Unlocking the Mystery: Where to Find Black Soul Gems [A Comprehensive Guide with Stats and Stories]

Unlocking the Mystery: Where to Find Black Soul Gems [A Comprehensive Guide with Stats and Stories] info

What is where to find black soul gems?

Where to find black soul gems is a common question among Skyrim players. Black Soul Gems are used for enchanting and recharging magical weapons in the game.

  • You can purchase Black Soul Gems from merchants who specialize in selling enchanted items such as Falion, Enthir or Maramal.
  • You may also come across them while exploring ruins or caves that contain necromancers, mages, witches or other dark creatures.
  • In addition, completing certain quests will reward you with one or more Black Soul Gems including The Black Star quest acquired through Azura’s Daedric Shrine located northeast of Winterhold.

If you’re having trouble finding these rare gems, try checking out different vendors at various stages of the game and keep an eye out for opportunities during your travels and adventures.

Step-by-Step Instructions: Where to Find Black Soul Gems in Every Location

Hello there, fellow adventurer! Are you in need of some black soul gems for your latest quest? Look no further, as we have compiled a step-by-step guide to help you locate these precious gems in every location.

Firstly, let us start with the easiest and most commonly available source – merchants. Any court wizards or general goods merchants in Skyrim will likely carry at least one black soul gem for sale. Simply visit them and purchase the gem from their inventory. The downside is that they can be quite expensive.

Secondly, delve into various dungeons scattered throughout Skyrim. Many necromancers or mages will keep black soul gems within their lairs – keep an eye out for chests or containers that often hold valuable items including these elusive gems. Examples of locations where they can be found include Folgunthur Crypt, Shroud Hearth Barrow and Broken Fang Cave.

For those who are more daring and adventurous; consider seeking out daedric shrines such as Shrine of Azura, Mythic Dawn Museum (during Mehrunes Razor), or Castle Volkihar ruins– reputed grounds for finding Black Soul Gems on fan forums online – although take caution as this usually comes at great cost/exposure to danger.

Another option which may not come immediately to mind is trading unwanted loot that contains souls with Morthal’s Falion when he asks Vampire Cure favors from you during Rise In The East questline until you receive full Black Gem – just won’t be empty-will contain Dragonborns own darkened essence .

Lastly, level up your Conjuration skill tree sufficiently high enough so that certain enemies – specifically summoned Daedras used by other vampires encountered during Dawnguard missions – provide filled Black Soul Gems upon defeat granting plentiful boost through entire playthrough.!

In conclusion: whether strolling down busy market streets, navigating through treacherous caves & crypts conceiving improbable encounters against supernatural foes all pave way towards locating these sought-after timesavers in the heat of much demanding adventure, this guide has provided valuable sources ranging from safest routes to high risks and rewards for locating black soul gems.

So no more hesitation – Go forth and collect those Black Soul Gems! Good luck, adventurer!

FAQs Answered: Everything You Need to Know About Finding Black Soul Gems

As a beginner in Skyrim, you may have come across black soul gems and found yourself wondering what they’re for. Don’t worry; you’re not alone – many players are confused about these dark-colored shards.

Putting it simply, black soul gems are used to trap the souls of stronger creatures such as humans, elves, animals with greater power or those marked as essential characters (which prevents them from dying), allowing you to use their energy for your enchantments. You can also sell empty ones to mages who will only take this type of gem and dwarven constructs running late side quests that require specific components.

To help clear up any confusion surrounding how to obtain Black Soul Gems in Skyrim and where they can be located, we’ve put together a helpful guide featuring some frequently asked questions:

What is the difference between ordinary Soul Gems and Black Ones?
Soul Gems come in a variety of sizes and powers but mostly depend on which creatures’ souls one wants trapped inside them: lesser enemies like wolves, bandits or even undeads populate most standard ones; though still quite useful when enchanting wares – especially for beginners-, more advanced magic abilities require larger vessels.
Black Soul Gems follow the same principles but instead house two types of spirits- regular beings like humanoids or beast folk plus incredibly powerful creatures making it high-value loot pretty difficult collect.

Where Do I Find Black Soul Gems In Skyrim?

One way is purchasing/selling with merchants specializing arcane goods like Falion or Enthir who after unlocking certain narrative moments will stockpile until being traded off again through gold coins value proportional against difficulty acquiring (for example if looking at Falion prices outpaced similar trades due level restriction during Dawnguard quest-line). Master missions sometimes offer so-called “crown jewels,” which contain within their body tough resistance while providing uses benefitting magical experiences rather an average output finding conventional pipes.
Another option would involve exploring previously restricted areas now available through DLCs like Dawnguard and Dragonborn; solstheim exposes you to cave systems, ancient dwemer ruins perfect for collecting gemstones – often being guarded by powerful necromancers or rusted enemies. Also hidden deep into Blachreach Falmer cities within Black Books provide complex challenges and can award players with extraordinary rewards including this long sought after stones.

