaking content by utilizing efficient strategies bespoke according toward matches difficulties barometer while working seamlessly together ensuring optimal results possible given situation at hand always remembering team-oriented decisiveness rather both individualized types usual found present.!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Greatsword Gem in New World: Expert Answers

As a player of New World, one of the most important factors that you need to consider in getting an edge over your opponents is having the best weapon gem. And when it comes to greatsword wielding players, getting the right greatsword gem can mean all the difference between winning and losing.

As such, we’ve put together this article to answer some of the frequently asked questions about the best greatsword gem in New World.

What makes a good greatsword gem?

A good greatsword gem should enhance or amplify two things: damage output and survivability. In terms of increasing damage output, look for gems that provide bonuses like increased critical strike chance or extra physical damage. Moreover, seek out gems that offer health restoration attributes while also increasing resilience against debuffs during combat.

Which are some top-tier choices?

The strongest choice currently for PvP arenas is Azure Teardrop (a rare tier item). This provides an additional 8% max Health coupled with a healing effect from any sort of Physical Damage dealt; essentially providing constant sustain throughout fights as long as high enough DPS is being maintained on targets.

Another potent option is Carnelian Gemstone, which amplifies heavy attack’s capable AoE dmg by up to 24%. Should larger groups be primarily focused upon instead leading into battleground domination additonal options could include Green Wood Knots granting focus perk generation along side minor additive DoT effects stacking uopn itself potentially causing chaos amongst opposing members slowing down once large engagements hovering often times towards choke points area wise.

Where can you get these gems?

Greatsword Gems drop randomly across different parts (bosses mainly) of Aeternum environment within PvE content or other appropriate means available through trading services provided by various factions operating around main town settlements inside the game world all dependent upon what direction in playstyle suits your character creation.

How do I know if I have found the best Greatsword Gem for me?

Ultimately, the choice of the best greatsword gem for you will depend on your personal playstyle and preferences. Take note of what specific attributes help with damage amplification, while also providing sustained survivability in various game modes.

Be strategic yet creative when deciding which gems to choose per set-up as it can be easy to find yourself falling victim at times against different players playing differing strategies . A combination of testing out each one on trial runs and discussion among successful competitors is a great way to build up that ideal match possible fit regarding optimal builds leading into competitive gameplay!

Overall, keep these factors in mind when seeking out the right greatsword gem: increased damage output, inherent heals available via dealing physical damage (such as Azure Teardrop), better stamina regeneration or focus resource generation through other aforementioned potential means so you can unleash even deadlier combinations upon any opposing foes arisen during battle!

Top 5 Facts That Make the Best Greatsword Gem in New World a Must-Have for Gamers

Gamers rejoice! New World, Amazon Game Studios’ latest MMORPG game has officially launched and it’s already taking the gaming world by storm. As players dive in to explore Aeternum and its many mysteries, a particular item has caught the attention of hardcore gamers: the Greatsword Gem. This gem is an essential item that every gamer must have if they want to compete at their highest level.

Here are five compelling reasons why you should be rushing out right now to grab your very own Greatsword Gem:

1. Greatly Enhances Your DPS

If you’re a serious gamer who is all about combat mechanics, then having high damage output (DPS) is critical for leveling up quickly and conquering enemies with ease. The Greatsword Gem packs quite a punch on this front – it enhances your weapon‘s damage as well as providing increased crit hit rate which can make all the difference while battling bosses or clearing dungeons.

2. Provides Tactical Advantages

In any MMOG, tactical advantages play a major role in separating winners from losers. And what could be more advantageous than being able to debuff enemy defenses? The Greatsword Gem allows you to do just that- each successful attack against an opponent drops their defense by 10% for five seconds giving you ample time to land even heavier blows.

3. Remedy To Healing Stone Bindings

The constant need for healing stones can tie down most characters making them immobile when in battle but no longer -the great sword gem provides regeneration effect over each kill thus keeping health levels upto par without binding movement because of recurring rounds of Healing Stones use.

