Unlock the Secret to Getting More Gems in Brawl Stars: A Personal Story and Data-Driven Guide [2021]

Unlock the Secret to Getting More Gems in Brawl Stars: A Personal Story and Data-Driven Guide [2021] info

What is how to get gems brawl stars


How to get gems in Brawl Stars is a common question among players. Gems are essential resources that can be used for various purposes, like buying premium items or unlocking new game modes. One way to acquire them is by completing quests and events, but they can also be purchased with real money.

How to Get Gems in Brawl Stars

Method Description
Complete Quests and Events Gems are often rewarded for finishing tasks like defeating bosses or playing specific game modes during special events.
Purchase Gems with Real Money You can buy gems directly from the in-game shop using your credit card or other payment methods.


How to Get Gems in Brawl Stars

– Complete quests and events.
– Purchase gems with real money.
– Participate in special offers provided by Supercell affiliated companies which may offer bonus rewards for purchasing their products (for example subscriptions).

Step-by-Step: How to Get Gems in Brawl Stars Like a Pro

Brawl Stars is one of the most popular mobile games in the world right now. While it’s undeniably addictive, players often find themselves struggling to get enough gems to unlock new characters and game modes.

If you’re a pro looking for some tips on how to get more gems in Brawl Stars, here are some steps that will help you out:

Step 1: Participate In Events

One of the easiest ways to earn gems in Brawl Stars is by participating in events. These could be anything from special challenges or multiplayer battles where rewards are offered for winning matches.

By consistently taking part in these events, you’ll not only sharpen your skills but also obtain additional currencies like tokens which can then be exchanged for larger numbers of gems. Keep an eye out for tournaments and esports competitions as well – they offer hefty prize money and make good ground for collecting extra gems.

Step 2: Complete Daily Quests And Missions

Brawl Stars offers daily quests and missions that reward gemstones when completed successfully. These can vary from simple tasks like playing a certain number of rounds or winning specific matchups while battling with different heroes; however small these may seem over time they add up significantly giving many free opportunities towards unlocking new boxes.

Keep track of all available quests every day and ensure none goes uncompleted – this could put you off your target earning within a short period due to missed opportunities!

Step 3: Spend Gems Wisely And Save Them Up

Don’t waste hard-earned resources on insignificant purchases! It’s important always to focus spending just enough amounting required at any given point rather than randomly splurging them around without caution. For instance, instead of blowing away those rarest three-boxes immediately upon acquiring them try holding onto them until higher multiplier features like discounted rates show up.

Similarly so even though buying character skins may look tempting at first glance its worth studying gameplay tactics prior making decisions leading with perfect choices that always reap high rewards.

Step 4: Make The Best Use Of Friend Invites

Inviting friends to join the game often comes with perks; such as free premium content and currency if they stick around long enough. This play-together strategy allows you both to complete challenging missions and levels faster while stacking up all those gems between yourselves – making it an easier route towards achieving shared goals, everyone wins!

In conclusion, there are tons of ways you can earn gems in Brawl Stars by just playing smarter and paying attention. Don’t forget to keep a fair balance when spending on extra perks versus saving them up for something more significant in future depending on what suits your almighty gaming style!

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Gems in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars, the popular mobile game that has captured millions of gamers worldwide is all about unlocking new characters and leveling up to progress further in the game. Gems are an essential resource in Brawl Stars, which allows players to unlock new brawlers, skins or speed up the process of opening brawl boxes.

As a gamer on this platform, you might have a few questions regarding how you can get gems in Brawl Stars. Here’s a detailed list of the most frequently asked questions by gamers:

Q: What is the easiest way to get gems?

One common question most gamers will ask is what the easiest ways to earn gems in Brawl stars are? The primary method for acquiring free gems as it stands now is through ‘Brawl Pass.’ This feature unlocks after reaching level 30 while playing regularly during available seasons. You also receive one free gem per day from watching ads.

Q: Can I buy Gems using actual money?

Yes! Developers who created brawl stars expected many gaming enthusiasts would be willing to buy more coins and tokens required for purchasing stuff like skins, weapons with real-world currency if given such options. Players can convert their real-world money into ”gems” within its application store where they must pay via Google Play or Apple Pay transactions depending upon your device.

Q: How do I participate In Special events and tournaments take place periodically?