How to fill a black soul gem?

Firstly target the creature(s) possessing strongest essence using weapons ranging from spells all the way down to spoken words- once defeated immediately search their inventory in order find specific enchantment that enables trapping of souls also known as “Soul trap.” Then cast it upon them before quickly (or at convenient time if unable immediate access) use common soul gems/empty ones for storing up acquired energy flow ensure readiness when required.
Another good option involves heading directly towards soul cairn available exclusively through aerial transportation provided via accessible portal outside Volkihar courtyard located somewhere south west high point Riften offers striking visuals inside boundless realm featured in Dawnguard packs light sky-scape which containing both weakened and flourishing creatures of past wilderness resulting consequence completing quests freeing inmates bounteous bonus items dropping during progress as well an ideal location collecting commonly raidable Soul Gems plus variety other precious heirlooms.

Can I reuse Black Soul Gems In Skyrim?
Yes! Unlike ordinary Gem Souls where contents dissipate shortly after usage,magic holders give back opportunity reusable function by cleansing methodology – conveniently able actuated existence multiple ways enhancing potency.
One method avoiding damage cost associated consuming each partly-filled container would involve recharging via equipped weapon: upon finishing drain power adds equal strength so user does not require refill whenever runs low simply applies defeating monsters without having actively equipment ready disposal while backpacking along routes making skillful decisions optimize game minutes fully efficiently productive territory given on hand- usually focusing around exploiting tougher assets resistant weaker counterparts distance.


Black soul gems offer a unique form of energy for your enchantments in Skyrim, trapping the souls of beings you wouldn’t usually be able to. With numerous ways to obtain them and methods to fill and reuse them, taking advantage of these items can enhance gameplay tenfold.

So go forth Dragonborn and collect those Black Soul Gems with pride!

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Best Places to Find Black Soul Gems

As a soul-hoarding mage, you are probably always on the hunt for more black soul gems. While these powerful artifacts can be found scattered throughout Skyrim, there are certain locations where they are much easier to come by.

But did you know that there are some fascinating facts about these places? Here are the top 5 most interesting things you didn’t know about the best places to find black soul gems in Skyrim:

1. The Black Star quest provides an unlimited source of black souls:

The first location on our list is none other than Azura’s Star. This Daedric artifact can hold any kind of soul, but if you complete the “Black Star” quest, it becomes a reusable container for infinite black souls. Yes, that means no need to panic when facing stronger enemies like giants or dragons- their impressive souls will live on within your trusty star.

2. The Rift Watchtower has one open chest with guaranteed Black Soul Gems:

One unassuming Dwemer chest under the watchful eye of mercenaries awaits atop this tower in Southeast Rift – and inside awaits two flawless and five common (alongside a great disappointment). Although easy loot isn’t exactly what we remember skyrim being about- but hey! This one does make farming way less time consuming!

3 . Hemming’s Shame holds more than just stolen weapons:

Taking his secrets with him when he died was never Gathrik’s plan – and thusly brought forth endless opportunities for both Dragonborns and bandits alike seeking revenge or riches.. Deep beneath Riften’s sewers is said location filled with former thieves turned now hostile guards occupying various parts of the area; all eventually leading up to valuable treasures hidden behind locked doors at each end – including multiple leveled chests paired with multiple respawning instruments perfect for enchanting.

4 . Shalidor’s Maze guarantees its own cost:

Located out in Winterhold stands quite possibly one of Skyrim’s most challenging yet magnificently rewarding challenges: Shalidor’s Maze. Notoriously being the former testing grounds for Guild mages and one of The College’s greatest treasures, exploring its depths is a journey worth taking as it contains multiple puzzles, traps and enemies but most importantly… 10 filled Black Soul gems. Though judging by some players experience that may just about cover the cost of all those sweetrolls you’ll need to buy after completion.

5 . Orphan Rock has guardians with souls willing to be extracted:

While previous entries on this list had been well-known locations in Skyrim inhabited either by common folk or dangerous forces ,Orphan Rock might seem like another ordinary dungeon not worthy of anyone’s attention.. right? But Its quick turnoff from the main road towards Helgen makes perfect sense once entering – as they are protected by four (4) Hagravens; each wielding powerful magic alongside an equally forceful soul ready for extraction.

