Unlock the Secret to Getting More Gems in Dragonvale: A Personal Story and Practical Guide [With Statistics and Tips]

Unlock the Secret to Getting More Gems in Dragonvale: A Personal Story and Practical Guide [With Statistics and Tips] info

What is how to get gems dragonvale?

A guide on how to obtain gems in DragonVale, a mobile simulation game where players manage their own dragon park.

  • Gems can be acquired through completing quests and participating in events.
  • Players can also purchase gems using real money or by exchanging them with friends.
  • Gems are essential for expanding the player’s park and obtaining rare dragons.

Step by Step: How to Get Gems in Dragonvale

Dragonvale is an incredibly popular game that revolves around growing and managing a park filled with mythical dragons. It’s easy to get lost in the world of Dragonvale since there are so many different breeds of dragons, unique habitats, buildings, and decorations to collect. However, one of the primary resources you’ll need to progress through the game is gems. Gems are valuable currency used for purchasing premium items such as rare dragon eggs or speeding up breeding times – let’s dive into how you can easily acquire them.

Step 1: Play Daily

One of the simplest ways to accumulate gems in Dragonvale is by playing daily. As a free-to-play player, logging into your account each day gives you access to bonuses that award gems at random intervals.

To help remind yourself why not set notifications on your device? That way when you pop open your phone or tablet every morning it will be right there waiting for you like a friendly little reminder.

Pro Tip: Set aside five minutes early in the morning (before work/school) just for this purpose.

Step 2: Participate In Events

DragonVale introduces plenty of events throughout the year; these events offer exclusive rewards but often require participation using energy (in some cases food). The good news is that earning more points during events means acquiring more gems!

If getting started earlier doesn’t appeal then spreading out task throughout periods typically helps maximise chances of winning awards/gems through participation.

Pro Tip: During holiday festivals like Christmas/New Years/Easter/halloween – expect bonus gem-giving deals/events – players must act fast before they vanish limited-time but extremely rewarding experience based content!

Step 3: Complete Quests & Achievements

DragoVale has been kept fresh over its life span releasing updates regularly which brings about new quests/achievements ready to complete!. Completing each quest completes it easier than others and completing achievements.comes with greater reward tiers happening throughout the lifespan of your DragonVale experience.

When you complete certain tasks or milestones, all those extra gems can really add up! Questing and Achieving means completing things that are part of in-game goals/using game mechanics to collect items/breed specific dragons/decorating habitats – staying engaged is key !

Pro Tip: Plan ahead when doing quests in recent updates/timely achievements for maximum reward efficiency – This ensures most effective investment/value return ratio.

Step 4: Visit Friends’ Parks

The final way to earn gemstones quickly would be by visiting friends’ parks. Have some neighbours where they already have levelled up enough? That’s okay because there will always be new people who crop with plenty levels still remaining. To keep active participation wherever possible considering connecting on social media platforms such as Facebook/Twitter/Telegram channels/Discord servers etc. It’s important not only for receiving bonuses from these visits but could lead towards a prosperous relationship moving forward too- A growing community which brings familiarity together!

More often than not during park-visits players receive one free daily gemstone each time visited (Max.Daily limit seven times). The goal here would be more frequent events/holidays competitions while enjoying benefits playing alongside seasoned vets/prospects alike within fun-loving atmosphere filled with wonderment and awe inspiring aesthetic offerings within this ever-changing fantasy world altogether!

Pro Tip: Since it takes minimal effort why not grow your friend list expeditiously – The amount of rewards builds exponentially using them wisely over-time will pay dividends sooner rather than later!.

Answering Your Questions: How to Get Gems in Dragonvale – FAQ

Dragonvale is a popular mobile game that lets you raise dragons in your customized dragon park. To progress in the game and create new habitats, spells, and decorations for your park, you need gems. Gems are the premium currency in Dragonvale, which can be used to speed up breeding times and buy rare dragon eggs.

So, how do you get gems in Dragonvale?