Specialized leagues exist exclusively for those competitive edge desires infusing added urgency once understood – by playing online against other users earning coveted prizes exclusive merchandise distributed amongst notable videos seen across online platforms following official channels promoting similar content celebrating community focused initiatives wherever possible internationally connecting us globally thanks mainly due diligence found therein fostering meaningful connections between teammates whilst sharpening skills honed together over time attending dedicated esport conferences around globe renowned participants masters own chosen unique abilities constantly pushing limits collective fun had anyone engaged itself breeding lifelong friendships e-discussion groups help guide optimal performance hacking upcoming challenges testing strategies already utilized

Q: What is ‘Brawl Stars’ free gems hack and does it work?

As tempting as the option may seem, Brawl Stars free gems hacks are not legitimate ways to earn gems in the game. Using hacks or cheats of any kind violates the terms of service agreement players agree to when they first sign up for an account on this platform.

In conclusion:

Getting started with Brawl Stars can be a bit overwhelming, but that shouldn’t discourage you from playing. Gems will undoubtedly come in handy along your journey, but remember to use them responsibly so you won’t miss out on exclusive features of this popular mobile game. We hope this article answered most queries regarding gem acquisition on Brawl stars while urging readers never attempting invalid exploits bypassing formal security mechanisms embedded within its coding design structure strictly prohibited regardless alleged benefits claimed thereby due diligence necessary achieve gaming glory its own right!

The Top 5 Tricks and Tips for Getting More Gems in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a fast-paced, action-packed game where strategy and skill are the keys to success. Gems are an essential currency in Brawl Stars that allow players to unlock new characters, skins, upgrades, and more. However, gems can be challenging to come by as they are not readily available throughout the game. If you’re looking for ways to get more gems in Brawl Stars, look no further! In this article, we’ll share with you the top five tricks and tips for getting more gems in Brawl Stars.

1. Play Bounty Mode

Bounty mode is one of the best ways to collect gems quickly. This game mode requires players to eliminate enemy team members while avoiding being eliminated themselves. Each time you take out an opponent on the other team, their bounty becomes yours. Collecting bounties will earn you coins and increase your chances of acquiring gems.

2. Claim Free Rewards

Did you know that Brawl Stars has daily and weekly rewards? These rewards include free coins and treasure boxes containing brawl tokens or even high-valued items such as legendary skins or character voice lines – some may contain eCoins aka starcoins Which can grant access specific skin/skins which makes it easier for most gamers who doesn’t have enough money if any The only catch is that these bonuses need consistency at playing every day/week just check them right when they pop up so not miss something valuable!

3. Complete Daily Tasks

Completing daily tasks is another excellent way to get bonus rewards in the form of extra coins or treasure-chests during weekends mainly through events that endure two whole days alongside double-star token stacking each win making things much easier towards gaining those over 90 complicated challenges along different themes like sports month/chinese year etc.. It’s worth taking note about finishing every challenge depending on difficulty since harder ones yield higher prizes than easy peasy basic stuff.

4.Grasp Opportunities Like Special Events AKA Gem Rush

The gem rush events are an incredible opportunity to earn a large number of gems in a short period. These occur randomly, so it’s essential always to check where these type of bonuses/gifts pop up online. This kind of event allows players to accumulate as many trophies as possible within the given time limit on specific days like weekends or holidays annually.

5.Connect your account with Supercell ID, and gather the boosters..

Supercell ID is something unique provided by Brawl Stars’ developers – Supercell that gives registered users access to special perks including tokens & star-coins booster packs mostly geared towards beginners who already signed-up gaining an additional starter kit defined later as “Beginners Box”. That’s why no less than anyone fancies some extra support since they need those early boosts for levelling their characters much faster! As there’re multiple platforms available nowadays which may quickly get confusing sometimes make sure you have linked right across one means ensuring maximum benefits after all upgrading never hurts at all!

In conclusion, getting more gems in Brawl Stars needs patience and dedication mainly if someone does not want to shell out real money or endless hours spending hard-earned coins. The tips listed above offer simple and efficient ways to increase your gem count without any excessive sacrifices!. Adding these tricks mentioned inevitably leads on making gameplay smoother while increasing rewards thereby boosting player morale making them back again anytime.

Strategies for Farming Gems and Skins in Brawl Stars Game Modes

Brawl Stars is a fast-paced, multiplayer game that has taken the gaming world by storm. Players battle it out with their friends or strangers in different game modes to collect gems or skins among other rewards. One of the essential parts of mastering Brawl Stars involves knowing how to farm gems and skins effectively.