In summary, discovering black soul gems scattered throughout Skyrim won’t always come easy and sometimes will require cunning puzzle-solving skills or brute strength- however familiarizing yourself with these hidden places can save you countless hours spent aimlessly wandering dungeons waiting for that elusive sparkle – so take your pick from our top 5 favorite spots today!

No Stone Unturned: Uncovering the Hidden Spots of Black Soul Gem Locations

In the world of Skyrim, there are few things more valuable than a Black Soul Gem. Filled with the essence of sentient beings, these gems can be used to enchant weapons and armor with some seriously impressive effects. But tracking them down is no easy task. Fortunately for you though, I’m here to help uncover some hidden spots where you might find a Black Soul Gem or two.

First stop on our list: Hob’s Fall Cave. Located southwest of Riften, this cave is home to a powerful necromancer who has been known to keep several Black Soul Gems in his possession. You’ll have to fight your way through undead minions and dangerous traps to reach him but it’s definitely worth the effort if you’re looking for one of those precious gems.

Next up: Lost Valkygg. This ancient Nordic tomb is located just north of Labyrinthian and packs quite a punch when it comes to loot. Among all its riches lies at least one Black Soul Gem, guarded by draugr deathlords that will test even the toughest Dragonborns out there.

For those willing to travel further off-the-beaten-path, head southeast from Falkreath towards Peak’s Shade Tower – an abandoned tower that doubles as a bandit campsite nowadays (as so many other places do). Be prepared for tough fights but once they’ve all fallen… check their leader’s body – chances are he’ll carry around at least one full-sized gem or two filled soul-traps ready-to-use!

Finally, let’s not forget about Movarth’s Lair – situated west-southwest of Morthal which certainly warrants mention too! This vampire den hides deep underground… maybe perhaps just right beneath your very feet? *wink-wink* Although shiny-bloodthirster enemies aside; what interests us most is moving along in sinister living quarters’ eastern portion where we may discover (sometimes – fingers crossed!) multiple black gems buried underneath scattered bones and a convenient pedestal which was designed to contain them.

Closing thoughts: These are just a few examples of the numerous locations where Black Soul Gems may be found. The trick is to always keep an eye out for those hidden places, nook and crannies that might not appear on your maps at first glance – some detectives would say “look for clues!” – for Skyrim’s world has many secrets yet untold… So don’t forget to dive deep into dungeons, check enemy inventories thoroughfully after winning battles – even search between cracks in musty walls as these dark gemstones are waiting somewhere just inches beneath our fingertips!

Hunting High and Low: Discovering the Most Reliable Sources of Black Soul Gems

As a seasoned Elder Scrolls player, there’s no denying that black soul gems are one of the most sought after crafting items in the game. These powerful soul gems allow players to trap the souls of sentient creatures, providing an ample source of power for enchantments and other purposes. However, finding reliable sources of these coveted items can be quite difficult.

So where can you find black soul gems? Let’s start with the basics: unlike regular soul gems which can be easily acquired from merchants or harvested from certain magical creatures, black soul gems require more effort on your part. The easiest way to obtain them is by purchasing them from various vendors throughout Skyrim like Babette in Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary who will always have three Black Soul Gems available for purchase each time they restock.

But what if you’re looking for a free option? One location known to house many black soul gem opportunities is at Volkihar Keep during the Dawnguard DLC questline. During this mission, players must infiltrate an ancient castle owned by vampiric forces seeking to destroy all that is holy in Skyrim! As you embark on your journey through this harrowing dungeon area filled with perilous traps and enemies perhaps too strong usual Vampires lurking around so beware!.

One strategy would be to sneak past vampires undetected – if successful; pick pocketing their belongings often yields valuable loot such as potions, enchanted gear and yes…Black Soul Gems. It’s important though keep in mind that failing may lead potentially fatal consequences should surrounding enemies hear or see any suspicious actions happening around their turf.

Another arena worth exploring is Potema’s Catacombs located within Solitude’s walls but accessible only via Wolf Queen Awakened while pursuing its side-quest storyline. Although it requires some exploration skills and combat readiness (hint: bring silver weapons), Potema’s final resting place provides plenty opportunity found mainly inside tombs – roaming undead occupants frequently carry Black Soul Gems & jeweled ornamentations. Talk about killing two birds with one stone (or Draugr, for that matter) right?

If these options don’t work out enough to satisfy any collecting needs there are more options available throughout Skyrim; although they may require additional challenges such as necromancy practice or becoming a member of the Black Hand where access also includes regular deliveries of Valuable items like daedric hearts! Don’t let lack of companionship discourage you– Atronachs summoned from Oblivion realms can provide similarly outcomes.