1) Complete Daily Goals
One of the easiest ways to earn gems is by completing daily goals. These goals refresh every 24 hours and range from hatching specific dragons to collecting coins from habitats.

2) Participate In Events
Dragonvale frequently hosts events where players can compete against each other or complete tasks to unlock rewards like unique decorations or -you guessed it- gems! Some examples of these great festivals include The Arcane Pentournament or The Mighty Magmafist event.

3)Invite Friends
Another way to earn additional gems is by inviting friends to play Dragonvale. For instance: if ten people accept an invite sent by someone who plays Dragonvale regularly – perhaps after seeing one of their social media posts about the game – then both they and their friend will receive at least five free gems as a reward when those users become active players themselves.

4) Level Up & Trade Coins
When leveling up while playing DragonValewill often gain access more opportunities for generating additional income such as trading excess coins for precious jewels! This allows players should not feel anxious about using all their shared resources carefully (e.g., feeding both animals with food obtained over time). Instead , trade coins safely now-so everyone gets what’s needed before progressing towards unlocking later stages through quests offered earlier on-or even building upon more substantial achievements made.

5)Buy Gems With Real Money
If all else fails–and let’s face it–sometimes earning wins takes too long or just isn’t going well enough…then yep purchase some virtual gemstones with real currency.There is always the option of purchasing gems directly through in-app purchases with real money–but do so wisely based on budget constraints.

In conclusion, dragons are incredible animals and raising them can be a fun experience. But it’s crucial to know how to get gems since they’re essential for progress. With everything from completing daily goals, participating in events, inviting friends playing Dragonvale games regularly – there are numerous ways to earn precious gemstones without having any hassle or heartache along the way!

Top 5 Surprising Facts About Getting Gems in Dragonvale

Dragonvale is a mobile game that has captured the hearts of many players around the world. It’s an exciting adventure where you can breed and collect different types of dragons, build habitats for them to live in, and participate in various activities to earn resources.

One crucial aspect of Dragonvale gameplay is gems – they are essential currency that allows players to purchase new dragons, decorate their parks, and speed up breeding times or hatcheries for greater efficiency. With so much importance being placed on gems, some amazing facts about acquiring these precious stones have emerged. Here are five surprising facts about getting gems in Dragonvale:

1) Opening Friends’ Gifts: Did you know that one of the easiest ways to acquire gems is by opening your friends’ gifts? By doing this regularly every day (and returning the gesture), many players find themselves with extra gems without having spent any real money at all!

2) Successful Breeding Chances Increase Gem Reward Chance: It turns out that successful dragon breeding outcomes increase your chances of receiving more gem rewards from other activities within Dragonvale like completing quests or spinning prize wheels.

3) Sometimes Playing Less Will Yield More Gems: Interestingly enough, not logging on every day can help ensure bigger payouts when it comes time for random gem drops – going 48 hours between games opens up opportunities for rarer dragon breeds too!

4) Focusing On The Quests and Keep Logging In Every Day To Maximize Rewards: There’s no doubt that focusing on completing daily challenges will add up quickly regarding prizes including free gem awards! Plus keeping up with everyday log-ins only increases bonus benefits further along down-the-line as well which means long term commitment could pay off big time eventually

5) Heavy Users Or Those Who Invest Are Rewarded Even Greater Largesse: Finally heavy users who spend tons of time playing or those willing-to-invest using actual ‘microtransactions’ purchases experience even greater returns if having fun playing alone isn’t enough to warrant sticking around for gems alone.


Getting gems in Dragonvale can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. There are numerous ways to earn these precious stones, from opening friends’ gifts to completing quests or invest actual money using the game’s purchasing systems – each granting their own set of distinct awards that only increase over time. So next time you’re on this fantastic journey of breeders and dragon taming, keep these five surprising facts about getting gems in mind!

Expert Tips on How to Earn More Gems in Dragonvale

If you’re a Dragonvale enthusiast, then one of your primary goals in the game would be to earn more gems. Gems are essential as they make playing Dragonvale much easier by buying up powerful and rare dragons, speeding up hatching times, upgrading habitats and decorations, among other things. And while purchasing them may seem like an easier option for some players who are willing to shell out real money on their gaming adventures, there is always a way to get the most coveted gems without spending a dime.