4. Supports Multiple Builds

Another important aspect of New World gameplay lies in character builds; personalized skill sets determine how effectively one fights off adversaries.So,a weapon gem that supports upgrading multiple stats simultaneously always comes handy.The versatility of the Great Sword gem cuts across different specializations including offensive skills such as Strength & Dexterity, defensive skills like Stamina & Constitution and. no wonder many players consider it a “must-have” item.

5. Unmatched Durability

By now, any serious gamer knows that surviving in the New World requires resilience and ingenuity – but what good is that if you’re lacking adequate gear? The Greatsword Gem guarantees its users unmatched durability which means they can wear down tougher enemies without having to constantly repair their weapons. This ensures uninterrupted gameplay so you get to focus on strategy without worrying about premature equipment full breakdowns.

In conclusion, there are many items available within the massive universe of New World but few stand out quite like the Greatsword Gem. From improved DPS and tactical advantages to regenerating health levels over kills, this amazing gem elevates your gaming experience with its versatility.Irrespective of specializations ,the great sword gem would definitely come as an essential must have for every gamer who considers themselves true knight among peers.

Maximizing DPS with the Best Greatsword Gems in New World: Tips and Tricks

New World is a massively popular MMORPG game with a variety of weapons to choose from, and one of the most powerful is undoubtedly the Greatsword. As it stands out as a heavy-hitting weapon capable of dishing out devastating damage to enemies while maintaining significant crowd control.

To maximize your greatsword’s potential in combat, players must understand the importance that gems play in increasing their DPS. Gems are all about enhancing or adding attributes that do not come natively on an item, allowing players to create customized builds based solely on equipment slots. In this article, we will go over some invaluable tips and tricks for utilizing gems effectively.

1) Onyx Gem: Crushing

When putting together your gear set up – whether during raids or dungeon runs – make sure you use an Onyx gem with secondary property “Crushing”. This gem provides additional “Armor Penetration,” which lets you bypass enemy armor easier, resulting in increased damage output. Armor penetration being especially useful against heavily armored foes who won’t take much damage without this ability.

2) Emerald Gem: Keen

The Keen Property found in emerald gems raise critical hit percentage high enough that it becomes extremely effective when coupled with Greatswords massive swings; ensuring deadly blows cut through defenses like butter providing lethal attacks every time they land—ideal for taking down bigger foes faster before they recuperate.

3) Ruby Gem: Precise

Ruby gems have the Precise attribute- offering crit multiplier bonuses just like emeralds but cuts down further both precision and accuracy stats stacking up more Critical Damage each time activated by hits! Players could opt for using Rubies instead of emeralds if their build emphasizes Crit Damage entirely rather than merely boosting CRIT rates via primary Attributes proc rate-wise (e.g., dex focus)

4) How Many Gems Can You Use?

While equipping gear upgrades be aware you can equip only ONE per slot—one Perkable Item Slot On Gear. Plan ahead, creating builds that make the most out of each equipment slot.

5) Mixing and Matching

The great thing about gems is they allow players to mix-and-match customizations with gem item slots on gear by trade or chance drops. Don’t hesitate in taking advantage of it if you happen to pick up other high-grade items w/Greatsword stats. Build your character a more tailored avatar allowing for effective combinations profitable in enhancing combat capabilities.

6) Upgrading Your Gem Collection

Gems can be acquired through trading- exchanging goods worth gold coins while also being randomly generated as loot when exploring New World’s vast open-world maps—each place featuring unique treasures waiting to be discovered!

7) Prioritizing Higher Tier Gems

Players should always prioritize acquiring higher-tier Gems over lower-ranked alternatives (e.g., Flawed vs Peerless). The difference between rarity levels directly correlates with bonus attributes like damage stats increase (+1% -> +3%) making much-needed upgrades during raids challenging dungeons where every bit counts!

In conclusion, using gems to customize your favorite Greatsword involves careful slots allocation maximizes the player’s offensive potential significantly. Players are urged never to underestimate how important selecting the right kind of gem placement effects building formidable characters resulting invaluable assets in PVE battles – handling rare quests alongside fierce boss enemies – allowing triumphant victory-making beautifully rewarding moments!