Gems are one of two in-game currencies used to buy various items such as brawl boxes, event tickets, and token doublers from the shop. Skins, on the other hand, change a player’s character appearance but have no impact on gameplay elements.

Here are some simple yet effective strategies for farming gems and skins in several game modes:

1) Gem Grab: This mode requires players to gather 10 gems; holding them uninterrupted until they reach ten seconds ensures victory. Collaborating with your team members is essential during this mode as you must have constant possession of ten gems within your team’s grasp while keeping an eye out for ambushes from enemy teams.

2) Heist: In this mode, there are two safe sections – one attacked and another defended – each playing for three minutes per round before swapping roles. If successful at defending their safe zone–or attacking their opponent’s–the winning team earns coins and trophies proportional to the amount left when time runs out
Players need teamwork in heist mode since everyone relies on each other to protect their respective ends without letting down teammates who make crucial contributions towards success

3) Bounty: This mode involves eliminating opponents brawlers gathered around maps dotted with obstructions along which players put up attacks against these opponents resulting into elimination.
The strategy here is not only setting traps but also waiting patiently every time new enemies show up it takes skillful tactics because those champions will aggressively rush toward whoever first spots them instead of standing back passively so staying close together can provide helpful backup giving entire teams more chances than just relying strictly on individual skills alone.

4) Showdown: This solo battle mode permits 10 players, and the last remaining player standing claims all of their trophies. Players enter into matches by surviving, picking up power boxes or attacking others to stay alive depending on its configuration.

5) Power Play: This Battle Stars unique game mode allows players to compete with other online adversaries without worrying about losing trophies in a never-ending battle where more wins add additional value over time

To maximize farming gems and skins, it is possible through these modes to keep an eye out for Brawl Stars’ latest events that offer significant rewards. These event-based modes showcase different objectives while also featuring star powers for brawlers concerning potentially satisfying prize assets across proceedings.


Farming gems and skins efficiently should be every gamer’s top priority when playing Brawl Stars as they can impact one’s chances of advancing quickly through the ranks – It requires patience, strategic planning based on each game mode-specific demands which must align with individual skills level ensuring continuous investment towards upgrades which help advance quicker than strictly relying purely on chance within farmable aspects like gemstones or skin acquisition alongside many compelling gameplay opportunities offered in turn.

The Pros and Cons of Paying Real Money for Gems in Brawl Stars

In Brawl Stars, there’s always something to strive for. Maybe you want a new brawler, some cool skins on your current ones or just extra power-ups to help you dominate in battle. Either way, gems can make all these things possible – but are they worth the real money required to buy them?

Firstly, let’s talk about the pros of buying gems with real money. By purchasing gems directly from the in-game store using actual cash, players can instantly acquire vast amounts of offerings without waiting days trying to earn enough by playing regularly.

Purchasing Gems not only gives players immediate access but also offers a sense of exclusivity and prestige – some gems cannot be earned through free play and purchases offer additional gem value which accentuates the experience that comes from being able to acquire exclusive brawlers.

Another important aspect is convenience; it frees up time so that people who want access multiple goodies within seconds rather than spending hours upon hours grinding their way towards glory through repetitive gameplay.

However, as usual there two sides of every coin! Let us get into what we consider the cons when it comes down to shelling out real money on an app dedicated solely for entertainment purposes like this one:

The first downside is definitely P2W (payer-to-win) mainly because paying for precious stones makes it easier for certain ‘assertive’ gamers with financial resources at their disposal more likely win matches against those unable or unwilling fork over hard-earned dollars just for virtual goods .

Many would argue that Paying-to-Win removes–the whole point of game play: Forging stories while mastering small successes crucial skillsets rewarding victories ultimately leading onto having fun!

It may seem like a small trade-off at first until we realize how much harder it becomes once opposing teams possess substantial advantages in-game modes designed especially where levels matter based on elemental strengths & weaknesses.’

In addition,, loot boxes have long caused controversy due its unclear nature sparking an ethical debate about gambling. It is all too easy to get caught up in opening boxes and the excitement it brings (similarly to online poker or slot machines). Players might end up spend more real money than they initially intended, potentially leading to financial or personal problems.

So there you have it – the pros and cons of paying real money for gems in Brawl Stars are both valid depending on what one values most as a gamer. While some may be content with slowly amassing resources via grinding out matches, others who crave immediate gratification and exclusivity will choose to pay directly into their accounts.