Here’s where we come in – our expert tips on how to earn more gems in Dragonvale will help you enhance gameplay and give you free access to all that the game has to offer.

1. Log-In Rewards
Make sure not only log-in but also have patience every day because this can bring significant rewards almost instantly! Daily rewards provide various types of gifts from food resources right through rarity type Dragons or even bundles of precious gems which could significantly boost your savings pool.

2. Complete Quests & Events
Be attentive since nearly every quest these days awards different amounts of gem currency; indeed frequently comes within quests broader event campaigns with even better rewards available offering lots of Gems just for completing tasks therein!

3. Participate In Racing Events
Dragon racing events are great places that allow earning many rewards weekly including premium items such as Egg Tokens (keys) helpful when trying towards unlocking special breeds like Crystal Equinox Dragons . Keep practicing sessions ahead beforehand so success becomes possible making use of limited energy during races themselves without losing too quickly at start-out rounds giving opponents higher scores over yours prematurely due lack skill leveling upon everyone else involvement timing!

4. Sell High-End Freelancers’ Items Online

5. Work With Friends To Trade Food & Items
While carrying out routine dragonvale missions across quest maps, interacting with friends can benefit trading stacks of treasure through sharing free gifts such as Mystery Eggs plus other basic commodities collecting abundance gains for yourself or building alliances to leverage profits.Don’t forget to reciprocate the kindness offered by others; they offer you treasures it never hurts sending them tons of food resources or participating on their island projects helping line up more benefits and furthering collaborations ultimately!

In Conclusion

Playing Dragonvale is exciting, but earning gems without spending money makes it even better. These tips are just scratching the surface – continue exploring opportunities within this fun world that maximize your potential profit taking into account seasonal events and guides, visiting social profiles’ side sections where persons share knowledge or maybe attending discussion forums asking experienced players, all these great ways get top-notch guidelines which empower gamers database much helpful arsenal winning contests victory thanks years expertise teaching new novices rise prominence greatness dragon-world kingdom making use shared gathered around resources investment capital wise business practices turns resulting established success patterns growth creating stable ecosystem longevity thrives various challenges without breaking easygoingness created between each user whom partakes joy excitement felt interactions during play time gameplay itself whether team-building cooperation competitive individualistic gratification proving results among peers worldwide competing together at universal tournaments becoming legends represent themselves imagery full splendour and magnificence!

From Breeding Dragons to Daily Bonuses: Ways to Get Gems in Dragonvale

Dragonvale is a mystical game that involves breeding dragons and creating habitats for them to live in. Gems are the primary currency used in the game, and they allow players to purchase rare items, speed up incubation times, and expand their dragon parks. While gems can be earned within the game, there are certain tips and tricks that can help players obtain them more easily.

One of the best ways to earn gems in Dragonvale is by breeding dragons. As you breed two different types of dragons together, there’s always a chance that you’ll hatch one of the rare hybrids or epic dragons, which come with coveted gem bonuses.

Certain pairings increase your chances of breeding these special dragons. For example, if you combine two dragons from different elemental groups (i.e., fire and water), it increases your odds of getting an unusual hybrid dragon. However, keep in mind that while this method works well at first when building collections early on – later down the line essential elementals must also be bred so maintain balance between both methods.

Another way to collect gems is through daily login bonuses offered as part of various promotions throughout Dragonvale’s calendar year. Simply logging into your account once per day rewards users with anywhere from one to five free gems! It may sound small but those weekly increments add up quickly over time.

Additionally completing challenges presented during promotional events such as Gauntlets reward additional resources including Dragonscale coins which grant exclusive access to limited edition items only available during events.