In conclusion, black soul gems might be tough to come by but seeking them out is definitely worthwhile given their unmatched value in alchemy and enchantment crafting. With careful planning and tactics, players can discover all sorts of hidden treasure troves containing these powerful gems so keep your eyes peeled if searching amid surrounding locations!. The path may not always prove comfortable or even ethical – it’s survival-of-the-fittest mode here folks – But the rewards waiting at end will make every struggle along journey worth it all..

Unleash the Power Within: Tips and Tricks on Obtaining Black Soul Gems for All Your Enchantment Needs

Black Soul Gems are one of the most coveted items in Skyrim. These precious gems allow for enchantment on a whole new level, granting you access to powerful spells and abilities that would otherwise be impossible.

So how do you go about obtaining these elusive gems? Fear not, my friends! In this blog post, we’re going to share with you some tips and tricks that will help you unlock the power of Black Soul Gems for all your enchantment needs.

Tip #1: Know Your Enemies

The first step in acquiring Black Soul Gems is knowing which enemies have black souls. Certain creatures like humanoids, vampires, and daedra possess black souls. A simple way to ensure that an enemy has a black soul is by using a spell called Detect Life or Aura Whisper. This will highlight all living creatures around you along with their type of soul.

Once you’ve identified an enemy with a black soul, quickly defeat them with either magic or melee attacks before they can escape into Oblivion.

Tip #2: Invest in Enchanting

As obvious as it may seem but if you want to fully utilize Black Soul Gems then investing time (as well as maybe money) into your Enchanting skill tree is essential. Focus on perks such as “Soul Squeezer”and “Soul Gem Mastery”, which increase the chance of capturing larger souls and give greater charges per gem respectively. The higher your Enchantment skill becomes also affects things like armor rating boost when enchanting armors/clothing amongst other variables depending on what equipment needs improving.

Accompany those perks are several potion recipes focusing on fortifying both Enchantment skill/charges once crafted if unsure I suggest visiting Urag gro-Shub inside The Arcanaeum at College Winterhold where he’ll provide more insight including books about apparel crafting & smithing!

Tip #3: Don’t Waste Those Lesser Souls

Bring out the vacuum cleaner, because we don’t want a single soul to go to waste. Even though you’re looking for black souls gems, capturing the lesser and common enemies like rat will still provide fills up your weaker Soul Gems.

Combining lesser or more common sized soul gem filling gives “empty” Black Soul Gem equivalent in-game terms called Grand size ready for reuse! Hold on to all sizes of empty that’ll allow time-efficient combinations into crafting lesser runes/sigils! Remember every fill you make is an investment!

In Summary

Black Soul Gems are incredibly powerful items that can give you access to incredible enchantments. Your journey towards obtaining them begins with knowing which enemies possess black souls and capitalizing on their weaknesses. Once captured within a Black Soul Gem they grow into reusable tools limited only by the strength & quantity per individual found.

Investing in Enchantment skill tree, potions that fortify said perks from craft-able materials as well as holding onto excess it’ll help level-up your capabilities just as collecting riches does too… but instead of coins flashing before your eyes; cool glowing weapons/armour feel pretty good when done right – happy hunting everyone!

Table with useful data:

Location Description
Fort Snowhawk Black soul gem can be found in the dungeons beneath the fort, guarded by necromancers.
Ilinalta’s Deep Black soul gem can be found in the final room of the dungeon, on a pedestal.
The Black Star quest The reward for completing the quest is a refillable black soul gem.
Meridia’s Shrine Meridia gives the player a black soul gem during the quest “The Break of Dawn”.
The Soul Cairn Black soul gems can be found scattered around the area or looted from undead enemies.

Information from an Expert

Black soul gems are a rare and powerful item in the world of magic. As an expert on this topic, I recommend searching for these gems in ancient ruins and dungeons where dark rituals were once performed. The Necromancer’s Amulet, located in Ragnvald temple, is also a great place to find black soul gems as it can replenish them over time. Additionally, visiting merchants such as Enthir or Falion may lead you to sources of black soul gems as they often deal with the darker side of magic. Keep in mind that these gems should be used with caution due to their strong connection to the Daedric gods.

Historical fact:

During the First Era, black soul gems were known to be found in various ruins and tombs throughout Tamriel, particularly in Morrowind where they were used by the Telvanni mages for their necromantic rituals. However, due to their nature of trapping sentient beings’ souls, black soul gems have been outlawed by most societies since then.

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