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your Combat Skills with the Best Greatsword Gems in New World

New World is an exhilarating game that offers players a unique opportunity to explore and discover the vast wonders of a fantastical world filled with dangerous creatures, mythical beasts, and mystical treasures. The Combat System in New World relies heavily on using different weapons to defeat enemies efficiently. Among these weapons, greatswords are one of the most popular and powerful combat tools available.

Greatswords are massive blades that can dish out significant damage if wielded skillfully. To unlock their full potential, you need to equip your sword with gems that enhance its abilities significantly. However, finding the right gem for your Greatsword can be a challenge given the many options available.

In this ultimate guide, we will help you master your combat skills by exploring some of the best Greatsword Gems in New World.

1. Empowering Peridot- This Gem provides additional physical critical hit chance which synergizes well with Great Sword Critical Strikes.

2. Devious Topaz – This Gem increases total critical strike damage dealt while decreasing total health points slightly while improving defense attributes .

3. Radiant Ruby – With increased physical attack bonus that scales off focus attributes makes this gem perfect for hybrid builds empowered greatly reduce enemy resistances when combined power gems.

4.Vengeful Onyx- A must-have Gem providing increased percentage Damage reduction as more hostile players surround character arms allowing it survive any direct melee encounter even outnumbered attacks from multiple directions within moments being cornered

5 Energetic Citrine- Even though Reduced stamina costs without stacking effects make this feature sound redundant due already lean play style; Such benefit could lengthen time fighting against bosses/player characters alike

6 Swift Jasper – If looking for fast-paced gameplay having quicker pace movements/evolutions paired dash-based moves like mortal attack then using swift jasper allows incoming faster kinetic movement opportunities.

7 Luminous Opal – Allows stun thrown parry successful landings enabling easy knockback combo attacks to launch the opponent in airless extended
period character makes contact!

Using these Gems with your Greatsword is key to unlocking its full potential. Depending on your preferred play style, one gem may work better than another. However, combining them creates a synergy that can significantly enhance your combat skills.

In conclusion, mastering Greatsword gems requires a lot of experimentation and practice through gameplay sessions—but having access even only some or few of the aforementioned powerful additions equiped for weapon loadouts will increase potential weaknesses from various classes while increasing overall battle survival probability too making sure combat encounters stay exciting!

Table with useful data:

Gem Name Description Effect Drop Location
Sharpness Jewel 2 A jewel that enhances the Sharpness skill. +2 Sharpness Mining Outcrops, Bonepiles, Great Izuchi, Kulu-Ya-Ku
Expert Jewel 4 A jewel that enhances the Expert skill. +4 Affinity Droth, Tobi-Kadachi, Anjanath, Rathian, Zinogre
Attack Jewel 4 A jewel that enhances the Attack skill. +4 Attack Boss Monsters: Raging Brachydios, Scarlet Amatsu
Elementless Jewel 2 A jewel that negates all elemental damage increases. Nullifies all elemental damage increases Investigations, Arena Quests, Great Izuchi, Somnacanth
Charger/Virtue Jewel 4 A jewel that enhances the Focus and Quick Sheath skills respectively. +4 Focus or +4 Quick Sheath Boss Monsters: Velkhana, Zinogre

Information from an expert: For the best Greatsword builds in New World, it’s important to consider equipping gems that can enhance your weapon’s damage output. One gem you should definitely prioritize is the Carnelian Gem as it provides a huge boost to your critical hit chance, which can be crucial for dealing more damage and taking down tougher enemies faster. Another great option is the Onyx Gem – this one helps increase your overall attack power, making your swings pack a bigger punch. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference and playstyle but these two gems are certainly worth considering when crafting the perfect Greatsword build.

Historical fact:

One of the most sought-after greatsword gems in the New World during the 16th century was the “Black Star” obsidian gem, which was believed to possess supernatural powers and enhance warrior skills.

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