Finally- Never discount surprise gifting regular users online within new player welcoming communities proclaiming what level they’ve reached recently alongside their sharing code needed for receiving gifts! A challenging aspect when trying out newer games often includes feeling isolated without interaction beyond notifications pushing click bait – participating with established “clans” whether thematic or competitive around twitter chats/communities allows individuals already adhered deeply enjoying DragonVale experience feasible playing regularly while benefiting across all facets because who doesn’t love a good surprise, random gifting drive-by?

In conclusion, Dragonvale is a game that provides endless entertainment and challenges for players who enjoy breeding dragons and expanding their parks. With daily rewards and strategic breeding techniques, players can earn gems at an even faster pace, allowing them to build the dragon park of their dreams without overspending on in-app purchases. Get out there- hatch eggs like it’s going out of style while keeping these tips in mind when furthering your own game experience!

Maximize Your Gem-Earning Potential: Advanced Strategies for Dragonvale Players

Dragonvale is a game that has taken the app world by storm. Players from all over the globe are entranced by this amazing virtual world of Dragons, intricately woven with its own unique ecosystem and economy. One of the core components in Dragonvale gameplay is earning gems – an essential currency for buying new dragons, habitats, and decorations.

In order to maximize your gem-earning potential, it’s important to have a few advanced strategies up your sleeve. Here are some tips on how to make sure you’re raking in those precious gems as much as possible.

Firstly, focus on daily activities such as collecting money and feeding your dragons regularly. These everyday actions reward players with small amounts of gems periodically which can easily add up over time. Also try logging into the game at least once every day; Dragonvale offers incentives like free gifts or special events just for being active so it’s worth getting involved!

Next comes breeding valuable dragon combinations: hybrid breeds offer larger payouts than purebred ones do while rare colour combinations (like rainbow) will give superior returns when successfully bred together! Keep selling off high-value eggs that come about through these breedings instead of growing them yourself – this saves you time plus earns more rewards along the way!

A player might get tempted by blindly accepting quests available on their screen: they promise immediate payout but higher levels mean tougher challenges/sacrifices made meaning fewer turns overall resulting less chances at obtaining desirable outcomes So always make good decisions based upon careful calculations and don’t settle for anything short term.

Another way to earn gems faster is participating in competitions where there’s a possibility that winners could take down big prices if traditional methods do not yield expected results quickly enough.(for instance adding friends across different platforms invites other people who share common interests competing against AI-driven opponents).

And last but not least tip one must find group(s) or communities around DragonVale online communication channels (forums/social media) with like-minded players ease this partnering who can help speed up breeding, sharing best practices or just general encouragement in overcoming those sometimes frustrating challenges when hit a roadblock.

In summary, the key to maximizing your gem-earning potential is through a combination of smart daily activities and grinding routine; innovating ways that leverage available features such as game mechanics new add-ons frequenting groups/communities all culminating together so eventually you become truly triumphant(Dragonvale player) – and rewarded.

Table with useful data:

Method Description
Trading with Friends You can trade gems with your friends in Dragonvale, both you and your friend need to have been playing the game for at least four days, and you can only trade gems once per day.
Daily Login Rewards By logging in every day to the game, you can get rewards such as gems, coins, food, and other items.
Completing Goals When you complete certain goals in Dragonvale, you can earn gems as a reward.
Purchasing Them You can buy gems with real money from the store in Dragonvale, the price of the gems varies depending on the amount you want to purchase.
Watch Ads Dragonvale occasionally gives you the option to watch ads in return for earning gems.

Information from an expert:

Gathering gems in DragonVale can be a challenging task but it’s definitely doable. One way to get more gems is by participating in the daily games and activities offered within the game. These mini-games offer rewards like limited-time dragons or bonus currency which you can use to buy more gems. Another method is through social media; connecting your account with Facebook or Twitter allows you to receive gifts and bonuses from friends, including gemstones! You could also breed rare dragons with valuable traits that others will want to exchange for these precious stones. With patience and persistence, you can collect enough gems for whatever purpose you desire -so keep at it!

Historical fact:

The acquisition of gems in the mobile game Dragonvale has no historical significance as it is a purely fictional and modern concept.

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