Our recommendation? A healthy balance between playing through challenges without becoming obsessed with loot box results while also taking advantage of paid options wisely while enjoying this game at its fullest potential!

Conclusion: Mastering the Art of Getting Gems in Brawl Stars, A Recap.

However, getting gems isn’t always easy. There’s no surefire way to obtain them effortlessly; instead, players must employ various strategies to increase their chances of earning more gems. Thus without mastering some crucial techniques or aspects that come along with playing Brawl Stars, it can be a daunting task to catch up with top ranking players who have already mastered these skills

So what does it take to master the art of getting gems? The first thing you need is grit – there will be days when you’re lucky and manage to gather lots of each gem without much effort, while on other days things might not go your way at all.

That said here are ten tips we’ve shared with fellow gamers over time that have helped us collect plenty osf gems:

1) Participate in Event Modes
Event modes can offer opportunities like no others when It comes down to obtaining valuables like trophies which then translates into rewards received from trophy progression after an event ends – including lots o’gems!
2) Collect Star Tokens.
By playing matches under 3v3 events (like Siege), hunting star tokens becomes quite profitable especially if they accumulated for this reason before potentially converting them into large amounts of loot.
3) Join Forces With A Club!
Clubs allow access towards increasing daily token gain, improving interaction between teammates which helps achieve those quests together quicker
4) Keep Levelling Up Your Brawler’s Level!
Higher level means more experience points earned supposedly resulting in better amount than being normally rewarded ratio wise
5) Work On Achievements And Quest Tasks.
Each completed stage within an achievement or a task offers considerable amounts of gems on their own, so it’s worth the investment to work towards these milestones
6) Take Advantage Of Power Play Points (PP).
This is automatic 1-2 gem reward(s) from just playing daily. Strategize with your brawlers in knowing you will earn power play points for every win and likewise be as efficient while avoiding unnecessary losses.
7) Stay Determined & Keep Pushing!:
Push higher trophy road rankings yield greater rewards; prizes come by participating in seasonal challenges too that offer specific themed objects plus multiple chest contents – including more coveted gems!
8) Look Smart – Focus Winning Games Over Losing Them.
Because winning requires skill and coordination between teammates, time spent reflects much better than facing inevitable setbacks when losing aimlessly. Scrap those ill-conceived strategies and embrace new tactics learned through constant practice!
9.) Prioritize Fighting For The Center Gem Grain In Gem Grab Modes!
It’s most advisable moving promptly towards the center by transporting power cubes over there quickly: often downplaying safety as key objective early enough only comes back to bite at the end almost always resulting in defeat; hence stay within two tiles apart each other before rushing off into unknown danger territory unless absolutely necessary otherwise persevere around central area like champ extra careful assessment equipped well prior taking them risks gradually onwards afterwards carefully edging forward again.. Result? Valuable chalices directly awarded too alongside collecting valuable crystals thereby earning precious stones collectively tied together progressing towards leaderboard top!

10 ) Be Creative! Try Before Dismissing Situations Pre-Analyzed By Self-Doubts Hinder Your Success Rate;
Do not let fear of failure keep you from experimenting until something genuinely works out without limiting possibilities yourself. Such simply involves improvisation regarding tinkering struggling ideas out becomes successful which then make player appreciate game even more.

The bottom line is that getting gems takes time and determination, as well as focus and experimentation. By following the tips discussed here, however, players can not only become more effective at getting gems but also enjoy a better overall gaming experience with Brawl Stars.

Table with useful data:

Method Description
Gem Mine Build and upgrade your Gem Mine to earn gems over time.
Rewards Participate in special events and complete challenges to earn gems as rewards.
Shop Purchase gems directly from the in-game Shop using real money.
Pass Royale Subscribe to Pass Royale to receive additional rewards, including gems, each season.
Brawl Boxes Open Brawl Boxes for a chance to receive gems.

Information from an Expert

As a Brawl Stars expert, I can tell you that the best approach to acquiring gems is by participating in events and completing daily quests. These activities provide opportunities for earning gems as rewards. Additionally, purchasing gem packs with real money or using Google Opinion Rewards app can also be valuable ways of obtaining them. It’s essential to exercise caution when buying gems since it can become expensive quickly. With persistence and good decision-making skills, achieving your desired amount of gems doesn’t have to be challenging at all!

Historical fact:

Gems were introduced as a currency in Brawl Stars in December 2018, and players can obtain them through various means such as leveling up, completing challenges, winning events or purchasing them with real money.

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